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Release Date

16/07/2014 (Beta state)

Changed Behavior Changes

No changed behaviors
Features New Features

IPv6 - IPv4 - Dual Stack
Wifi - Support for 802.11N
XML Definitions
SIP INFO can be used to clear call lists
Extend XML Definitions to work with Message LED
Status Message may notify events via LED and/or Audio indication
Call waiting per Identity
Implementation of XSI Server-Side Call Logs
Implementation of XSI Directory support where the directories to search (Personal, Group, Enterprise) should be configurable.
Support for BroadWorks Meet Me server side conference: 1. Show all current participants in the conference
XSI - Locations/Broadsoft Anywhere
XSI - Event support
XMPP Support for Buddy Lists and presence
Phone confirmation request to activate Shared Call Appearance Bridging (SCAB) through the Phone User Interface BLF Enhancements
Improved Arabic and Hebrew
870 with Living Icons and XML Definitions
Attended and Blind Transfer can be freely configured. It can be defined how a blind or attended transfer is initiated (which key/softkey is

doing what).

New Expansion Module 7EM
Softkeys on Call-Screens can be configured to have XML definitions.
Option to configure star codes for CCBS, CCNR and deletion of call completion requests
Configurable Partial Lookup (LDAP) e.g. Extensions.
Highly Configurable Status Handling
Status Message can have a tone indication
Joined Call Screen has more configuration options
Hot Desking Enhancements
Multicast Enhancements. It is possible to define the Device, Volume and what happens to connected calls. It is easy to configure

emergency announcements now.

Support for USB Headsets improved
More USB Headsets are supported
(BETA) Opus Support for 715, 720, 760, 821 and 870.
Support for Line Flash DTMF event
Hot desking support using Vision controlled by the phone
Pairing a vision with a phone
Lists supporting images.
Images can be combined with text.
Common access to phone system interfaces are available (variables - get/set, action - execution).
key-mapping can now be tied to selected selection-list-line, including changing context-keys when selected line changes
Support for TLS1.2 on 8xx, 7xx, MP
Support for more TLS Ciphers on 8xx, 7xx, MP
Support for TLS Cipher AES rsa 128 on snom3xx
802.1x EAP Pass Through
802.1x EAP-TLS Certificate Based Network Authentication
Setting values which are worth to get protected, are now saved AES-encrypted on flash-fs.
Phone has now an additional technician account (service-mode). The credentials can only be provisioned and it is used mainly in hosted


Syslog levels can be set on module level
Option to store Syslog or PCAP-Trace or SIP-Trace on an attached USB stick.
Option to update a phone using an USB stick.
snom Service Menu
Bugfix Bugfixes

Bug Fix list still in progress. Will be soon available.

Known Issues Known Issues

At the moment there are no known issues.

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