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:depends on [[Interoperability#IP_PBX|PBX]]
:depends on [[Interoperability#IP_PBX|PBX]]
[[Category:Setting:snom3x0]][[Category:Setting:snom8x0]][[Category:Setting:snom MP]][[Category:Setting:Function Keys]][[Category:Call Recording]]
;Further Information:
:[[:Category:HowTo:Call_Recording|Call Recording]]
[[Category:Setting:snom3x0]][[Category:Setting:snom8xx]][[Category:Setting:snom MP]][[Category:Setting:Function Keys]][[Category:Setting:Call Recording]]

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Web User Interface
Image:fw-version-6.gif: Function Keys - Free Function Keys(Section): Voice Recorder
This key type was temporarily removed between V6.0 and <6.5.
Image:fw-version-7.gif: Function Keys - Free Function Keys(Section): Voice Recorder
Image:fw-version-8.gif: Function Keys - Free Function Keys(Section): Voice Recorder
This feature can be used to record a conversation during an active call or short messages or memos for personal use. Another possible usage is the recording of a debate or discussion, to keep audio minutes of a meeting, or to record a conference. This option can be set up with a valid voice recording account.
Example “Conversation”
P5 is configured with this key type and number set to “” (offers voice recording):
Pressing P5 during an active call records the conversation.
Pressing P5 again will end the recording process. The recorded media can later be listened to by accessing the recorder account
Example “Memo”
Press P5 in the idle state and record a message.
depends on PBX
Further Information
Call Recording
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