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snom phones using the following firmware images are preconfigured to interoperate with Nortel PBXs:

Firmware image (based on version 6) download links :

snom360 Arcor V 1117
snom320 Arcor V 1117
snom300 Arcor V 1117

Firmware image (based on version 7) download links :

snom370 Arcor V 7.3.7
snom360 Arcor V 7.3.7
snom320 Arcor V 7.3.7
snom300 Arcor V 7.3.7

The firmware features the following settings by default:

  • support broken registrar ON
  • Long contact OFF
  • Encryption OFF
  • Advanced / refer-to-brackets ON
  • Identity 1: Displayname = SIP-Account = Rufnummer -- ARCOR login interface..
  • german language menus

You may also use any other firmware image as far as you set the above settings.

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