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default [[Firmware/V8_7_4_8_6|Manual Update to Patch]]
default [[Firmware/V8_7_4_8_6|Manual Update to Patch]]
desc none</imagemap>
desc none</imagemap>
[[Firmware/V8_7_4_8_6|'''SRAPS Version<br>{{:Firmware/Firmware/V8_7_4_8_6}}]]'''
[[Firmware/V8_7_4_8_6|'''SRAPS Version<br>{{:Firmware/V8_7_4_8_6}}]]'''

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Your currently installed Firmware Version 8.X

Your currently installed
Firmware Version 7.X or 8.X


Manual Downgrade
to older V8

Manual Update to

Manual Update to

Patch Version

[[Firmware/V8_7_4_8_6|SRAPS Version
==SRAPS-ready Snom 360 Version==


This firmware version is specifically released in order to make the Snom 360 working with the Secure Redirect And Provisioning Service (SRAPS).

Download links
  • Download link: snom360- (3005944 bytes)
  • SHA256 checksum: d099e644ab0be751ac43f62d231f8ff8bbb99b8a5378880f67f4afde1325bef0
Update instructions
Right-click on the appropriate link for your device and choose Copy shortcut:

Open the Web User Interface and navigate to the Software Update page

Paste the link into the Firmware field

Web User Interface -> Software Update -> Firmware

Press Load

--> The Device reboots and starts the software update.

Note: Do not disconnect the power at any time during this process!

Check your firmware version afterwards


Recovery Update

Release Notes

Change Log

Change Log

Change Log

SRAPS ready Snom 360 version
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