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Before continuing, please make sure, that you downloaded all required files. The file naming is PRODUCTNAME_VERSION.fwu, please do NOT rename the files as the base station will look for filenames in exactly this scheme. For example: M700_v0318.fwu would be the update file for M700 with the version 318. Folder Structure: It is recommended to have a subfolder for the snom M-series products, in these folder folders for each product is required. Note: Linux/Unix based HTTP servers are case sensitive, so please ensure that the folders are created with capital letters. M700 = OK, m700 will not work. The files need to be sorted in folders by product name.

The firmwares below need to be downloaded and provided by your own WEB Server to the phones:

If you would like to use the snom Web Server for updating your snom M-Series phone, please take a look here.

Note: It may occure that following settings are differently:
  • Webinterface/Servers/Secure RTP:
  • Webinterface/Servers/Secure RTP Auth
This causes a noisy sound. Please change both to Enabled respectively Disabled!
Release Notes
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