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XML-definition now allows to define a default-state that gets applied when a key is set up initially, see here.
XML-definition now allows to define action-urls to be called on key-event, see here.
Key mapping may now be changed via settings, when a customer wants to reorder the plastic key caps of the phones.
Added Server Authentication.
Added new RPC Method: X_Snom_GetWebContent.
To trigger reloading of customization archives, clearing now settings 'upload_gui' and 'upload_web' after successful update.

8.3.34 Features

No new features

8.2.33 Features

No new features

8.2.32 Features

No new features

8.2.31 Features

No new features

8.2.30 Features

No new features



Added new setting auto_connect_indication_tone for customer defined values. (SCPP-1517)
Fixed inband DTMF (snomMP). (SCPP-1445)
Fixed RTP packet transmit counting. (SCPP-1337)
If phone is offhook audio device is handset after connection.
Action URL must set the CSTA id in case of clearing a line. (SCPP-1488)
Disabled Flexor security token. Web authentication is used for CSTA as well. (SCPP-1559)
Fixed showing rx/tx packets during call enabled by pressing '?' key (snom370). (SCPP-1473)
Abort (long pressed CANCEL) possible if phone asks for DHCP or IP-address. (SCPP-1586)
Pressing CANCEL (->F_ABORT) for a couple of seconds, will show system info out of initial GUI wizard menu. (SCPP-1652)
Call lists setup will be done with correct parameters. (SCPP-1612)
Clear display before displaying call stats (snom360). (SCPP-1473)
Enabled BLF and SPEED key behaviour even if second call comes in, when setting 'redirect_ringing' is 'off'. (SCPP-1503)
Fire action URL 'log off/on' for every un-/register. New action variables added: 'context_url' and 'reregister'. (SCPP-1539)
Fixed: Retry Setting server with HTTP instead of HTTPS.
Added new setting 'logoff_all_no_confirm' to disable logoff all confirmation dialog. (SCPP-1384)
Outgoing id and active line will be set to a valid value if the current value is obsolete. (SCPP-1702)
Preselection fixed after sorting listbox entries (Preferences) (snom360). (SCPP-1481)
Pressing a line key leaves the conference now. (SCPP-1571)
Redirect for one identity but more than one target is possible now. (SCPP-1502)
Port used in URLs matches the scheme now (http :80, https :443). (SCPP-1551)
Setting 'disable_speaker' works now. If setting is 'enabled' handset will be used for audio. (SCPP-1628)
Show incoming call identity on display (snom300, snom320). (SCPP-1568)
Show mute icon in state conference (snom370). (SCPP-1482)
Softkey handling fixed (snomMP). (SCPP-1637)
Don't allow pressing softkeys if keyboard is locked (snom370, snom8xx). (SCPP-1487)
Transfer (deflection) is allowed even if keyboard is locked. (SCPP-1487)
Transfer on hangup is also done now by pressing onhook button of wireless headset. (SCPP-1472)
Fixed phone freeze on invalid button index from LED control. (SCPP-1675)
Incoming call query is done now even if number begins with country code. (SCPP-1547)
Query only when letter is entered completely. (SCPP-1454)
Fixed one way audio in a conference (snomMP OCS only). (SCPP-1536)
Copy defaults.xml onto config.xml during factory reset. (SCPP-1709)
Close referred call after 200 OK Notify instead of 180 Ringing Notify in specific setup. (SCPP-1519)
Correct handling of rport param in VIA header. (SCPP-1398)
While sending feature codes (DND), calls got stuck. (SCPP-1573)
OPTIONS are accepted in a call now as well. (SCPP-1624)
MOH call wasn't terminated after usage. (SCPP-1538)
Trust secure localhost connections by default.
Fixed URL parsing. (SCPP-1518)
VPN files were not properly moved when an update has been uploaded via the WUI.
Fixed WUI access without credentials. (SCPP-1590)
Some options on preferences WUI page were missing. (snom820)


Send 200 OK (BYE) even if there are no rtp stats available. Ported from 8.4. (SCPP-1650)


Dynamic payload negotiation was not working properly in a particular scenario.
Close session on receiving an HTTP fault code.

8.2.32 bugfixes

Enhanced Policy Chaining implementation.

8.2.31 bugfixes

Edit numbers out of call lists fixed on twoline displays. (SCPP-1602)
New setting stutter_timeout defines the time gap between two stutter key presses. (SCPP-1597)
Messages after 70 seconds of ringing had not been acknowledged. (SCPP-1598)
Invalid Policy Chaining implementation. Could cause some send_inform issues as well.
Web client requests may stay open in an authorization scenario. (SCPP-1556)

8.2.30 bugfixes

Use only hostname for dns query. (SCPP-1572)
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