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VoIP Setup

  • Enter SIP Account data as provided by your administrator
  • Press Save to submit settings
  • The Handset displays the "Display Name" of the SIP Identity indicating that it is ready for use
  • Note: If multiple SIP Identities have the same Handset ID assigned to them, the handset will display the first SIP Identity Display Name which has that IPUI assigned to it. e.g. If Handset IPUI 00FEA387B1 is assigned to both Identity 1 and Identity 2, the handset will display the Display Name of Identity 1. However the handset will be able to receive and make calls from both accounts (see Outgoing Line Selection)

SIP over IPv6

The snom m9 natively supports the IPv6 standard. The dual-stack ability of the snom m9 allows it to converse with both an IPv6 and IPv4 server in parallel. As the internet runs out of IPv4 address space (actually it has already), this ability to support IPv6 will become mandatory on network devices. For the same reason, the IPv6 enabled snom m9 ensures that the user is IPv6 ready from day one, making the device a safe and long-term investment for the future.

Network Configuration

  • The snom m9 is able to auto acquire an IPv6 address in a network over DHCPv6 (Static IPv6 assignment is not supported)
  • To use the SIP over IPv6 functionality on the snom m9, ensure that a DHCPv6 server is running in your network
  • Verify that the snom m9 has acquired an IPv6 address by clicking on Status->Network

Image:M9 ipv6 2.PNG

Account Setup

  • Enter the SIP Account details as normally
  • Set the Outbound Proxy to the IPv6 address of your SIP server in the format sip:[IPv6 Address of SIP Server]
  • If the SIP server uses a port other than 5060, specify it after the IPv6 address with a ':' e.g. sip:[db8:2001::1111]:5070
  • Verify the registration was successful under Status->Registration

Note:The IPv6 functionality requires an upgraded Linux Kernel on the device. Older devices may not be running the latest Linux Kernel, so before using the IPv6 feature, please upgrade the device to the latest Linux Kernel which can be found here

Microsoft® Lync Server 2010 Integration

Disclaimer: The snom m9 is not a Microsoft® Office Communication Server/Lync 2010 certified device and snom cannot guarantee functionality in all user environments

Account Setup

  1. Click on any Identity from the left navigation panel of the snom m9 web interface
  2. Configure the following parameter(s):
Identity active
Display Name
<Name to be displayed on the Handset> e.g. John Smith
<Your Lync Username> e.g. John.Smith
< Your Lync Domain> e.g.
Outbound Proxy
< Your Lync Server Address> e.g.
Note: It is also possible to specify the port and transport layer: e.g.;transport=tcp (Use TCP/Port 5060) or;transport=tls (Use TLS/Port 5061)
Note: Leaving out the Outbound Proxy makes the m9 perform an automatic DNS lookup for Lync (Auto Device Sign-in)
Authentication Name
< Your Lync Authentication Username> e.g. mycompany\John.Smith
Note: If no Authentication Name is provided, the Account setting is used in place of the Authentication Name
< Your Lync Password>



Server Type Selection

  1. Click on Server Type drop down.
  2. Select the following parameter(s):
Server Type
< Microsoft Lync Server 2010 >



RTP Encryption

  1. Click on the SIP tab
  2. Set the RTP Encryption setting to ON to enable media encryption (SRTP)



Certificate Policy

  1. Click on the Security link on the left navigation pane
  2. Set Certificate Policy to Don't validate certificates


Image:M9 cert policy.PNG

Presence Notification

  1. snom m9 also supports the Presence Protocol used by Microsoft Office Communications Server(Lync) and Microsoft Office Communicator
  2. The presence state notification feature allows publishers and subscribers to exchange presence-related data over SIP
  3. Depending on the activity, the snom m9 publishes its presence state to the server reflecting states such as Online, Offline, In-call, Away, Busy and Do-not-disturb
  4. The presence activity of the snom m9 user can be viewed on the Microsoft Office Communicator or on other Lync compatible phones


Image:Lync client.PNG

Example Logs

Registration Log

Registration Log

Roaming Provisioning


MRAS Provisioning


Location Profile

Location Profile

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