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Voice Recorder [recorder]

  • Firmware Version: Image:fw-version-4.gif Image:fw-version-5.gif Image:fw-version-6.gif Image:fw-version-7.gif (This key type was temporarily removed between V6.0 and <6.5.)
  • Description: This feature can be used to record a conversation during an active call or short messages or memos for personal use. Another possible usage is the recording of a debate or discussion, to keep audio minutes of a meeting, or to record a conference. This option can be set up with a valid voice recording account.
  • Example “Conversation”: P5 is configured with this key type and number set to “” (offers voice recording):
    • Pressing P5 during an active call records the conversation.
    • Pressing P5 again will end the recording process. The recorded media can later be listened to by accessing the recorder account
  • Example “Memo”: Press P5 in the idle state and record a message.
  • Usage: depends on PBX
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