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SCPP-4920: MWI Indication beeps strange in idle
SCPP-4910: G729ab not working on 3xx, 820, 710
SCPP-4823: Directory Ring tones not working as expected
SCPP-4813: first DTMF tone is missing during hold when using speaker (snom 710 only)
SCPP-4724: One way audio with g729 codec after selecting one conference participant, pressing OK and then resuming the conference
SCPP-4712: phone sends 711u codec on blind transfer to IMS mobile
SCPP-4711: Muted connected call get unmuted when another incoming call stops ringing
SCPP-4653: If DTMF keys are pressed very fast in a call, the remote phone sometimes didn't recognize the outband DTMF events correct
SCPP-4619: phone stops receiving multicast after receiving an incoming call via handset
SCPP-4610: Multicast paging receive delays audio around 3 seconds when changing audio device
SCPP-4453: Dial tone being played and transfer message blocking screen for some seconds after a successful blind transfer
SCPP-4181: Wireless headset doesn't work properly, audio is played via handset instead of headset and call is disconnected by pressing the headset button twice
SCPP-3863: Incoming Call while automatic redial on busy results in ringing tone restart every second
SCPP-3815: pickup_indication not working any longer
SCPP-3531: Broadsoft: (Call Center Hold Reminder) Speaker is not ringer device for second incoming call
SCPP-688: Resolved Arabic font issues
SCPP-4811: Enabling Wifi Ethernet Bridge leads to phone being stuck in sending DHCP requests
SCPP-4808: DHCP - PA1 identifies itself as Snom300 (Vendor Class Identifier)
SCPP-4804: DHCP Lease renewal: Phone does not reboot if NACK from server
SCPP-4737: UaCSTA doesn't report redirection when PBX only uses ASSERTED-header to inform the phone
SCPP-3791: presence stops working after the SIP proxy is down
SCPP-2026: extension monitoring on expansion module causing delays and the phone to become unresponsive or slow
SCPP-4893: Hold fails because of different DTMF paylod types 101 <-> 96
SCPP-4873: 302 Moved Temporarily during call
SCPP-4865: Park Service is shown as connected number for forked calls with the same number
SCPP-4836: Wrong destination port is used for voice mail if the registrar is not using the default port 5060
SCPP-4815: PUBLISH contains a body in refresh requests
SCPP-4812: g729 codec choice incorrectly includes annexb=no in SDP
SCPP-4759: if registrar is set to use a different port (e.g user_host =, the port is used for registration, but not for INVITEs
SCPP-4758: phone loses registration on Astimax
SCPP-4740: phone does not reboot when a uaCSTA session is the only active call
SCPP-4732: phone does not register due to ignored expires header on OpenSips
SCPP-4710: Display freezes after provisioning failed (snom 320 only)
SCPP-4684: Snom 870 XML idle screen flickers every second after a conversation
SCPP-4575: goto_monitor_state_on_line_activity not working as expected in ring group scenario
SCPP-4605: Unable to initiate attended transfer if multiple identities are involved
SCPP-4705: P-Asserted-Identity number part isn't recorded in call history
SCPP-4728: Dialling number out of call list entry detail view not possible any longer
SCPP-4739: selected ring tone not highlighted in phone menu
SCPP-4742: user mode not applied after change from admin mode to user mode and cold restart of the phone
SCPP-4751: Status Info screen not being displayed if key is overwritten with dkey_fkey4
SCPP-4762: editing internal directory entries via phone menu not possible
SCPP-4764: Unknown instead of callerID being displayed on incoming call after hold
SCPP-4774: Phone reboots on Logoff User via phone menu
SCPP-4783: Edit number before call feature is broken
SCPP-4794: Really slow responsiveness of the phone after having done several calls
SCPP-4840: Cannot open details of missed call in Status Information by pressing OK key
SCPP-4864: Can't activate call forwarding on 2nd identity via Menu -> Call Features -> Call Forwarding
SCPP-4879: Cannot scroll in phone menu and after a while the phone restarts (snom Meeting Point only)
SCPP-4839: Phone restarts after dialling a number out of missed call list accessed from Status Information
SCPP-4878: Group Call Pickup via Call Monitor not working
SCPP-4846: Cannot access Time Zone, Tone Scheme and Language when logon wizard is active
SCPP-4715: LDAP number attributes are not applicable for ldap_display_name
SCPP-4875: Switching account details for a SIP identity that first didn't have an outbound proxy to one that does, will fail to send the unregister to the correct IP
SCPP-4847: phone always adds <-- active identity to the name of a number when a contact without a name is added to the directory
SCPP-4641: Spelling mistake in download parameter mapping in WUI
SCPP-4552: @IP for Extension Monitoring Call Pickup List URI is not added automatically in the SUBSCRIBE packet
SCPP-4734: P-Asserted-Identify information are not being removed from contact.htm
SCPP-4824: Using attribute complete="true" in tbook provisioning leads to changing some settings like languages, date format
SCPP-4666: TR-069 GetParameterValues RPC handling is broken for generic parameters
SCPP-4881: dkey_fkey doesn't work for URL action
SCPP-4802: SnomIPPhoneDirectory: the last entry item is highlighted instead of the first one
SCPP-4731: Replacement of {index} in action URLs not working any longer
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