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Change Log between 8.X and 7.3 branch


8.3.7 Features

No new features

8.3.6 Features

No new features

8.3.5 Features

No new features

8.3.4 Features

No new features

8.3.3 Features

  • Added support for OCS-presence-only (no voice) identities (Broadsoft/OCS integration) (new settings: user_presence_identity, user_presence_only, user_default_contact_uri).
  • User may now enter special characters via number-pad: äáâàçëéêèïíîìöóôòñßüúûù - just press repeatedly the key associated with the base-letter (eg. 1-abc for ä, á, â, à and ç), you must of cause be in mode abc or ABC (SCPP-528).
  • One can now configure what label to put onto the virtual keys.
  • Discard XML-idle-screen on pressing cancel key (whiping display still also yields same result). (SCPP-1084)
  • Discard call monitoring screen on cancel key. (SCPP-941)
  • Fixed duplicate pickup information in call pickup screen. (SCPP-1102)
  • Go offhook with wireless headset will dial number out of internal or LDAP directory. (SCPP-1072)
  • LDAP lookup when dialing a number now starts only when the typed in number has as many digits as defined with setting guess_start_length.
  • Menu entries are now hideable with a comma separated list in new settings menu_hidden_user and menu_hidden_admin.
  • Enabled EHS support.
  • Added call agent ACD state synchronization. (SCPP-854)
  • Internal directory can now be synchronized with certain XCAP servers. (SCPP-1047)
  • Master entries in internal directory may now define a nick name.
  • Left menu in the WUI is now configurable. Just put a comma separated list in two new settings leftnav_hidden_user and leftnav_hidden_admin for user and admin mode respectively.
  • Added runtime variable $phone_ip to be used with the webclient like triggering action URLs etc.
  • Showing bootloader version at system info page.
  • Fixed WEP mode.

8.2.24 Features

  • Now displaying used codec and SRTP (for secure connections) when one presses the message button during a call (snom820). (SCPP-300)
  • Now displaying codec used and SRTP (for secure connections) in party-details (snomMP). (SCPP-300)
  • Codec info on ? key is now integrated into the GUI instead of destroying its design (snom370). (SCPP-300)

8.2.23 Features

  • Allow to mute the ringing of an incoming call with the mute key or a mute function key. (SCPP-937)
  • Via the setting user_admin_mode, you can hide users privacy (call lists, directory) from the administrator. (SCPP-1326)
  • Added setting ignore_missed_calls_on_busy that inhibits the phone to add an incoming call to the missed calls if the user is in dialing state and denies an incoming call.
  • Allow to edit numbers from the call histories before calling them. (SCPP-921)

8.2.22 Features

  • Subscribtions may now define a for and a to attribute. for sets the R-URI, to is for the to-field in the sip-message.
  • Increased speed when rendering idle XML’s with lots of clock-images (snom820).
  • New setting suppress_sip_messages suppresses processing of SIP MESSAGE but replies with 200 OK if enabled.
  • Added new number type attribute.
  • Increased speed when reading XML files.
  • Allowing to enter new XML description of fkeys via web UI as well.
  • Values in dropdown comboboxes for fkey-types and key-events are sorted now alphabetically.

8.2.21 Features

  • Added identity parameter to the dialplan xml which allows to route numbers to a particular identity no matter which identity is currently selcted. (SCPP-195, SCPP-1244)
  • Line LEDS can now change color according to the color-attribute received for those keys defined as buttons (snom820). (SCPP-804)
  • Virtual key state and side screen now use received labels for those keys defined as buttons (snom820). (SCPP-804)
  • Decreased provisioning retry counter from 20 down to 1.
  • Added new setting use_NTLMv2 to disable NTLM V2 authentication which is enabled by default.

8.2.20 Features

  • Pressing a speed dial function key with argument number=incomplete shows the number on the display for further editing rather then dialing it. (SCPP-194)
  • Speed dial now accepts a DTMF sequence that is played once the call has been established. (SCPP-194)
  • A provisioned directory may now entirely replace the current directory instead of just adding to it. Just set attribute complete of the directory-tree to true. (SCPP-940)
  • Provisioned directory entries may now replace old records with the same index. If you don’t want this, don’t provision an index. (SCPP-940)

8.2.19 Features

  • Added new way of provisioning fkeys to represent subscribtion-notifies (see wiki→fkey).
  • Added new setting ignore_dhcp_findings allowing to ignore certain DHCP options provided by DHCP server. (SCPP-1179)

8.2.18 Features

  • Added timezone for United Arab Emirates (Dubai). (SCPP-353)
  • Calculate round trip delay (in ms) to be used in reporting stats.
  • Enhanced VQ-Report.
  • Added support for NTLM V2 authentication.

8.2.17 Features

  • Save (to restore after a reboot) the latest 5 call records of missed, received and dialed call list, respectively.
  • Two action URLs can be configured, for pressing and releasing a key, respectively. (SCPP-1122)
  • Added new setting suppress_ringing_during_hold to enable the ringtone while other calls are on hold. (SCPP-201)
  • Add optional Outbound support. (SCPP-1079)

8.2.16 Features

  • Phones with grafical display may now enter special characters via numpad (snom360, snom370, snom820, snomMP): äáâàçëéêèïíîìöóôòñßüúûù - in edit mode "abc" or "ABC" just press repeatedly the key associated with the base-letter (eg. "1-abc" for ä, á, â, à and ç). (SCPP-528)
  • XML idle screen can now define the statusbar position even for snom370 (just like 360 and 820).
  • OCS: Added support for OCS-presence-only (no voice) identities (Broadsoft/OCS integration) (new settings: user_presence_identity, user_presence_only, user_default_contact_uri).
  • Discard "call monitoring" screen on Cancel key. (SCPP-941)
  • Menu entries are now hideable. Just put a comma separated list in two new settings menu_hidden_user and menu_hidden_admin for user and admin mode respectively.
  • Internal directory can now be synchronized with certain xcap-servers. (SCPP-1047)
  • Master entries in internal directory may now define a nick-name.
  • Left menu in the snom web UI is now configurable. Just put a comma separated list in two new settings leftnav_hidden_user and leftnav_hidden_admin for user and admin mode respectively.
  • Added runtime variable $phone_ip to be used with the webclient like triggering action URLs etc.

8.2.11 Features

No new features

8.2.10 Features

  • Call Agent ACD State Synchronization (SCPP-854)

8.2.9 Features

  • LDAP lookup when dialing a number now starts only when the typed in number has as many digits as defined with setting guess_start_length.
  • 820 now opens virtual key state automatically on activity, setting allowing that is on by default.

8.2.8 Features

8.2.7 Features

  • Added support for version 6 audio coefficients (snom3xx). Selecting the new room type "v6" leads to same volume behaviour as in version 6 releaeses. (SCPP-889)
  • Added support for options 132 vlan_id (802.1q) and 133 vlan_qos (802.1p). They can even be tunneled via option 43. (SCPP-859)
  • Added OCS support for presence key. (SCPP-641)
  • Minibrowser can now be invoked using HTTP. (SCPP-238)
  • Minibrowser pages can now trigger LEDs. (SCPP-240)
  • Text prediction based search on LDAP directory. (SCPP-409)
  • Transfer on onhook is now available for blind transfer, too. (SCPP-810)
  • Added additional STUN requests (RTPv0) in the beginning of a call for server type Teles. (SCPP-671)
  • Added OID to show CPU load average of last 1min., 5min. and 15min.
  • Added OID to show used, free, cached, lid (phone lowlevel app.) and lcs (phone highlevel app.) memory usage.
  • Added OID to show application uptime.
  • Added OID to show the number of incoming and outgoing messages.
  • Added OID to show the number of open connections.
  • Added OID to show the number of timeouts running.
  • Added OID to show the number of active subscriptions.
  • OCS: The User-Agent header now includes information whether the software type is OCS or not.
  • Added intermediate certificate phone2 that signs the phone certificate. The SSL certificate message encapsulates both certificates.
  • Added support of keys up to 4096 bits in size (client and server side).
  • One can upload and replace files in bmp (snom370-VPN, snom820) and html (snom370-VPN, snom820, snomMP) directories. (SCPP-873)
  • Removed second pair of HTTP user/pwd credentials for standard user. adminmode/admin_mode_pass is enough.(SCPP-679)

8.2.6 Features

No new features

8.2.5 Features

No new features

8.2.4 Features

  • LDAP result sets are sorted now. (SCPP-747)
  • VQM reporting is no longer restricted to MetaSwitch server type anymore.
  • To reduce memory wasting for SIP trace and system log we added a new setting sip_tracing to be able to switch off SIP tracing at all as well as the new loglevel -1 to switch off logging. (SCPP-779)

8.2.3 Features

  • Added Hungarian language support.
  • Enbabled EHS support (snom300). (SCPP-612)

8.2.3 Features

  • Added Hungarian language support.
  • Enbabled EHS support (snom300). (SCPP-612)

8.2.2 Features

  • Securing communiction with random message id. New CSTA messages for set and get settings, xml push and firewall test. (SCPP-648)
  • Added option for very fast LED blink rate on ringing (new setting blink_very_fast).
  • Added keyboard lock after timeout (new setting keyboard_lock_timeout). (SCPP-676)
  • Enhanced language support for Portugues and Hebrew.
  • Added language support for Estonian and Hungarian.
  • On challenged web client requests, user gets asked for username and password at the display. This may be used to login a phone user. (SCPP-699)
  • Phone can now upload files into tmpfs and replay them as MOH. (SCPP-696)
  • Parameters like "$ip_addr" as part of the URL stored in for example setting_server are replaced with it's values before the URL is used for provisioning requests. This is the same syntax like for the Action URLs. (SCPP-698)
  • Show login page after logout. (SCPP-678)

8.2.1 Features

  • Enlarged adressbook with entries for first and family name, email, company, birthday, etc. (snom820 and snomMP). (SCPP-522)
  • Hebrew and Cyrillic character editing support.
  • Call can be started out of call lists with wireless headset as well now. (SCPP-351)
  • VQM reporting over SIP, according to draft-ietf-sipping-rtcp-summary using SIP PUBLISH.
  • Added new setting prioritise_pbx_number_lookup to ignore PBX transmitted user name for incoming calls in order to enable correct lookup in internal LDAP address book. (SCPP-131)
  • Added support for RTP listening on multiple multicast sockets.
  • Added new setting empty_tls_client_cert to use empty client certificate in TLS connections. For OCS the setting defaults to on, otherwise to off. (SCPP-597)

8.1.3 Features

  • Call Pick-up: if the first character in the string following the "|" is a "!" the rest is dialed out unaltered
  • Added support for new check-sync option: check-sync;reboot=reregister-only

8.1.2 Features

  • Added new action release to clear previously seized button line.
  • Handle header "Remote-Party-ID" for Cisco Call Manager (CCM). (SCPP-412)
  • New setting user_additional_supported_header for "additional supported headers". (SCPP-413)
  • Added key_dtmf to initiate key events with DTMF tones remotely via http://phoneIP/command.htm?key_dtmf=KEYEVENT. (SCPP-94)
  • PC port can be disabled via new eth_pc option off.

8.1.1 Features

No new features

8.0.13 Features

No new features

8.0.12 Features

  • Complete system-info is now in settings (Phone_GUI). The Help-key on the phone ("?") now shows the support message on the display.

8.0.11 Features

  • redirection with function key type BLF
  • split timezone -10:USA into -10:USA(Hawaii) and 2-10:USA(Aleutian Islands) due to different DSTs
  • a logging entry is created if an Action URL could not be accessed
  • Device Feature Key Synchronization Broadsoft
  • Broadsoft directory access via OCI-P

8.3.7 Bugfix

  • VPN support is working now.
  • Fixed one way audio problem. Also some OOB DTMF clean up. (SCPP-1327)

8.3.6 Bugfix

  • Fixed proper random seed generation.
  • If setting block_url_dialing is enabled, the edit-mode button is disabled now.
  • Fixing how number guessing handles tbook-search (was still version7-style that didn’t know of new tbook attributes and multi-number records).
  • Enabled Backlight control. (SCPP-1076)

8.3.5 Bugfix

  • Eliminated racecondition.
  • Gigabit speed on PC port enabled again.

8.3.4 Bugfix

  • Ringer menu fixed (snom870). (SCPP-1098)
  • Putting a party on hold that in turn is holding us, now works via touchscreen (snom870). (SCPP-1223)
  • Pressing hard-key OK now selects the correct (previous) value, when editing boolean values (snom870). (SCPP-1099)
  • Fixed some issues with blind transfer using drag and drop (snom870). (SCPP-1093)
  • Increased speed when rendering virtual key state (snom870). (SCPP-973)
  • Repaired loss of internal adress book. (SCPP-1135)
  • Fixed sticky trashcan (snom870). (SCPP-1104)
  • Saved more than 50% of parsing time by using new XML parser features.

8.3.3 Bugfix

  • Better audio quality (especially no microphone saturation).
  • Dual Audio button works now. (SCPP-1162)
  • Fixed duplicate pickup information in call pickup screen. (SCPP-1102)
  • Added new setting cancel_conference to allow disconnecting all conference members with cancel key. (SCPP-1069)
  • Number guessing minimum length will work only in state edit number in numeric edit mode.(SCPP-1030)
  • When creating a new entry in the directory, the edit button did not work.
  • MWI led has to blink in all states.
  • Added more flexible way of configuring IPv6 gateway.
  • OCS: Remove "Reboot warning" when setting up OCS account. (SCPP-1014)
  • Call Pickup did not work with multiple registrations. (SCPP-991)
  • Call was sometimes not released properly. (SCPP-1207)
  • Device Feature Key Sync did not correctly handle Forward Events.
  • OCS: Phone should not attempt to reregister as long as password prompt is active. (SCPP-1009)
  • Answering a call was failing and log said: "Failed to allocate any local SIP port!". (SCPP-1042)
  • Reregister asap if TCP/TLS register connection goes down. (SCPP-1109)
  • Sending DFKS subscriptions due to state transitions only to the active line.
  • The webclient re-initiates a handshake when handling a challenge. It will never try to use an existing connection anymore.
  • Firmware update wasn't using HTTP proxy when specified.

8.2.24 Bugfix

  • When going to idle state, onhook command is now send to headset as well. (SCPP-432)
  • Retry DNS resolving several times also during provisioning. (SCPP-1316)
  • Press CANCEL key during number guessing will display the current input only, so you may dial this number (snom300, snom320). (SCPP-1338)
  • Solved cold boot hang issue (snom3xx). Bootup may last longer, but is more reliable.
  • Attended transfer was not working properly when using SRTP and G726-32.
  • Fixed crash on denying incoming call. (SCPP-163)
  • Webclient needs encoded URL credentials and path (snom8xx). (SCPP-1243)

8.2.23 Bugfix

  • Added setting mc_output_device to play PA media via speaker or headset. (SCPP-1264)
  • Restore original media stream if REFER initiated INVITE failed. (SCPP-1288)
  • Exit minibrowser when XML contains nothing usefull to display. (SCPP-892)
  • Made directory details of call partner accessible in ringing and calling screens (press directory button). (SCPP-1310)
  • Refresh display after changing setting Text Only Display on Soft Keys. (SCPP-1301)
  • Refresh fkeys in idle XML screen. (SCPP-1280)
  • Subscribe to those keys only, that are available. Ignore subscriptions for keys on extension keypads that are not plugged in. (SCPP-716)
  • Fixing first-digit LDAP lookup bug (SCPP-1041).
  • If no LDAP result entry was selected and dialing is started, phone shows enter number prompt. (SCPP-1306)
  • Removed global ringer setting ring_sound which is redundant and confusing as the ringer is taken from the line dependent setting user_ringer. (SCPP-1318)
  • Discard 401 challenge to REGISTER if call id is unknown.
  • Fixed handling of ringing/knocking call if all conference members hooked on. (SCPP-552)
  • Message retrieve was not properly working with 3CX. (SCPP-1307)

8.2.22 Bugfix

  • OCS: Fixed audio reception when using conferencing (snom820).
  • DTMF send improvements (snomMP). (SCPP-1273)
  • Apply dialplan when dialing missed or received records that only consist out of an URL (without display name). (SCPP-1284)
  • Fixed transparency handling for idle XML images (snom820).
  • After attended transfer, display shows state connected and no longer state onhold. (SCPP-1272)
  • Call forwarding set for a local identity will work with Asterisk now. (SCPP-1278)
  • Edit enums fixed. Scrolling to left is possible now (snom320). (SCPP-1267)
  • If keyboard lock is on, reset already typed in number if a digit is entered that do not match any emergeny number. (SCPP-1253)
  • Send busy when CWI is off, but not in general if phone is in state conference. (SCPP-1276)
  • Fixed feature of saving latest call records to flash: when list was full, new records were not saved. Bug resulted in only saving the oldest records.
  • Fixed fkeys provisioning via xml-subtrees which did not send out subscribtions.
  • Fixing how number guessing handles directory search (was still version 7 style that didn’t know of new directory attributes and multi-number records).
  • Fixed proper random seed generation (snom820, snomMP).
  • OCS: Presence subscription was not refreshed when contact list changed.
  • Fixed RE dialplan: Back reference to non-existing group may have produced junk, because previously captured groups were not cleared properly.
  • When an INVITE had been send out and a connection was established before (e.g. start hold) the DTMF payload type was used from the old connection. Now, the payload type is taken from the settings.
  • Allow to enter numbers with + via web UI.
  • Fixed synchronization with XCAP server.
  • Don’t ask for password during logout. (SCPP-1277)
  • Fixed switching between dropdown combobox and plain text field for pkeys (snom820).
  • Some early log messages were missing, as the loglevel was set too late.
  • An keyevent like can be set up again via web UI. (SCPP-1266)

8.2.21 Bugfix

  • DTMF keytones while dialing were not working. Now they are working in handset mode. Currently, we cannot support playing them in speaker mode as well (snom820). (SCPP-1159)
  • Virtual key state now correctly colors keys defined as buttons (activity and pickup color) (snom820). (SCPP-804)
  • Changed timezone for Korea from +8 to +9. (SCPP-1260)
  • Don’t process backspace if edit type is enum (sort options). (SCPP-1251)
  • Handle transfer hard key in state calling. (SCPP-1237)
  • Show holding or held-by members in conference. (SCPP-1103)
  • Show correct positioned SMS message on screen. (SCPP-557)
  • Call-Pick Up was not properly working. (SCPP-1238)
  • Saved more than 50% of parsing time by using new XML parser features.
  • Fixed indexing of buttons. (SCPP-804)
  • Improved performance due to avoiding unused messages. (SCPP-1227)
  • Write empty passwords instead of stars as password setting value. (SCPP-463)
  • Fixed session timer refresh with SIP Update method. (SCPP-1219)
  • On register responses select own contact with the help of optional instance id’s. (SCPP-1247)
  • Use display name of P-Asserted-Identity header uri’s on SIP responses. (SCPP-1189)
  • OCS: ICE negotiation blocked early media. (SCPP-1016)

8.2.20 Bugfix

  • Conferencing was unusable.
  • Call recording enabled again.
  • Fixed sticky photo bug (snom370). (SCPP-286)
  • Refresh XML idle screen when XML url has changed. (SCPP-936)
  • Delete related fkey settings of removed identity as well. (SCPP-442)
  • Going off hook with wireless headset will now take setting preselection_nr into account as well, like handset already does. (SCPP-248)
  • Setting up WIFI credentials was not working properly (snom820).

8.2.19 Bugfix

  • Fixed Auto Answer Indication (snomMP). (SCPP-1026)
  • Fixed listening to multicast streaming (snomMP). (SCPP-1185)
  • Reenabled missing call release notification when a call had been terminated even if setting release_sound was set to on. release_sound distinguishes now between on, off and off_when_terminating_calls. Replaced radio button with drop down on the web interface page. (SCPP-1006)
  • Deletion of single sub-numbers of multi-number directory record now possible. (SCPP-1192)
  • Don’t resend ring command if phone is already ringing even if there is more than one incomming call. (SCPP-972)
  • Indicate new voice-message via message-LED even during calls.
  • Digit input in idle state fixed. It’s possible to enter numbers or select an entry out of the add-menu with speeddial (snomMP). (SCPP-1216)
  • Pressing Record key in conference state terminates the recording line. (SCPP-1220)
  • Virtual key name lookup is working with full URIs. (SCPP-1094)
  • OCS states now available for fkeys (in virtual key-view and snom820 side screen) (snom820, snom870). (SCPP-1177)

8.2.18 Bugfix

  • Switch to speaker mode after going on hook in the states edit number or connected. (SCPP-988)
  • Codec type and TX-RX stats could not be displayed anymore during call at the display. (SCPP-1206)
  • Accept incoming calls with line keys in state conference. (SCPP-1131)
  • Accept transfer key in state transfer. (SCPP-798)
  • Add URI in calling lists even if registrar contains parameter. (SCPP-1039)
  • Clean paint area for title (snom370). (SCPP-1191)
  • Don’t handle key event F_LOGOFF_ALL if a line is connected or on hold. (SCPP-1203)
  • Handle the programmable keys in state settings as well. (SCPP-293)
  • Long numbers fit now into display (snom360). (SCPP-843)
  • New handling for incoming calls during conference (snomMP). (SCPP-753)
  • Added new setting transfer_on_hangup_with_starcode to allow transfering calls on hangup if one call was picked up with PBX starcode. (SCPP-906)
  • Added new setting dialnumber_us_format to switch off the U.S. dialnumber format. (SCPP-620)
  • No blinking status line if MWI is on (mailbox message received). State MWI is now matching snomMP style. (SCPP-1027)
  • Setting Use Speaker Key to Receive Calls is valid for headsetkey too now. (SCPP-1154)
  • Switch to state edit number if we got a 484 INCOMPLETE during overlap dialing. (SCPP-950)
  • Fixed memory leak when loading remote images (snom820). (SCPP-839)
  • Write settings again to flash filesystem when change was made via webUI.
  • Fixed sending inband DTMF (snom820). (SCPP-1150)
  • Call was sometimes not released properly. (SCPP-1207)
  • OCS: Don’t send any SUBSCRIBE or SERVICE requests while NTLM negotiation is in progress.
  • OCS: Limit number of presence subscriptions to those displayed or on a key.
  • OCS: Reregister as soon as SA expires.
  • OCS: Reset the TCP connection when the SA expires and reregister immediately.
  • Block TR69 authentication attempt for one minute when authentication has failed 5 times in series. (Sending 403 Forbidden instead.)
  • Intercept race conditions caused by the ACS if too many requests come in.

8.2.17 Bugfix

  • Fixed headset from ringing only once per incomming call to now every 3 seconds. (SCPP-416)
  • Fixed multicast handling (snom820). (SCPP-1075)
  • Fixed handling of huge and infinitive lease times. (SCPP-1173)
  • Don’t dial last LDAP result if number has changed and no LDAP result was found (snom300, snom320). (SCPP-1120)
  • Close "call stats" dialog if call is incoming. No call stats shown in state conference. (SCPP-1105)
  • Configured function keys work now in every state, if not set to type "Key Event". (SCPP-931)
  • Custom ring melodies above 300kb will be ignored. (SCPP-891)
  • Fixed using LDAP out of contact pool. (SCPP-1169)
  • Navigation keys actived for selecting entry out of LDAP search results in state edit number (snomMP). (SCPP-1145)
  • MWI changes to normal dialtone independently of GUI state. (SCPP-510)
  • Playing "Internal Ringer" set by preferences webpage if alert-info is set. (SCPP-1058)
  • Playing ringer of current line from webinterface. (SCPP-1019)
  • Redefined CANCEL key when user is asked whether he wants to use DHCP or not. Instead of switching DHCP off, the user is transferred back to the main settings. (SCPP-1181)
  • Repaired loss of internal adress book. (SCPP-1135)
  • Show call duration time (snom300, snom320). (SCPP-1138)
  • Show cursor in LDAP during editing search string only. (SCPP-670)
  • Transfer in state conference is now handled as in state connected. (SCPP-872)
  • Use solid backgound image for softkeys if setting text_softkey is enabled. (SCPP-871)
  • Not accepting content that is so huge that it could crash the phone. (SCPP-891)
  • TLS connections now also work when using an HTTP proxy. (SCPP-1047)
  • If the provisioning location was specified without scheme, skip the generated HTTP urls if one of the phone generated TFTP urls were successful. (SCPP-1008)
  • Limit writing settings to flash filesystem to a minimum. Just write after provisioning and right before reboot in order to get the phone freezing cured (new setting apply_settings_timeout can enable the old behavior again by setting it to 20; it is set to zero by default).
  • OCS: Stale SA caused phone to lose registration. (SCPP-1160)
  • TFTP client supports now subdirectories. (SCPP-477)
  • Save persistent data even on firmware update. (SCPP-1133)
  • Switch based port tagging was not working (snom820). (SCPP-1148)
  • Removed obsolete "Trusted Certificates" webpage. (SCPP-1129)

8.2.16 Bugfix

  • Add DSCP/TOS on RTP streams (snomMP). (SCPP-1092)
  • Fixed conference (one way audio in one leg) when one party was on GSM and the other on G.711u on asterisk (snom3x0). (SCPP-1113)
  • Volume down key interfered with a 1633 Hz DTMF tone.
  • Fixed duplicate pickup information in call pickup screen. (SCPP-1102)
  • Go offhook with wireless headset will dial number out of internal or LDAP directory. (SCPP-1072)
  • Added new setting cancel_conference to allow pressing Cancel key to disconnect all conference members. (SCPP-1069)
  • OCS: Contact list groups can not be switched (snomMP). (SCPP-1035)
  • Picking up a second call with speaker button wasn’t working.
  • Text scrolling wasn’t working properly (snom370). (SCPP-1060)
  • The edit button did not work, when creating a new entry in the directory.
  • MWI LED has to blink in all states.
  • OCS: Remove "Reboot warning" when setting up OCS account. (SCPP-1014)
  • OCS: Removed G.723 codec from default initialization in OCS edition (snom820).
  • OCS: Phone should not attempt to reregister as long as password prompt is active. (SCPP-1009)
  • Answering a call was failing and log said: "Failed to allocate any local SIP port!". (SCPP-1042)
  • Resubcriptions sometimes had an non-empty body.
  • Reregister asap if TCP/TLS register connection goes down. (SCPP-1109)
  • The webclient re-initiates a handshake when handling a challenge. It will never try to use an existing connection anymore.
  • Firmware update wasn’t using HTTP proxy when specified.

8.2.11 Bugfix

  • send DFKS subscriptions due to state transitions only to the active line
  • Number guessing minimum lenght will work only in state edit number in numeric edit mode.(SCPP-1030)

8.2.10 Bugfix

  • Device Feature Key Sync did not correctly handle Forward Events.
  • Crash when downgrading (or upgr.) to firmware versions with smaller size limit (maximum number of entries).

8.2.9 Bugfix

  • Fixed no ringing and no dial tone problem after opening a new call while holding the old one with the function key (in non G.711 codec call).

8.2.8 Bugfix

  • Fixed phone ringer silence on subsequent calls after using non G.711 codec in a call (snom3xx).
  • Fixed G.726 bad audio problem (snom3xx).
  • Fixed dimming timer setting dim_timer for snom820 backlight. (SCPP-332)
  • Added more flexible way of configuring IPv6 gateway.
  • Call Pickup did not work with multiple registrations. (SCPP-991)

8.2.7 Bugfix

  • Added standard Italian dialtone. (SCPP-697)
  • Fixed one way audio after ca. 10 minutes with SRTP (snomMP). (SCPP-866)
  • Fixed DTMF on/off switching issue with SRTP. (SCPP-880)
  • Added support for controlling microphone volume (snom820). (SCPP-681)
  • Fixed microphone muting during conferencing (snom820). (SCPP-255)
  • Acording to RFC, lease timer handles now 32bit wide timeouts in seconds. (SCPP-867)
  • Lease renew request wasn't RFC compliant. (SCPP-946)
  • General performance improvements and memory usage optimizations which fixed freezing behaviour as well. (SCPP-669, SCPP-838, SCPP-905)
  • Added display names and presence state information to contact list. (SCPP-879)
  • Dialing from web interface may create invalid URLs with some OCS dial plans. (SCPP-732)
  • No delay after key press in minibrowser. (SCPP-794)
  • Fixed transfer issue with no destination number. (SCPP-849)
  • Onhook will cancel call even if phone is in minibrowser state. (SCPP-751)
  • Restart keyboard lock timer after unlock. Apply keyboard lock settings from webUI. (SCPP-887)
  • Transfer key will work in state holding as well (snom300). (SCPP-935)
  • Transfer on onhook now works with picked up calls as well. (SCPP-632)
  • Update display if Detect Ethernet Cable Unplug is switched off. (SCPP-944)
  • Store missed call in caller list even when DND is active. (SCPP-938)
  • "Enhanced" data returned from LDAP were interfering with dial plan. (SCPP-842)
  • Display method setting will be applied and not only stored when coming in with a check-sync. (SCPP-619)
  • Only 4 identities are valid for snom300. Handle even old setting file with 12 identities without hanging. (SCPP-772)
  • The "!" setting flag wasn't working if user was changing a setting value back to default. (SCPP-890)
  • OCS: Redirect on REGISTER failed. (SCPP-901)
  • OCS: Attended transfer fails in certain scenarios. (SCPP-916)
  • OCS: Calling a phone makes user Available. (SCPP-913)
  • OCS: Dialplan conversion should drop blanks from pattern. (SCPP-912)
  • OCS: No Audio when both ends select TURN candidate. (SCPP-957)
  • OCS: Only first Identity goes back to Available, others stay Away. (SCPP-862)
  • Preference field in NAPTR record was misinterpreted as a weighting factor. (SCPP-945)
  • Stale nonce indication was not handled. Now phone evaluates the "stale" parameter in the WWW-Authenticate header. If it is set to true, phone will retry with the same credentials. (SCPP-930)
  • Contact address was not refreshed on re-SUBSCRIBE. (SCPP-923)
  • Fixed dirty host cache entries invoked by incoming ICMP packets (SCPP-895) and by UDP request timeout (SCPP-899). A phone using Proxy Failover due to dns naptr and with dirty host ttl configured adds now the failed server to the dirty host cache.
  • Fixed subscription if subscription target got new contact due to reboot. (SCPP-846)
  • Fixed a couple of Device Feature Key Synchronization Issues. (SCPP-271)
  • The index of a button message now addresses the parameter of a button function key rather than the number of the fkey. (SCPP-782)
  • Firmware update via HTTP(S) with credentials wasn't working (snom820, snomMP). (SCPP-918)
  • Provisionend firmware updates were not starting sometimes. (snom820, snomMP). (SCPP-922)
  • Made improvements to OCS Account Wizard. (SCPP-410)
  • HTTP proxy support of web client wasn't working properly (SCPP-542). Added new settings for HTTP proxy credentials: http_proxy_user, http_proxy_pass.
  • Show LCS Uptime and system load average on info.htm. (SCPP-396)
  • Show logout button even if setting ignore_security_warning is off.
  • Moved logout button to the left.
  • Showing logged out page after logging out. (SCPP-888)
  • WIFI Wasn't working properly for certain essids (snom820). (SCPP-840)

8.2.6 Bugfix

  • Fixed G.729 distorted audio and one way audio problems (snom3x0).
  • Decreasing Volume during call does not generate a sound anymore (snom820). (SCPP-752)
  • Clear area of status line for XML idle screen at given position else at default position (snom360, snom370). (SCPP-815)
  • Set edit mode to numeric for editing numbers if no text to be edited is already set. (SCPP-746)
  • Don't save passwords in exported settings files. Accept empty admin password after reading setting file. (SCPP-823)
  • Could not take call off hold when Shared Line is active identity. (SCPP-445)
  • Don't set mute after deflection to off. If deflection feature is disabled, transfer key does nothing. (SCPP-825)
  • Function "Play ringer remotely" was playing the ringer of identity X, but not the ringer X. (SCPP-811)
  • Stale 401 should be ignored. (SCPP-708)

8.2.5 Bugfix

  • Timezone setting: UP/Down key selects next timezone. Right/left key selects the next timezone group (one hour +/-) (snom300, snom320). (SCPP-781)
  • Don't scroll to next identity if an other than the current one was removed. (SCPP-816)
  • Enable audio device change from speaker to headset in holding state (snom300). (SCPP-674)
  • Authorization headers were appended endlessly to REGISTER messages when authorization scheme was not NTLM. (SCPP-783 rework)
  • Scroll to next identity if current identity was removed or show logon wizard if all identities were removed. (SCPP-621)
  • Aborting transfer if phone goes onhook. Send Re-INVITE and switch audio to speaker. (SCPP-667)
  • Call deflection was not working when destination was taken from a list such as dialed number or contacts. (SCPP-797)
  • Fixed G.726 bad audio quality. Added the RFC3551 byte packing order for G.726 codec (new line setting user_g726_packing_order). (SCPP-785)
  • 400 class response to a REFER was not handled. (SCPP-792)

8.2.4 Bugfix

  • If a call out of holding state is terminated goto terminate state first (e.g. play signal). (SCPP-757)
  • Phone did not always send out a SIP line seize message when function keys are configured as buttons. (SCPP-723, SCPP-756)
  • Fixed on/off switching of setting flood_tracing. (SCPP-779)
  • Accept KEY=TRANSFER also on snom300. (SCPP-764)
  • Fixed issue with remote RTP address update due to ICE (snomMP).(SCPP-749)
  • Call duration longer than an hour will be displayed with an h at it's end. (SCPP-767)

8.2.3 Bugfix

  • If the number of missed calls was greater than 9 the number was displayed backwards. (SCPP-740)
  • Use big font size in edit mode if Hebrew character mode is switched off (we do not support big Hebrew characters yet). (SCPP-738)
  • When one pressed the volume keys and used the soft keys to change the volume and you return to the idle screen, calls were canceled. (SCPP-737)
  • Fixed a couple of Hebrew display bugs.
  • Fixed issues which occured in edit mode.
  • Changed default character modes in the address book and in edit mode.
  • New softkey contactpool in states edit_number, transfer and hold to have quick access to all directories and call lists. (SCPP-728)
  • Fixed display of History-Info header. (SCPP-726)
  • The ext parameter was being removed from a tel URI by dial plan processing. (SCPP-595)
  • Show history-info (snom820). (SCPP-727)
  • Added more memory bins to avoid memory waste and increase memory usage efficiency. (SCPP-396)
  • Voice Quality Report (MetaSwitch) included wrong start time value.
  • VQM stats enabled again, they were temporarily removed before.
  • Fixed issue with no network connection at all (snom370). (SCPP-735)
  • Don't save magic password (consists out of asterisks) if http password is empty. (SCPP-741)

8.2.2 Bugfix

  • Fixed bug in word-wrapping routine (snom820).
  • Fixed entering password with multi-byte characters.
  • DTMF duration fixed for SIP-INFO. (SCPP-609)
  • Audio device icon fixed in holding state (snom370). (SCPP-508)
  • There was no functionality available for fkeys in holding state (snom320). (SCPP-677)
  • There was still an animation icon shown if ringer animation was disabled (snom820). (SCPP-694)
  • Extension key inoperative on shared line, when phone is off-hook. (SCPP-628)
  • Changing GUI language wasn't affecting soft key texts. (SCPP-704)
  • If a list of pickup calls appeared on the display and you choose one to pick up, the first call that came in was taken always.
  • GRUU contact header was enclosed in quotes. (SCPP-451)
  • Call pickup did not work correctly if display name was sent by the server.
  • Phone wasn't booting up if SIP OPTIONS messages were sent to it during boot up (snom820). (SCPP-702)
  • NTLM authentication failed when display name in From header contains a comma. (SCPP-651)
  • SIP UDP src port and sip port encoded in sip message is now equal (snom370). (SCPP-484)
  • Intercom feature signaled via "interkom=true" has been disabled. (SCPP-701)
  • Multicast paging was not working reliably (snom3x0). (SCPP-226)
  • Images of CANCEL, TICK and NAVI key are shown in 3xx style now on function key page (snom3x0). (SCPP-666)
  • Key events list of fast and line keys will offer CONFERENCE and RECORDING on function key page for 3x0 phones too (snom3x0). (SCPP-675)
  • Requeueing of failed provisioning URL was shortening the URL by one character on each attempt.
  • 0 is no valid vlan id, vlan init is ignoring it now. (SCPP-683)

8.2.1 Bugfix

  • Fixed cursor-position when editing IP's. (SCPP-428)
  • XML-idle-screen name of tag for font-color changed to "Color" (from "Font") (snom820).
  • Handle fkeys on released and not on pressed (snom370, snom820 and snomMP). (SCPP-565)
  • Do not accept IP-address with leading zeros in a subnet. (SCPP-534)
  • Fixed edit mode changing during enter number for call forwarding entered with softkey in idle state. (SCPP-563)
  • Redirect softkey implemented in edit number state, if accepting incoming call and later canceling it this call will then go back to idle state. (SCPP-604)
  • (Re-)start autodial timer (if enabled) only after key events and not on entering LDAP search. (SCPP-584)
  • Offhook will switch audio from speaker to handset and is not dependent on phone state. (SCPP-567)
  • Refresh idle screen after removing URL for idle-xml. (SCPP-568)
  • Refresh date after changing it's format. (SCPP-541)
  • Displayname (if set) will be used instead of number in line info (snom820). (SCPP-547)
  • Fixed wrapping of continuous text in minibrowser. (SCPP-551)
  • Refresh GUI after onhook when the phone is the state 'call holding' to change audio icon. (SCPP-509)
  • Softkeys for adressbook unified. Default edit mode is alphanumeric. Search is case insensitive. Softkey for changing edit mode only for Hebrew/Cyrillic enabled. (SCPP-607)
  • Pressing keys out of range of setting menu selection will be first or last entry but submenu will not be entered. (SCPP-625)
  • Same behavior of clearing a list or delete an entry like version 7.3 does. (SCPP-617)
  • Transfer on onhook will only connect one incoming and one outgoing call. (SCPP-632)
  • On LDAP search split a matching line into several lines if a member has more than one phone number. (SCPP-538
  • LDAP lookup for incoming calls displays only exact matching number. (SCPP-559)
  • Fixed displaying utf8 search results (snom320). (SCPP-556)
  • URI parameters were being stripped from contact in processing of a 302.
  • Re-INVITE from MOH server causes MOH stream to be redirected to the holding party. (SCPP-653)
  • Removed sending of spurious 482 message.
  • Always use a non-secure RTP connection for MOH. (SCPP-471)
  • Changed help dkey from F_HELP to F_SUPPORT. (SCPP-494)
  • Key events "Conference" and "Recording" are not longer available for soft keys on function keys page. (SCPP-602)
  • Overload option disabled, wasn't working anyway, but confusing provisioning.
  • Initializing of extension keypad fixed. (SCPP-614)

8.1.3 Bugfix

  • check-sync;reboot=false sometimes wasn't triggering setting reload from settings server (SCPP-515)
  • increased speed by optimizing text-prints (snom820)
  • The Re-register function was causing the phone to sometimes loose its registration
  • no longer using contact as refer-to header (SCPP-523)
  • URI scheme was not recognized when it is in caps
  • Key events Mute and Transfer are now available on function keys web interface page. (SCPP-558)
  • Minibrowser: Labled Softkeys fixed (snom820)
  • Added handling of RTCP-Remote header, so that in case a separate rtcp destination is given then that will be used. (SCPP-444)
  • limit speaker volume in case of dual speakers (snom820)
  • one can choose between two different wifi drivers (b/g and b/g/n) (snom820)

8.1.2 Bugfix

  • Fixed phone crash after deleting one of the phone's call list from entry detail view (snom320). (SCPP-458)
  • Fixed disabled ringer animation screen. (SCPP-437)
  • Consistent behaviour locking the keyboard. (SCPP-470)
  • Fixed showing guessed number (snom370). (SCPP-430)
  • Missed calls LED handling logic fixed. (SCPP-379)
  • Speed increased when reacting to keypresses or other events while showing xml-idle-screen (snom820).
  • No entry was added in the missed call history if call waiting was disabled. (SCPP-450)
  • Reorder characters if font is hebrew (snom820). (SCPP-390)
  • Play current user ringer during changing ringer volume. (SCPP-133)
  • Redraw XML-screen if active line changed. (SCPP-401)
  • Reset edit mode to numeric in transfer state. (SCPP-419)
  • Fixed timezone settings for Vladivostok and Tonga. (SCPP-420)
  • Fixed sticky login-screen. (SCPP-437)
  • Set all monitored LEDs to on after transfer. (SCPP-391)
  • Fixed maximum volume on speaker. Minimum volume level is 1 not 0. (SCPP-486)
  • Send reinvite after aborted Transfer as well as the line is "on hold". (SCPP-467)
  • Fixed call pickup if intercom is enabled. (SCPP-495)
  • Randomize request source port and DNS query id. (SCPP-479)
  • Fixed Speaker Volume Adjustment in Headset/Handset and Speaker Mode. (SCPP-480)
  • Fixed occasional one way audio problem when making a call by picking up the handset first (snom820). (SCPP-378)
  • Fixed oob DTMF detection (snom820). (SCPP-435)
  • A picture from CALL-INFO header in a provisonal 18x was never shown (snom370, snom820).
  • Transport parameter was dropped on redirected register.
  • Don't process subscribe packet if contact header is missing (could happen by an Asterisk bug). (SCPP-431)
  • Fixed rejection of anonymous calls. (SCPP-418)
  • Initialization was broken.
  • Fixed XML decoding. (SCPP-285)
  • By default answer after policy is set to "off". (SCPP-506)
  • Flash plugin didn't work with current Flash player releases due to new Flash security requirements. (SCPP-43)
  • TBook cvs import fixed. (SCPP-56)
  • WEB UI wasn't working with VLAN (snom820). (SCPP-348)
  • Added conversion of HTML special characters. (SCPP-395)

8.1.1 Bugfix

  • No Bugfixes

8.0.13 Bugfix

  • No Bugfixes

8.0.12 Bugfix

  • Return to idle by onhook in redial and directory when coming from edit. (SCPP-299)
  • No dialing through speaker key when in redial or directory and speaker already on.
  • Fixed sorting with/without title in wizard selection box for language, timezone and tone scheme (SCPP-302)

8.0.11 Bugfix

  • No bugfixes
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