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Changed Behavior Changed Behaviour

SCPP-2956: uaCSTA changes requested by Estos Changed Behaviour

n/a Changed Behaviour

n/a Changed Behaviour

n/a Changed Behaviour

n/a Changed Behaviour

n/a Changes

NONE: German translation of DND changed from "Ruhe" to "Nicht stoeren".
NONE: Unlock symbol (for unsecured call) has been removed.
NONE: New font to support Hebrew and Chinese characters. (snom760, snom8xx only)
SCPP-3030: Mute button in idle screen toggles DND (300 only)
SCPP-3208: QSC Broadsoft ResourceList Keys - In XML-descriptions all applicable actions get fired now, not just the first one - accept though for dial-actions since phone can only dial one party at a time.

8.7.2 Changes

( SCPP-1844: CHG - Removes useless setting subscribe_config.
( SCPP-3132: CHG - Empty contact list now shows different texts for no results and initial instructions.
( SCPP–3126: CHG - Log missing language items with level 9.
( CHG - OID Registration is not a string anymore but an integer. 1 represents true (is registered), 0 is false.
Features New Features

NONE: ADD - new setting mute_is_dnd_in_idle New Features

SCPP-3270: ADD - Entrust Root CA certificate New Features

n/a New Features

SCPP-2201: ADD - AOC Indication in 183 Response. New Features

SCPP-2871: ADD - Advanced timeout handling in webclient. Added a new class which is handling 'back off timer' values. New Features

SCPP-3241: ADD - Broadsoft - Several Content-Types/Events not supported. Feature added for call center call information. Minor improvement, remove tailing comma New Features

SCPP-3030: Mute button in idle screen toggles DND (snom 300 only)
SCPP-2807: When the phone is rejected by the OCI server it needs to ask the user for the credential (user, password) using the PUI.
SCPP-2939: support for describing key-behaviour in XML for idle-navi-, idle-context- and hard-keys (menu and alike)
SCPP-2997: Broadsoft XSI-ACD Agent implementation
SCPP-3324: New setting requested to restore old speaker key behaviour: speaker_toggles_device
SCPP-726: OCS/Lync: Port for 370, 870, MP: Inform user about special routing events (fowarding, delegation, team call, acd, private line, cccp conferencing) during ongoing call
SCPP-3062: new setting controlling which canceled incoming rings don't make it into the missed-call-list: sip_cancel_reasons_to_ignore_missed_call
SCPP-3208: Added QSC Broadsoft ResourceList Keys
NONE: Saving new tbook entry out of call list details is taking name from contact pool if available
SCPP-2775: ADD - Add czech tone scheme to web UI drop down
SCPP-3208: QSC Broadsoft ResourceList Keys - In XML-descriptions all applicable actions get fired now, not just the first one - accept though for dial-actions since phone can only dial one party at a time.
SCPP-3157: new setting replace_header_fire_action_url if true action urls will be fired during transfer with replace headers.
SCPP-3270: Entrust Root CA certificate added
NONE: Fill DHCP option 12 (hostname) with 'snom_XXXXXX'.
SCPP-2773: Exchange Device Information via DHCP INFORM with the Gateway even if DHCP is not used for IP address allocation, two new settings: dhcp_options_on_ip_aquire and dhcp_options_on_inform
NONE: Minibrowser is now capable of handling elif and else tags.
SCPP-2808: Phone should always prefer redirection server over DHCP option 66/67. Added new setting provisioning_order which can change order of provisioning types
SCPP-3064: SIP MESSAGE can be used to send settings to the phone
SCPP-3122: Added setting headset_rings_once (in Advanced/Audio) to disable default repeated ringing for headsets.
SCPP-3407: URi Utils should replace all occurrences of tokens in URIs.

8.7.2 New Features

( SCPP-2971: ADD - Entrust Root CA certificate
( SCPP-2360: ADD - (snom720, snom760) Missing GSM Codec
( UPD - (snom720, snom760) Audio profiles have been improved.
( SCPP-726: ADD - Microsoft OCS/Microsoft Lync: Inform user about special routing events (fowarding, delegation, team call, acd, private line, cccp conferencing) during ongoing call.
( SCPP-2438: ADD - Microsoft Lync: Inbound private lines.
( SCPP-2605: ADD - Microsoft Lync: Place g722 on top position of default codec list.
( SCPP-2411: ADD - Microsoft Lync - CFWD support with new publishing behavior.
( SCPP-2435: ADD - Microsoft Lync - Call admission control and bandwith management
( SCPP-2436: ADD - Microsoft Lync - Media Bypass
( SCPP-2437: ADD - Microsoft Lync - Monitoring and Device Inventory Reporting
( SCPP-2632: ADD - Microsoft Lync - E.911 - support of ms-subnet header in REGISTER and subnet info in roaming provisioning SUBCRIBE.
( SCPP-2634: ADD - Microsoft Lync - E.911 - disable of current Call Forwarding rules in Emergency Calls and revert automatically after 120 minutes.
( SCPP-2694: ADD - Microsoft Lync - Support for Set user presence.
( SCPP-3255: ADD - New setting keyboard_lock_accepted_callkeys to accept additional keys during keyboard lock.
( SCPP-1034: ADD - Show resolved names even in Call Lists.
( ADD - (snom300, snom320) Phone now uses joined-call-screen-techniques (SCPP-2590).
( SCPP-1781: ADD - Presence-buttons now work as transfer-target as well.
( SCPP-2566: ADD - Introducing new setting recording_mechanism to control what happens, when record key is pressed.
( SCPP-2590: ADD - (snom820,snom821) Softkeys in call-screen controlable via settings call_screen_fkeys_on_outgoing, call_screen_fkeys_on_incoming, call_screen_fkeys_on_connected and call_screen_fkeys_on_holding
( SCPP-2590: ADD - (snom820,snom821) Text format in line-info layer is now configurable, see new settings (provisioning only): lil_first_line_format, lil_second_line_format, lil_state_format, lil_1st_line_height and lil_2nd_line_height.
( SCPP-2879: ADD - New option to distinguish dialing from call-pickup added to fkey XML subscribe specification.
( SCPP-2892: ADD - New option to add routing info added to fkey XML subscribe specification (subscription doesn’t need to use outbound-proxy from identity).
( SCPP-2862: ADD - IPv4 conflict detection during bootup and defending during runtime (RFC 5227).
( SCPP-2139: ADD - New setting disable_storing_changes to disable writing setting and local Directory changes to flash memory.
( SCPP-2720: ADD - New setting show_connected_call_in_monitor_view.
( SCPP-2922: ADD - Enable extension monitoring groups.
( SCPP-3072: ADD - New setting sip_stop_subscriptions_on_register_failure to stop subscriptions on registration failure.
( ADD - Sending DND on/off starcodes for server-managed DND as well.
( SCPP-3099: ADD - Make setting restrict_uri_queries configurable via WUI. Bugfixes

SCPP-3645: DTMF issue in 911 scenarios with enabled keyboard lock
SCPP-3684: Phone doesn't show correct name out of internal address book if entry was changed
SCPP-3659: Caller picture doesn't work.
SCPP-2579: stop refresh timer for digital clock in case of showing XML idle screen
SCPP-3649: After LDAP query delete digits by number editing doesn't work (snom 870 only)
SCPP-3653: LDAP - incoming call: name from LDAP directory is not complete on the LCD, if show the incoming/missed call list.
SCPP-3687: Pressing # Key via remote doesn't work any more.
SCPP-3636: Option to force Gigabit Ethernet is missing. (snom720, snom760 only)
SCPP-3655: 'netcat' server port does not get applied
SCPP-3582: Phone doesn't display why it's restarting on DHCP server sending DHCP NAK/Decline
SCPP-3657: PnP does not work, phone replies with 404 to NOTIFY.
SCPP-3651: Broadsoft: Voicemail-Retrieve - DUT should call user mailbox index if message account not specified in MWI NOTIFY
SCPP-3588: DTMF Outband SIP INFO: keytones for "star" (*) is not working any more
SCPP-3595: send 481 Reject again on initial Invite with To-tag Bugfixes

SCPP-3506: FIX - Broadsoft - Session Audit - DUT does not send SIP 481 (Call Leg) after power cut, 481 will be sent if to tag of req is set
SCPP-3601: FIX - Broadsoft - SCA - DUT activates second sca line key after receiving 403 Forbidden
SCPP-3565: FIX - Snom870 Internal Directory: formatting errors in Directory Key
NONE: FIX - Language name of Slovenscina is misspelled
SCPP-3465: FIX - LED behaviour after pressing Function Key (Redial, Directory) not correct/inconsistent
SCPP-2579: FIX - XML Idle Screen - Always shows Digital Clock. Bugfixes

SCPP-3592: FIX - (snom8xx) The first button pressed while trying to dial a number with German tone scheme is always heard.
SCPP-3627: FIX - (snom821, snom870) Using outband DTMF in a call, although inband is negotiated.
SCPP-3602: FIX - Delete fkey is wrongly displayed as "F_DELETE" within call lists screens.
SCPP-3568: FIX - Malformed error message if LDAP isn't initialized.

SCPP-3586: FIX - If the internal address book has a lot of entries, the SIP responses of the phone are delayed.

SCPP-3622: FIX - Could not register via TLS with Lync Server.
SCPP-3551: FIX - Provisioning fails and endless loop when client http username/password are used. Was affecting all kinds of webclient requests Bugfixes

SCPP-3606: FIX - No synthesizer sound output on snom720/760 after dialing a not existent number on UC account
SCPP-3616: FIX - (snom821/870/720/760) Freeze during boot if Wifi is configured but no Wifi stick is present.
SCPP-3518: FIX - Broadsoft - AOC-D - Total charge in last 200 OK not presented in PUI if DUT hangs up.
SCPP-3563: FIX - Cannot delete entry of internal addressbook via PUI. (snom300 only)
SCPP-3567: FIX - Missed calls can't be deleted and no user details are shown.
SCPP-3587: FIX - Phone does not display incoming desktop messages correctly. Don't show 'From' information. Only the message text should be shown. (snom720 only)
SCPP-3549: FIX - UPDATE-messages are answered with 500 Server internal error.
SCPP-3571: FIX - Broadsoft - DFKS subscription handling on network loss.
SCPP-3597: FIX - Broadsoft - Reboot initiated by changing display name.
SCPP-3519: FIX - Empty TLS certificate option needs to be split for HTTPS and SIPS.
SCPP-3608: FIX - Reboot loop or failing update if making update via provisioned ASCII-text-based setting file. Comparison of old and new firmware URL is now using WebUri class to avoid string compares which may lead to wrong results. Bugfixes

SCPP-3183: FIX - Keyboard freezes sometimes (snom 821 only)
NONE: FIX - Call list entries already in contact pool, are not properly handled during initialization from config.xml. They had the wrong memory manager id
SCPP-2732: FIX - Attended transfer by pressing the transfer key twice is not working any more. Attended transfer on calling inconsistency across devices (snom 300 only)
SCPP-3535: FIX - Attended transfer on calling inconsistent across devices
SCPP-3542: FIX - redial hard key or soft key doesn't do redial. (snom 870 only)
SCPP-3552: FIX - If the local address book has a lot of entries and the call lists (missed, dialed, received) are full, the phone reacts very slowly on keys redial and soft key call history
SCPP-3121: FIX - LDAP lookup for outgoing call is not working correctly
SCPP-3497: FIX - Phone reboot on missing SDP m lines
SCPP-3506: FIX - Broadsoft - Session Audit - DUT does not send SIP 481 (Call Leg) after power cut
SCPP-3524: FIX - Broadsoft - SCA - DUT sends UNSUBSCRIBE after not succesful SUBSCRIBE (SIP 480) + LED stays on.
SCPP-3545: FIX - Broadsoft - Connected Line Presentation Update after Call Forward - DUT does not answer with ACK to 200 OK.
NONE: FIX - (snom7xx, snom8xx, snomMP) Update isn't working in load balanced web server environment. Providing now unresolved FQDN in update URL.
NONE: FIX - Provisioning using an invalid setting server URL was not handled properly.
SCPP-3479: FIX - phone does not restart if FW download server is not available.
SCPP-3482: FIX - If a software update fails, the firmware status stays untouched and prevents further updates using the same version. Now status message shows failed update hint and allows retry. Removing new status message FirmwareUpdateFailed from settings status_msgs_that_are_important, status_msgs_that_are_essential or status_msgs_that_show_directly avoids showing the new status message. Setting value of firmware_interval can be set to 60 or bigger only to avoid to fast loops if firmware update fails. Bugfixes

SCPP-2638: FIX - OCS: Phone does not retry connecting with an exponential back-off algorithm in case of network loss. Use now new setting retry_after_failed_register for random reregistering after reboot, ethernet replug or TCP reconnect.
SCPP-3475: FIX - snom370 rejects a ringing call twice.
SCPP-3481: FIX - Broadsoft - SCA - Call Info Public Hold / Bridging is not working
SCPP-3483: FIX - a VIA line with SIP/7.0/UDP will be rejected, but not to the network
NONE: FIX - entering LDAP-screen failed: when pressing " in idle" and then selecting LDAP in pop-up-choice (between contacts and LDAP) the PUI displayed LDAP-screen for a split-second but immediately returned to idle (snom 870 only)
NONE: FIX - Support-menu did not display correctly. Second line was: "navigate your webbrowser ..." instead of: "navigate your webbrowser to:" (snom 820 only)
SCPP-2823: FIX - Hebrew texts are not written right to left on PUI - changed selected-line-marker on 300/320-selection-list so our Hebrew-reorder-routines properly detect them and flip from > to <.
SCPP-3471: FIX - Some list box views like Help Screen or Settings Menu don't have context keys. Via new setting show_redundant_context_keys it can be configured to generally show navi-keys as context keys in minibrowser if it is displaying a list and doesn't have context keys defined on its own.
SCPP-3472: FIX - Title of Directory screen is wrong.
SCPP-3485: FIX - Initiating a transfer by pressing the transfer key 2 times does not work anymore. Now showing transfer proposal und edit-area. As soon as user starts typing, proposal to the hold-guy disappears and a transfer-press would blind-transfer to typed-in number. (snom870 only)
SCPP-3486: FIX - Name from internal address-book not shown during call
SCPP-3487: FIX - LDAP: wrong icons for selection of the upper, lower cases and numbers. Minibrowser now displays icons for known keys for snom870 as well. Removed tracking-mechanism in contact_list.xml, since with it, after typing a few numbers, one cannot simply exit by pressing X, since it goes back in history for each single character instead.
SCPP-3490: FIX - Payment info (AOC) is not shown when call is terminated locally. Bugfixes

SCPP-1312: FIX - srtcp mac check
SCPP-2396: FIX - Keytones don't work
SCPP-2542: FIX - DTMF tones while dialing not working on 821/870
SCPP-2976: FIX - no ringing on snom3xx models after an previous call with comfort noise enabled
SCPP-2989: FIX - add Lync Features to MediaDaemon (without ICMP)
SCPP-3054: FIX - Audio: One-way-audio if different codecs from the SDP are used
SCPP-3261: FIX - Terminate sounds are played very loud and can't be changed via volume keys
SCPP-3271: FIX - OCS: snom3xx doesn't send DTMF tones correctly when navigate thru IVR
SCPP-3337: FIX - Lync: One-way audio over TCP relay connections with snom821 when G.722 is negotiated
SCPP-3388: FIX - No Audio with G726-32 on snom821/870
SCPP-3391: FIX - DTMF stops audio
SCPP-3461: FIX - Calling Features: DTMF - snom 760 sends last digit of dialed number for INVITE as DTMF
SCPP-2830: FIX - Multicast Paging: Can't switch between speaker/handset during an active multicast on the destination site
SCPP-3449: FIX - Phone doesn't do DHCP on Windows DHCP environment
SCPP-2862: FIX - IPv4 conflict probing was sometimes not working due to eth0 startup delay
SCPP-2862: FIX - IPv4 conflict shows the remote MAC address
NONE: FIX - (snom7xx, snom8xx, snomMP) Update isn't working in load balanced web server environment. Providing now unresolved FQDN in update URL.
SCPP-3397: FIX - ldap_max_hits > 127 will cause LDAP lookup requests to fail with "invalid size limit"
SCPP-3653: FIX - incoming call: name from LDAP directory is not complete on the LCD, if show the incoming/missed call list
SCPP-3364: FIX - LDAP - Predict Text is not working as designed
SCPP-2586: FIX - advertise received dscp value if untagged
SCPP-3402: old-style http-csta is broken
SCPP-3450: FIX - Provisioning priority handling not working properly. Fixed case when setting server is pointing to known IP, which isn't running a server at the given port.
SCPP-3086: FIX - SIP SUBSCRIBE PnP provisioning does not have priority over option 66 after NOTIFY without reboot. Added new internal setting pnp_server which holds the value of the SIP PnP setting server
SCPP-3158: FIX - No VPN-tarball fetching without successful provisioning
SCPP-3372: FIX - Branding not implemented (snom720 only)
SCPP-3657: FIX - PnP does not work, phone replies with 404 to NOTIFY
SCPP-2579: FIX - XML Idle Screen - Always shows Digital Clock
SCPP-3635: FIX - pressing twice OK key doesn't dial the latest dialed number
SCPP-3637: FIX - Status information - context sensitive function key stucks
SCPP-3465: FIX - LED behaviour after pressing Function Key (Redial, Directory) not correct/inconsistent
SCPP-3603: FIX - touch screen: "upper/lower/number switch" and "DELETE button" don't work any more (snom 870 only)
SCPP-3565: FIX - Internal Directory: formatting errors in Directory Key (snom 870 only)
SCPP-2499: FIX - OCS Directory Search: Error when hitting backspace
SCPP-2501: FIX - 320: Canceling ringer selection leads to account & registrar request
SCPP-2577: FIX - CallerID: The callerID appears wrong after Transfer
SCPP-2960: FIX - skip emergency number normalization on OCS/Lync accounts only
SCPP-3094: FIX - Add active & idle back light setting (snom370 only)
SCPP-3170: FIX - Reset via Web-GUI and selecting a language results in all prompts are in English and even predefined values (time zone, tone scheme) are as English was selected
SCPP-3227: FIX - DUT does not update Caller Name on Display if changed in sequential calls
SCPP-3233: FIX - Same button icon for "Change Active ID" and "Presence State" (snom 760 only)
SCPP-3239: FIX - Call completion (CC) button displays text instead of icon.
SCPP-3302: FIX - If the display name of the callee is too long the name is cutting off. It doesn't scroll. Scrolling is still not implemented but text is wrapped if ringer_animation is disabled (snom 370 only)
SCPP-3313: FIX - Lync: Message LED won't turn off and status Information doesn't blink
SCPP-3326: FIX - partial_lookup setting too liberal
SCPP-3335: FIX - Lock symbol not shown in SRTP/TLS call.
SCPP-3338: FIX - Keyboard lock can be circumvented by rebooting the phone
SCPP-3354: FIX - Phone does not react on context sensitive key "OK" for turning on DHCP
SCPP-3362: FIX - Lync: Emergency call looses audio if "Transfer" is pressed.
SCPP-3366: FIX - Lync: Line switching during emergency call is not blocked
SCPP-3369: FIX - Lync: Wrong remote party displayed after transfer to external number by Lync client
SCPP-3370: FIX - Menu diction in the German phone PUI is bad
SCPP-3374: FIX - nexpected string from SIP header is shown by incoming transfer call (snom870 only)
SCPP-3389: FIX - Icon Tag in Minibrowser does not load icons from HTTP URLs any more
SCPP-3413: FIX - Star digit is causing wrong editing behavior in alpha mode
SCPP-3427: FIX - Message about DHCP request is not shown on the screen (snom320 only)
SCPP-3442: FIX - The configuration file for fkeys 'fkey.xml' can not be saved to flash since it is too big if XML definitions are being used. The limit is 150k now, it was 20k.
SCPP-3446: FIX - Call lists cannot be cleared
SCPP-1335: FIX - incorrect packet and octet count in RTCP Sender Report
SCPP-2806: FIX - User needs to be able to change the http server user and password (http_user, http_pass) and the ocsip user and password (ocip_username, ocip_password) when user mode is on
SCPP-3417: FIX - Double/interfering ring tone on with UC version when calling an external number (snom 720/760 only)
SCPP-3437: FIX - LYNC: Snom 300 crashes and restarts in call deflection scenario of Lync client
SCPP-3316: FIX - Lync: Call between Aries IP Phone and Snom 300 from different Pools causes snom 300 to crash and reboot
SCPP-3387: FIX - Lync: Resolution of FQDN for AV-edge server fails if more than one A record is returned
SCPP-3295: FIX - LYNC: redial with E.164 causes a malformed INVITE request
SCPP-3145: FIX - OCS: call cannot be terminated after changing the OCS Account Data to another OCS user (remoteUser only)
SCPP-3405: FIX - Phone no longer creates subscriptions for Vision virtual keys
SCPP-3406: FIX - Phone doesn't create subscription for BLF buttons with context "Active"
SCPP-3601: FIX - Broadsoft - SCA - DUT activates second SCA line key after receiving "403 Forbidden"
SCPP-1140: FIX - remote party may transfer a call in a local conference
SCPP-1633: FIX - Broadsoft SLA - Barge-in changed from SRTP to RTP and vice versa
SCPP-2841: FIX - identity 12 outbound proxy will be used to filter also requests directly to the phones IP address
SCPP-2863: FIX - Broadsoft: CFA doesn't work properly. correct subscribe is sent too late
SCPP-3153: FIX - Request Start Line and CSeq Method Mismatch (RFC 4475 Page 32
SCPP-3206: FIX - Broadsoft - Connected Line Restriction after CFW - DUT does not show restricted number
SCPP-3211: FIX - automatic reregister on 423 Interval too brief response
SCPP-3221: FIX - incoming diverson-inhibit param to avoid phone diversion
SCPP-3223: FIX - Broadsoft - DFKS - DND Synchronisation only with active identity
SCPP-3225: FIX - Broadsoft - Agent Logged_In triggers also SUBSCRIBE for "Agent State Not Ready"
SCPP-3229: FIX - Broadsoft - SCA - Refresh Line-seize fails
SCPP-3258: FIX - Broadsoft - BLF - Parked Against indicator. A slow blinking LED indicates Parked Against state.
SCPP-3246: FIX - fix double DTMF via SIP INFO and RTP stream
SCPP-3251: FIX - Broadsoft - Network based 3way - Server does not accept REFER
SCPP-3398: FIX - Phone looses subscription after some time.
SCPP-3422: FIX - Phone sends 180 Ringing too late, resolved by sending 100 Trying earlier
SCPP-3451: FIX - for orange, the Refer-To header SHALL contain the addr-spec of URI rec in the Contact header of the 200 OK resp to the INVITE sent to the conference
SCPP-471: FIX - reworked music on hold to supported SRTP
SCPP-3415: FIX - Remote numbers are not shown in call lists of the flash plugin anymore if Flash plugin is enabled
SCPP-3447: FIX - Selecting item from WUI call list crashes phone
SCPP-2969: FIX - Phone hangs if PCAP Trace is retrieved during call and trace is not stopped

8.7.2 Bugfixes

PUI, Minibrowser
( SCPP-2577: FIX - Caller ID: The Caller ID appears wrong after Call Transfer.
( NONE: FIX - (snom300) Secure communication lock icon is never shown.
( SCPP-2977: FIX - E.911 fails to submit location on redial. Call an Emergency number out of a Call List works now.
( SCPP-3169: FIX - (snom720, snom760) Russian and Hebrew fonts are missing.
( SCPP-3170: FIX - Store/Apply Language change immediately if wizard is running.
( SCPP-3219: FIX - Saving/reloading of call history lists is faulty.
( SCPP-3281: FIX - (snom870) No call transfer with number from contact pool (call list) possible.
( SCPP-3286: FIX - Action URL for event on hook not always being sent.
( SCPP-3289: UPD - (snom720, snom760) Check whether 4+1 conference is possible (currently pure unencrypted G722 only).
( SCPP-3305: FIX - unknown is shown instead of Caller ID on in- and outgoing calls.
( SCPP-3288: FIX - (snom760) LED indication for missed calls is missing.
( SCPP-3276: FIX - (snom760,snom820,snom821) Selected ABS line isn’t scrolling until the whole line is shown. Text scrolling range was very limited. Increased to twice the display size.
( SCPP-3277: FIX - Selected ABS line isn’t called by lifting handset. Lifting handset in ABS/LDAP will call the entry now.
( SCPP-3279: FIX - (snom300) Can’t set HELP on Fkey in state idle.
( SCPP-3280: FIX - (snom300, snom320) Phone does not scroll horizontally in ringing state. Adjust scrolling width if arrows are displayed in selection list.
( SCPP-3284: FIX - (snom820,snom821) PUI shows lock symbol after deactivating keyboard lock.
( SCPP-3285: FIX - (snom300) No backspace available in edit transfer number.
( SCPP-2766: FIX - Caller ID update on the phone using SIP INFO issue.
( SCPP-3236: ADD: New menu entry call voicemail in Identity menu. If new voice messages are available offer retrieve on ENTER key (snom300).
( SCPP-3260: FIX - Scrolling with navigation key doesn’t work properly in Time Zone and Tone Scheme selection. Accept navigation key events in sequence only and not in parallel.
( SCPP-3264: FIX - Was missing feedback after a new contact has been created. Show saved message for internal Directory handling.
( SCPP-3182: FIX - Inform Contact Pool about chosen LDAP contact. Then it can be used for showing contact details on screen. Fixed wrong comparison of parallel requests.
( SCPP-3172: ADD - Show prompt for Directory Search.
( SCPP-3196: FIX - (snom360) Is using UTF8 chars out of bounds.
( SCPP-2998: FIX - Preselection is dialed immediately when phone goes offhook. Don’t dial preselection immediately.
( SCPP-3080: FIX - Inform user about DFKS sync failure.
( SCPP-3125: FIX - Only one contact number (mobile) is shown in contact search. Show all numbers of a contact in contact search.
( SCPP-3130: FIX - Auto Dial in contact lists isn’t working.
( SCPP-3132: CHG - Empty Contact List now shows different texts for no results and initial instructions.
( NONE: FIX - Light line-key (type: extension) after having picked up remote call with it.
( NONE: FIX - (snom300) Can now use again the speaker-key in dial-screen to toggle between headset and speaker.
( SCPP-1169: FIX - context key Pool not working correctly. Contact pool refactored and is based on XML now.
( SCPP-2126: FIX - (snom300, snom360, snom820, snom870, snom_MeetingPoint) Wizard problems after reset.
( SCPP-2195: FIX - (snom360) Inconsistent and wrong behaviour of language and dialtone wizard. Handling is unified now using the wizard (used for timezone, language, tonescheme) for all phone types.
( SCPP-2397: FIX - Call Completion doesn’t work with party on hold.
( SCPP-2599: FIX - Motion JPEG doesn’t work. Show scaled down images from motion-jpeg-stream.
( SCPP-2680: FIX - (snom300, snom320) Call timer on screen freezes when starting Conference. New display design for conference state.
( SCPP-2681: FIX - Automatic redial doesn’t show the counter going down. Split or reduce text for Auto Dial display.
( SCPP-2683: FIX - Call not listed in received calls on Call Pickup.
( SCPP-2687: FIX - XML Dialplan does not behave as expected. Fixed single digit XML dial plan matches.
( SCPP-2699: FIX - One character not displaying correctly in text at bottom of screen. Don’t show unprintable characters in status line.
( SCPP-2700: FIX - Call Completion offered when phone cancels call. Don’t offer call completion if call was cancelled locally.
( SCPP-2701: FIX - Call Completion cancelled but still dial screen visable for a short moment. Don’t switch to state idle if call completion is wanted.
( SCPP-2710: FIX - (snom370, snom820, snom821) SRTP and PUI Lock Indication does not work. Show icon for SRTP connection.
( SCPP-2718: FIX - Test Ringer played out even after leaving the menu point. Test ringtone will be stopped after leaving the ringtone menu entry.
( SCPP-2747: FIX - Expansion Module - Version not shown in System Information. Show count of expansion modules and version number in system information.
( SCPP-2750: FIX - (snom300, snom320) Can’t change the input mode (alpha mode, numeric mode) in LDAP Directory. New global edit mode toggles by pressing * for 1sec.
( SCPP-2765: FIX - LEDs of Fkey type Call Agent aren’t updated.
( SCPP-2780: FIX - Value changes of scroll settings weren’t applied immediately.
( SCPP-2803: FIX - You can not dial the entered number when number guessing is on. Key enter will force a query in case of directory search. For number guessing it will dial the input.
( SCPP-2814: FIX - Letter T was missing in Hungarian language when entering text within PUI.
( SCPP-2819: FIX - Blank screen when LDAP lookup is forced with right navi key. Contact details can be shown with right navi key. If no details available a message will be shown.
( SCPP-2848: FIX - Lock Keyboard - After entering new PIN phone stays with Minibrowser message. Now closing keyboard lock message after 3 seconds.
( SCPP-2900: FIX - Clearing missed calls with cancel shows Key unassigned.
( SCPP-2912: FIX - Extension Monitoring (RFC4662): Incoming Calls on monitored extensions are not mapped correctly and pickup fails. Made pickup via subscription list work.
( SCPP-2948: FIX - Message LED not working.
( SCPP-2957: FIX - Deleting selected entry in any Call History list doesn’t work. Delete the selected entry and not the first one out of a call list if delete key was pressed.
( SCPP-2960: FIX - Don’t normalize emergency numbers.
( SCPP-2973: FIX - Selection list of Tone Schemes isn’t working properly. Fix empty selection list in wizard (tone scheme view).
( SCPP-2979: FIX - (snom300) Call Deflection and Blind Transfer do not work.
( SCPP-2995: FIX - Call Completion offered always even if the called party was not busy. Don’t offer Call Completion in state calling (softkey only).
( SCPP-3037: FIX - Number Guessing does not work if entering more than 4 digits. Different handling during number guessing for starting the handler triggered by timeout or by keystroke.
( SCPP-3047: FIX - Phone shows only LDAP SN instead of full CN in call screens.
( SCPP-3074: FIX - BLF button event HOLD is not working. Line keys of type BUTTON show on hold in Snom8xx PUI when corresponding button is reported to have color hold.
( SCPP-3085: FIX - (snom870) GMT +-# is not shown in timezone list. Show timezone hours in timezone menu.
( SCPP-3087: FIX - (snom870) Offered dialtone in initial wizard is not always correct. Show pre-selected timezone in list view.
( SCPP-3091: FIX - (snom870) Call Completion is offered immediately and misbehaving if call is rejected by callee. Call Completion fixed for redial or local call abort.
( SCPP-3097: FIX - It is possible to redial from an empty Call History list. Ignore empty call list entries for redialing.
( SCPP-3104: FIX - BLF on snom vision / virtual keys on phone also pop up. Don’t show virtual key activities for external keys (snom Vision, Expansion Module).
( SCPP-3105: FIX - Call Transfer/Call Deflection - Numbers of involved phones are not updated/No coherent behaviour. Update display informations of caller based on SIP messages.
( SCPP-2702: FIX - Set up 3 SLA lines, incoming call makes two LEDs illuminate. Removed redundant LED control for SLA.
( SCPP-3036: FIX - BLF - When transfering monitored extensions, BLF light freezes, no proper indication. Use unique dialog id for state notify.
( SCPP-2734: FIX - (snom3xx,snom820) Possible phone freeze during use of Directory PUI.
( SCPP-3012: FIX - Don’t refresh Minibrowser if it’s waiting for a web response.
( SCPP-2417: Function key features: Bad xml response if clicking an URL button twice. Don’t fetch input URL if nothing was entered.
( SCPP-2590: (snom300, snom320, snom82x) Setting cmc_feature removed, now done by call_screen_fkeys_on_… settings.
( SCPP-2590: (snom300, snom320, snom82x) Setting deny_all_feature removed, now done by call_screen_fkeys_on_… settings.
( SCPP-2590: (snom82x) Setting show_line_info removed, now done by individual line_info_at_… settings.
( SCPP-2859: (snom300) Switching between headset and speaker is done differently now: when pressing short time, speaker key woks like normal speaker (no switching to headset) - long-press to speaker key will be treated as if the (not existend) headset key was pressed.
( SCPP-2499: FIX - Microsoft OCS Directory Search: Error when hitting backspace.
( SCPP-3283: FIX - Microsoft Lync: PUI sign-in wizard does not perform register after entering credentials.
( SCPP-3313: FIX - Message LED won’t turn off and status information doesn’t blink.
( SCPP-3316: FIX - Call between TI Aries based IP Phones and snom300 from different pools causes snom300 to reboot.
( SCPP-3297: FIX - Backoff algorithm (retry_after_failed_register) timer does not reset after successful REGISTER. Reset random timer if register was successful.
( SCPP-3299: FIX - Incorrect (Voicemail) SIP URI listed in Call Lists.
( SCPP-3300: FIX - DUT crashes if connected to another domain.
( SCPP-3304: FIX - E.911 - Display-Info This is an emergency call is not shown when performing an emergency call.
( SCPP-3226: FIX - (snom300, snom320) Microsoft Lync: It’s impossible to set your own Presence state.
( SCPP-3287: FIX - Microsoft Lync: PUI’s Call History doesn’t display the Time.
( SCPP-2902: FIX - Microsoft Lync: Selecting Distribution Group causes phone freezing.
( SCPP-2999: FIX - Microsoft Lync: MCU disconnect after 7:27 min - if invited via SIP address (basic MS - CCCP).
( SCPP-3031: FIX - Microsoft Lync: MCU we send a BYE after 1:02 hour - if invited via SIP address (basic MS - CCCP).
( SCPP-3051: FIX - Microsoft OCS/Microsoft Lync: Long delay before phone rings.
( SCPP-3057: FIX - Microsoft OCS/Microsoft Lync: Failure to connect to TCP port of AV edge server puts ICE peer state machine into failed state.
( SCPP-3067: FIX - Microsoft Lync: CAC - no display warning call may take longer - in CAC network busy calls from snom to Tanjay, Aries or Lync Client.
( SCPP-3140: FIX - TCP reconnect back off. New default value set for retry failed register to 3,6:300.
( SCPP-3166: ADD - Microsoft Lync: Escalating a two-party call to a conference fails when invoked by Lync Attendant.
( SCPP-3216: FIX - Microsoft Lync: Cannot unlock phone keyboard by pressing OK. Set [Fkeys]] to ok, cancel for confirm keylock.
( SCPP-3269: FIX - Microsoft OCS/Microsoft Lync: Turning off DND should delete user state instead of setting it to available.
( SCPP-2820: FIX - Microsoft OCS: Media connectivity failure on load balanced AV edge servers.
( SCPP-2868: FIX - Microsoft OCS: Crash caused by Call Access Control (CAC).
( SCPP-2881: FIX - Microsoft OCS: Unsupported codec in SDP offer caused duplication of codec 0 in SDP response.
( SCPP-2907: FIX - Microsoft OCS: No audio when phone is in TCP only mode.
( SCPP-2908: FIX - Microsoft Lync: E.911 - Emergency calls cannot be dialed when phone is in locked state.
( SCPP-2933: FIX - Microsoft Lync: INVITE from conference server fails.
( SCPP-2794: ADD - UC edition supports the setting advertisement_url now as well, like all our other versions already do.
( SCPP-3289: UPD - G.722 is first in Codec list now - also for non UC versions.
( SCPP-2360: ADD - (snom720, snom760) Missing GSM codec
( SCPP-3194: FIX - SRTCP decryption error processing
( SCPP-526: FIX - (snom3xx, snom820) Bad audio quality when using G.726 because of wrong packing order.
( SCPP-3135: FIX - (snom720, snom760) Local DTMF echo always played out with maximum volume. Lowered volume now.
( SCPP-3136: FIX - Comfort Noise / Silence Supression not working. Codec cn is only valid for snom3xx, snom8xx, but not for snom7xx and snom MeetingPoint.
( SCPP-1424: FIX - (snom8xx) Auto Answer indication is inaudible. Now playing auto connect tone in full length.
( SCPP-1694: FIX - Blind Transfer: Missing dial tone after pressing transfer key.
( SCPP-2117: FIX - Missing busy tone.
( SCPP-2601: FIX - Play busy tone in terminated screen.
( SCPP-2742: FIX - Mixing dial tone and ring tone in ring tone menu if phone is off hook.
( SCPP-2746: FIX - Changing ringer volume doesn’t work properly.
( SCPP-2748: FIX - Call Completion: phone keeps playing busy tone the whole time during "Waiting". If no line is active stop playing synth sounds.
( SCPP-2751: FIX - phone plays busy tone after a transfer (Call Released Notification is off).
( SCPP-2854: FIX - Playing ringer on changing the volume doesn’t work properly.
( SCPP-2855: FIX - Playing ringer from setting menu doesn’t work properly.
( SCPP-2861: FIX - Incoming Intercom call cannot switch the audio-device unless it gets accepted.
( SCPP-2968: FIX - (snom720, snom760) USB Headset keys cannot control the phone.
( SCPP-1056: FIX - (snom3xx) If the option Silence Supression is enabled, the phone sends incorrect packets. Increasing sequence number on CNG packets and also add marker at the end of Comfort Noise.
( SCPP-2666: FIX - (snom_PA1) Always send RTP instead of SRTP.
( SCPP-2864: FIX - (snom3xx, snom820) En-/disable Comfort Noise depending on negotiated codecs with SDP offer/answers.
( SCPP-2951: FIX - RTCP counter information incorrect. Was wrong fraction lost counter due to overrun.

( SCPP-3259: FIX - nickname is misspelled.
( SCPP-3186: FIX - Delete last Call History list entry or clear a list.
( SCPP-1831: FIX - Deleting whole Call History lists with activated hidden tags wasn’t working. Hidden tags are now ignored for local connections.
( SCPP-2295: FIX - (snom8xx, snomMP) Upload of WUI TAR archive doesn’t change WUI appearance.
( SCPP-2649: FIX - Dropdown menu for configuring soft keys in WUI needs revision. Now Mute is available for Line and Speed Dial keys only. Clear Pickup Info has been removed.
( SCPP-2936: FIX - Phone isn’t using absolute URI for 302 redirection (RFC 1945).
( SCPP-3023: FIX - Deleting singe Call History list entries not possible. Remove Call History entries on index webpage fixed.
( SCPP-2737: FIX - Phone does crash if downloaded file is too big.
( SCPP-2856: FIX - HTTP Client Authentication Digest not working. Use relative URI in authorization part.
( SCPP-3100: FIX - Don’t establish new HTTP Client connection if an older one is still in connecting state.
( SCPP-2117: FIX - Removed unnecessary option off_when_terminating_calls in menu under advanced>audio>release_sound.
( SCPP-2139: FIX - Setting apply_settings_timeout removed. Saving setting values changed via PUI to flash now always within a second, but setting values changed via WUI have to be applied manually before saved to flash.
( SCPP-2698: FIX - Setting auto_connect_type removed since it’s obsolete.
( SCPP-2720: FIX - Setting callpickup_dialoginfo removed, instead goto_monitor_state_on_line_activity is to be used.
( SCPP-2720: FIX - Setting show_xml_pickup removed since it’s obsolete.
( SCPP-2786: FIX - Setting redundant_fkeys replaced by disable_XYZ_soft_key_in_call settings. Available on all phones showing soft keys during call, except for snom MeetingPoint and snom8xx.
( FIX - Removed settings multicast_address and multicast_port, which are obsolete since 8.2.1.

( SCPP-2274: FIX - Min-Expire-Header not recognized (423 too brief). Automatically re-register once with the Min-Expires value.
( SCPP-3159: FIX - 180 Ringing instead 400 Bad Request error after Multiple Values in Single Value Required Fields
( SCPP-3231: FIX - Phone does not remove bindings correctly if rebooted. New setting sip_shutdown_timeout.
( SCPP-3203: FIX - After Receiving Call via CFW 181, DUT can not cancel call. Update callback_id on call forking to the final connection id.
( SCPP-3204: FIX - Phone did not play Bellcore tones.
( SCPP-3214: FIX - Reregister with Resource List Subscription via WUI Button was rebooting the phone.
( SCPP-3243: FIX - Failover not working. Default transaction timeout shortened from 32 to 8 seconds (sip_request_timeout, Broadsoft only).
( SCPP-3266: FIX - Set reciprocal_hold and refer_brackets to on if Server Type is Broadsoft.
( SCPP-3136: UPD - Silence Supression/Comfort Noise not working. Codec cn is only valid for snom3xx, snom820, but not for snom821, snom870, snom7xx and snom_MeetingPoint.
( SCPP-3152: FIX - Handle full dialog-info notify even if it is empty.
( SCPP-1853: FIX - Setting reject_calls_with_603 isn’t working.
( SCPP-3116: FIX - Codec CN is off by default.
( SCPP-3147: FIX - Phone answers empty SDPs with pcmu codec only regardless of what is defined in the codec lists. Now offering all codecs on incoming INVITE without SDP (late SDP).
( SCPP-830: FIX - If we send a CANCEL request, we have to wait for a 1xx-Response. Scheduling CANCEL if no response has been received yet.
( SCPP-1237: FIX - Attended transfer while ringing. Avoid CANCEL on transfering an outgoing ringing call (added new setting: attendend_transfer_on_ringing).
( SCPP-1820: FIX - Missing ACK for final response INVITE does not cancel the call. An missing ACK for 200OK responses will now release the call and a BYE will be send back.
( SCPP-1914: FIX - Corrected handling of non-SRTP-holds (we never use SRTP during hold) in SRTP-calls.
( SCPP-2215: DEL - Since phones can handle codecs dynamically, we removed the setting dtmf_payload_type in all phones except snomMP.
( SCPP-2475: FIX - Phones do not apply the signaling_tos parameter. Update signaling tos on udp if the setting changes.
( SCPP-2482: FIX - Problem with TCP DNS fail-over. On TCP/TLS check dirty host before connection attempt and packet routing.
( SCPP-2638: FIX - OCS: Phone does not retry connecting with an exponential back-off algorithm in case of network loss. Use now new setting retry_after_failed_register for random reregistering after reboot, ethernet replug or tcp reconnect. Value can be single integer value (range 1 to this value) or a range like 2,10.
( SCPP-2733: FIX - Improper retransmission timers for non-INVITE client transaction. Use Timer T2 for retransmissions in proceeding state on non-INVITE client transactions.
( SCPP-2816: FIX - INVITE retransmission interval too short and issue if T1 is too large.
( SCPP-2888: FIX - Premature release of a TCP candidate caused the phone to crash occasionally.
( SCPP-2953: FIX - REGISTER and INVITE network failures aren’t reported via PUI.
( SCPP-2955: FIX - DSCP value on SIP connections is wrong (not shifted).
( SCPP-3001: FIX - One way audio after attended transfer when transferor is snom760 and transferee has version 8.4. Now preventing unhold during transfer operation.
( SCPP-3002: FIX - No caller id update (transferee) on transferer. Inform PUI about a connection replacement to show correct display names (contact informations).
( SCPP-3008: FIX - Hold not working if holding party is anonymous. Set original tag in FROM header in case of an privacy call (anonymous).
( SCPP-3071: FIX - SIP message re-submits will not be stopped after server BYE. Skipping INVITE retransmissions (e.g. hold) on dialog teardown.
( SCPP-224: GRUU ID isn’t preserved between reboots. The ID is fix for the device now.
( SCPP-3039: FIX - Memory leak on handling EAP success/failure responses.
( SCPP-2585: FIX - [[VLAN] ID over 255 was not working.
( SCPP-2595: FIX - Set VLAN ID and priority (QoS) settings delivered via LLDP.
( SCPP-2873: FIX - Phone reports too many setting changes to TR69 application. Don’t report automated temporary changes of outgoing identity.
( SCPP-2578: FIX - (snom MeetingPoint) Branding isn’t supported.
( SCPP-3055: FIX - Fetching of upload files is failing if other provisioning requests failed before as well.
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