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Download links

Latest stable version

BETA Firmware binaries:

  • Snom M300: [Version V355B19] NOT APPROVED
  • Snom M700: [Version V355B19] NOT APPROVED
  • Snom M25: [Version V355B19] NOT APPROVED
  • Snom M65: [Version V355B19] NOT APPROVED
  • Snom M85: [Version V355B19] NOT APPROVED

Update Instructions

Downloading locally the firmware files

Before starting the update, you must download all required files and save them in folders using the exact structure described below.

Do not rename the update files as the base station will look for file names that adhere to the M-series naming scheme. All M-series product names start with a capital M, followed by one to three numerals. The names of the firmware files also start with the capital M and are followed by one to three numerals, i.e., M700, M300, M65, M25, etc. The product name is followed by the underscore _ which, in turn, is followed by a small v and the three-digit firmware version preceded by a zero, i.e., 0323, 0324, etc. In version 355 you can also optionally define the branch number using 4 digits preceded by a small b.


  • The update file for updating the M700 to version 324 must be named M700_v0324.fwu
  • The update file for updating the M65 to version 324 must be named M65_v0324.fwu
  • The update file for updating the M300 to version 355 branch 16 must be named M300_v0355_b0016.fwu

Note: Linux/Unix based HTTP servers are case sensitive. Since all M-series product names start with a capital M, the names of the folders must also start with a capital M, i.e., M700, M300, M65, M25, etc. Naming the folders m700, m300, etc. will cause the downloads to fail.

Set up a folder for each M-series product on your http server and download the firmware file for each product into the respective folder.

Structure example:

├── M25
│   └── M25_v0324.fwu
├── M300
│   └── M300_v0324.fwu
├── M65
│   └── M65_v0324.fwu
├── M700
│   └── M700_v0324.fwu
└── M85
    └── M85_v0324.fwu

When you perform the update via web interface you have to enter:

  • Firmware update server address
  • Firmware path
  • Required Version
  • Required Branch (optional in v.355 only).

The download path will be created following the rule:

  • Without specifying a branch number: <server_address><path>/<product>/<product>_v0<version>.fwu
  • With a branch number: <server_address><path>/<product>/<product>_v<version>_b<branch>.fwu

Using the Snom server http://dect.snom.com

Follow the instructions reported here.

Troubleshooting the update

Base station update procedure

  • If everything is working properly the base will start downloading the firmware, at the end of the download the system checks the binary integrity, this procedure can takes some minutes.
  • At the end of the previous steps the base station will apply the firmware upgrade. During this phase the device will be unreachable and you should see the base LED blinking in orange and then in red.
  • After some minutes the base station should be correctly updated and reachable via the web interface

Handsets update procedure

  • After filling the handsets "Required Version" text box and clicking on the "Save/Start Update" button the base will download the binary locally
  • After the download the base will transfer the firmware to the handsets over-the-air, into the handsets web page of the base you should see the transfer percentage for each handset
  • At the end of the transfer the handset should be put on the charger in order to apply the update. On the handsets page you should see the "Waiting for charger message"

If something goes wrong with the update you should see the reason looking into the Syslog after enabling the Debug messages (Management -> Syslog -> Syslog level )

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