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'''Note:'''  It can be occurred that following settings are different:
'''Note:'''  It may occure that following settings are differently:
*Webinterface/Servers/Secure RTP:
*Webinterface/Servers/Secure RTP:
*Webinterface/Servers/Secure RTP Auth
*Webinterface/Servers/Secure RTP Auth

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Before continuing, please make sure, that you downloaded all required files. The file naming is PRODUCTNAME_VERSION.fwu, please do NOT rename the files as the base station will look for filenames in exactly this scheme. For example: M700_v0318.fwu would be the update file for M700 with the version 318. Folder Structure: It is recommended to have a subfolder for the snom M-series products, in these folder folders for each product is required. Note: Linux/Unix based HTTP servers are case sensitive, so please ensure that the folders are created with capital letters. M700 = OK, m700 will not work. The files need to be sorted in folders by product name.

Right-click on the following link and choose Copy shortcut:
Note: It may occure that following settings are differently:
  • Webinterface/Servers/Secure RTP:
  • Webinterface/Servers/Secure RTP Auth
This causes a noisy sound. Please change both to Enabled respectively Disabled!
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