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Adding an entry

Description Screenshot
To add a new entry to the phone book, enter the name and the phone number in the "Add or Edit Entry" window.

IMPORTANT: you can have only one contact associated with a number. If you add a new contact with an already existing phone number the old contact will be deleted.

If you want to, you can choose a contact type from the pull-down menu. Please note that calls from a phone number you have defined as "VIP" will ring on your phone even when you are in a call or when you have turned on DND mode. Press "Add/Edit" to save the entry to the phone book. Image:S820_Webinterface_directory_add_entry_en.png

Editing an entry

Description Screenshot
To add or change an existing entry, click on its "Edit" symbol. The current data of that particular phone book entry is displayed in the "Add or Edit an Entry" window where you can then edit/change it. Press "Add/Edit" to save the changes to the phone book. Image:S820_Webinterface_phbk_edit01_end.PNG

Delete address book

Description Screenshot
If you want to delete the entire address book, click onto the “Delete” button on the web interface page of the address book. Image:S820_wui_v8_operation_directory_delete_en.png


Description Screenshot
To save your addressbook onto your PC or server, right-click onto the “Click here” link in the bottom line of the page. Image:S820_wui_v8_operation_directory_save_en.png
With “Save Target As…” you can save the phone book content in a comma-separated file containing the current address book entries (CSV = Comma-Separated Values).


Description Screenshot
To load a phone book from a file, click on the Browse button in the “Import Directory (CSV)” window of the page. Select the CSV file from the storage medium.

Files to import must be in UTF-8 unicode format in order to display special characters properly.



Description Screenshot
A preview feature is available when importing CSV files for the phone book. A CSV file has entries separated by a comma (without spaces between the comma and the preceding and following entry). It could look like the file in the screenshoot.

The first line represents the header, which shouldn’t be imported. Select the option “without header” in the “Import Directory (CSV)” window. Press the ‘Load’ button.

Name,Line,City,Street,Phone number,Type
Kate,active,New York,21 Street,278139232,family
Now assign the four possible data types (name, number, contact type, outgoing identity) to the columns in the preview representing those kinds of data. Once satisfied with the preview, press “Save” to save the file contents to the phone book

After saving the phone book could look like this:

Multiple Numbers per Person

Description Screenshot
Since Version 8.2.16 one can create entries that have multiple telephone numbers associated with one person. A Person with three telephone numbers actually consists of 4 records. One (the master) describes thoses attributes that are common for all its telephone number records (its members). The members must set a telephone number and a name but may also define several other attributes. Some of them they share with the master, when a member doesn't define on of these attributes, it'll automatically set to be the same as what the master has defined there. But the member can also overwrite attributes from the master to have for example a different group associated with one telephone number (e.g. for a college who you also consider your friend you may define the master record as friend and change the group in his office telephone number(s) to college).

The attributes shared in the described way between master and members are:

- Group
- Title
- Organization
- Email
- Note
- Photo

There are also attributes that may exclusively be set for the master:

- First Name(s)
- Family Name
- Birthday
- Favorite

Finally some Attributes can only make sense in connection with a number:

- Name (naming the number, not the person. e.g. "office", "cell", ..)
- Number
- Contact Type
- Outgoing Identity

Adding to and Editing Multi Number Records

Description Screenshot
Usually the edit area contains a single Add/Edit button. When using it the telephone book is searched for the entry matching the telephone number provided. If one exists all it's attributes will be updated with data provided in the edit area. When one chooses to edit an existing entry two additional buttons appear: "Add Sub" and "Change". The later of cause changes the very same entry that you choose to edit. "Add Sub" will try to add a new number to the Person the edited entry belongs to. Image:S820_Webinterface_phbk_edit01_end.PNG
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