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Release Date

not released

Changed Behavior Changed behaviour

SCPP-4289: certain PoE switches cannot take much speaker volume. Added setting vol_speaker_max to reduce max speaker volume (Default:100%)
SCPP-4206: Changed default value for prioritise_pbx_number_lookup to off
SCPP-4412: edit_alpha_mode has no effect on passwords in the Logon wizzard
Features New Features

SCPP-4392: When using PnP the phone should be able to process NOTIFYs at every time (currently limited to 5 seconds after the SUBSCRIBE has been sent)
SCPP-3064: SIP MESSAGE and SIP NOTIFY can be used to send settings to the phone
SCPP-4268: Setup Wizard must end when the inquired settings get provisioned
  • Wizard now continues with the next question when the one it asks gets somehow set in the back ground (i.e. via WUI or provisioning)
SCPP-4284: Option to configure star codes for CCBS, CCNR and deletion of call completion requests
SCPP-4326: Add support for server based DND for Metaswitch
SCPP-4103: added new setting offhook_accept_calls to disable answering a call on off hook
SCPP-4314: Improve function key type handling
SCPP-4215: Call-screen view can be configured whether the incoming or the active call has priority using always_show_active_call setting. Screen shows the prioritized call
SCPP-4203: text colour of title bar can now be configured using titlebar_text_color for snom 821, snom 870 and snom 760
SCPP-4284: Option to configure star codes for CCBS, CCNR and deletion of call completion requests
SCPP-4259: Store settings periodically onto the flash (minimum: every hour)
SCPP-4172: added values "snomONE" and "SUTUS BC" for user_server_type, Server type values are now sorted alphabetically
SCPP-4235: Setting added to control whether "From" header URI or "Contact" header URI are stored in caller lists -> remote_contact_header_field
SCPP-4242: Caching of contact details can be configured using cache_contact_details
Bugfix Bugfixes

SCPP-4320: disabling allow_rtp_on_mute has no effect (snom 720/760 only)
SCPP-4308: No audio after unhold with holding_reminder enabled
SCPP-4286: When remote side is busy or rejects call, the busy tone is not heard
SCPP-4276: Audio fails if the first conference participant presses hold in 4-part conference
SCPP-4223: 5-part conference doesn't work properly on snom 710
SCPP-4164: ringing is not aborted when phone state changes (snom 870 only)
SCPP-4110: Phone stops sending RTP due to MediaDeamon isn't alive any more
SCPP-3730: phone does not ring on incoming call when call is on hold and Dial tone during hold and Suppress Ringtone during Hold are disabled
SCPP-2218: "Play ringer" button doesn't work when selecting the customer melody as Ring tone
SCPP-4393: Putting a conference on hold and then resuming it again leads to MediaStack restarting when using Wireless Headset
SCPP-4409: The phone sends multiple DHCP INFORM messages at once
SCPP-4298: Multicast Paging send and receive not working
SCPP-3920: snom 720/821 display wrong status on boot up when trying to authenticate with 802.1X on Freeradius server
SCPP-3142: WWW-Contact headers should contain the openVPN address if the SIP packets are sent through the tunnel
SCPP-2762: WLAN not working if SSID and / or pass phrase contain one of the following special characters: "<>'&
SCPP-4074: call cannot be terminated if no NOTIFY after REFER is being received after a transfer
SCPP-4414: SDP state sendonly/recvonly toggles back to sendrecv on incoming INVITE without SDP
SCPP-4386: Wrong handling from Diversion header, cases that a call which was forwarded won't forward again
SCPP-4383: Hold/Retrieve blocked, log message: Hold blocked, ongoing sdp negotiation
SCPP-4377: Park+Orbit not working properly. Call can be transferred and retrieved but for one time only
SCPP-3791: presence stops working after the SIP proxy is down
SCPP-3760: Phone (member of ring group) remains ringing even when another phone picks up the call
SCPP-4319: SUBSCRIBE transaction time out error does not restart subscription
SCPP-4311: call released by remote party due to missing ACK
SCPP-4217: DFKS results in SUBSCRIBE without Body -> DFKS not working
SCPP-4094: DTMF key types not working unless user_dtmf_info is enabled
SCPP-4183: Blind transfer not working when transfer target being dialled with function key (key type = extension)
SCPP-3970: INFO requests are rejected with 489 Bad Event
SCPP-4297: after attended transfer is completed, new call shows wrong call partner
SCPP-4119: wrongly displayed German umlauts in confirming message of web interface
SCPP-4239: snom710 does not automatically restart after 5 minutes on a failed software update
SCPP-4316: provisioned phone book is not being stored permanently
SCPP-4362: Buggy subscription handling when switching user accounts via provisioning
SCPP-4355: If a new account is reprovisioned during call, the following REGISTER and INVITE packets still have some old information
SCPP-4334: If sip password is changed via provisioning it seems not to get active
SCPP-3858: provisioning of phone GUI customization can cause the phone to stuck in reboot loop
SCPP-3855: After factory reset phone doesn't send subscriptions configured for expansion module
SCPP-4330: only 4 of the available 10 ring tone melodies are being shown in phone menu (snom 300 only)
SCPP-2958: Retrieve key not working with speed dial + DTMF
SCPP-3675: CANCEL in deeper menu causes exit to idle screen
SCPP-4093: Seeing identity name on display on incoming calls
SCPP-4147: System messages can not be accessed out of phone menu
SCPP-4162: deletion of input disturbed after using LDAP
SCPP-4168: Favourites List doesn't show added entries
SCPP-4171: Call Park feature: Call Logs showed ugly format or where loosing the display name after unparking the call
SCPP-4176: Function key - Logoff Identifies doesn't work on Snom 300
SCPP-4205: Hold/unhold not possible after 30min in active call
SCPP-4242: Caching of display name should be made optional
SCPP-4389: F_HOLD not activating LED when call is on hold
SCPP-4323: numbers of incoming calls aren't always matched correctly to internal directory
SCPP-4315: Name from INVITE P-Asserted-Identity with Tel-URI is not show on display
SCPP-4226: Watchdog isn't rebooting system any more
SCPP-4407: Cannot dial if the beginning of the dialled number is found in LDAP and then the final number is no longer found
SCPP-4348: Dialling of hash (#) key doesn't work, hash (#) will be replaced with dot (.)
SCPP-4301: Transfer failed error message when performing an attended transfer hitting the keys pretty fast
SCPP-4182: Missed calls aren't signalled any more via message LED and display if missed calls where deleted via pressing INFO softkey before
  • now it's possible to press the details-button when having the missed message selected in status messages view in order to show all missed calls.
SCPP-4278: Call is not listed in the missed calls list if user rejects the call
SCPP-4361: Changing option Show clock does not reflect immediately
SCPP-4370: Long Press triggers DND of the current identify even when the DND is not set to F_DND
SCPP-4327: web interface does not accept requested HTTP Host, instead the local IP is written into a link at several features
SCPP-4177: Entered values for call forwarding get applied, but the input fields stay empty
SCPP-4173: message Apply setting changes? Reboot is not shown on all web interface pages
SCPP-4154: Call forwarding after time out with two active identities leads to non stop ringing phone
SCPP-4038: web interface via HTTP is not possible when setting dns_domain is empty using web browser Safari
SCPP-2256: Defined outgoing line being ignored when dialling out of directory using web interface
SCPP-4128: Core dumps cannot be downloaded reliably using support.htm
SCPP-4283: inconsistent values for gui_fkey1 to gui_fkey4 ("key_event" needs to be replaced by "keyevent")
SCPP-3875: DST of Namibia and Turkey isn't set correctly
SCPP-4336: When XML Minibrowser shows an XML file including a SnomIPPhoneImageFil" tag the soft keys won't work and the image disappears
SCPP-4254: Phone does not exit from xml minibrowser at the end of the call
SCPP-4152: phone shows empty screen when cancelling new contact entry
SCPP-4163: incorrect selection in list
SCPP-3507: LDAP directory with Predict text enabled (T9) finds only entries with the first letter of the button and a dot
SCPP-4360: Predict text does not search all combinations
SCPP-4258: TLS Server Verification can be turned off via provisioning
Known Issues


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