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SCPP-3719: Implement local music on hold, which should be sent from the phone itself. How To enable and configure local MoH
SCPP-4069: new setting to configure in which call states the phone should play call waiting indication when a new call comes in: call_states_when_knocking
SCPP-3991: Option to have only file names instead of complete URLs in redirected HTTP URLs
SCPP-3990: IPV4 conflict detection is now VLAN aware
SCPP-2704: phone should not ignore HTTP 302 response instead make a new request to the provided location
SCPP-2862: IP address conflict check on DHCP an static IP
SCPP-3977: screen.bmp and alike should only be accessible in Admin mode
SCPP-3519: Empty TLS certificate option needs to be split for HTTPs and SIPs
SCPP-3940: Add Keyboard lock information to state_of_gui.htm
SCPP-3755: Provide LED status information in web interface
  • New section LEDS is appended to the end of the state_of_gui.htm page. The first row shows the title of the fields (number, frequency, and colour). Fields are separated by a blank.
SCPP-3745: Provide state of identities and lines in web interface
  • New page state_of_identity.htm providing information about identities and active lines. First row in each section shows the title of the fields. Fields are delimited with tabs.
SCPP-3737: Long key press via web interface
  • Enhancement of command.htm?key=... according to the following syntax: command.htm?key=<key>[,<long_press_timeout_ms[,pause_after_key_ms]]
  • Default long key press time out is set to 250 ms
SCPP-3758: Force idle state in web interface
  • command.htm?FORCEIDLE=yes will put the phone in idle state regardless of how many calls are active and if the phone is currently inside a settings menu
SCPP-2871: Advanced time out handling in webclient
SCPP-2956: uaCSTA enhancements to improve Estos interoperability
SCPP-3162: when removing SIP identity, also all identity related settings are being removed
SCPP-3856: change obsolete setting values (e.g. F_R) on the fly, so customers don't need to fix their provisioning
SCPP-3879: changed time zone values for Moscow (RUS) to permanent DST
SCPP-3843: Reintroduce menu option to configure function keys using phone PUI
SCPP-3302: Scrolling of long Caller IDs
SCPP-3321: Allow all XML defined buttons to display a custom label
SCPP-3631: Pairing of phone with snom Vision
SCPP-3630: Hot desking support using snom Vision controlled by the phone
SCPP-3934: Allow to control LED-Behaviour of freely programmable function keys for any type
  • The LED behaviour for freely programmable function keys is now configurable for old-style (non XML) configurations as well. The default-values of the led_..-settings have changed. If old provisioning values are used, the LED's will not light as expected. Upon update to the version containing this new feature, the corresponding led..-settings will get overwritten with new defaults (all changes previously applied will be lost).
SCPP-3900: Added additional entries in Identity sub menu while phone runs in user mode:
  • Outgoing Identity
  • Reregister User
  • Call Voicemail
SCPP-3919: added possibility to toggle between call lists (missed/received/dialled) with LEFT/RIGHT keys on non-character display phones (all except Snom300 and Snom320)
SCPP-3842: Implementation of GN Netcom USB Headsets Specs
SCPP-3803: Improve minibrowser history management
SCPP-1492: new new XML tag for DTMF control added
SCPP-3763: Swedish language files updated
SCPP-1455: New setting ldap_over_tls to enable LDAP over TLS
SCPP-2201: AOC Indication in 183 Response
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