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SCPP-3183: FIX - Keyboard freezes sometimes (snom 821 only)
NONE: FIX - Call list entries already in contact pool, are not properly handled during initialization from config.xml. They had the wrong memory manager id
SCPP-2732: FIX - Attended transfer by pressing the transfer key twice is not working any more. Attended transfer on calling inconsistency across devices (snom 300 only)
SCPP-3535: FIX - Attended transfer on calling inconsistent across devices
SCPP-3542: FIX - redial hard key or soft key doesn't do redial. (snom 870 only)
SCPP-3552: FIX - If the local address book has a lot of entries and the call lists (missed, dialed, received) are full, the phone reacts very slowly on keys redial and soft key call history
SCPP-3121: FIX - LDAP lookup for outgoing call is not working correctly
SCPP-3497: FIX - Phone reboot on missing SDP m lines
SCPP-3506: FIX - Broadsoft - Session Audit - DUT does not send SIP 481 (Call Leg) after power cut
SCPP-3524: FIX - Broadsoft - SCA - DUT sends UNSUBSCRIBE after not succesful SUBSCRIBE (SIP 480) + LED stays on.
SCPP-3545: FIX - Broadsoft - Connected Line Presentation Update after Call Forward - DUT does not answer with ACK to 200 OK.
NONE: FIX - (snom7xx, snom8xx, snomMP) Update isn't working in load balanced web server environment. Providing now unresolved FQDN in update URL.
NONE: FIX - Provisioning using an invalid setting server URL was not handled properly.
SCPP-3479: FIX - phone does not restart if FW download server is not available.
SCPP-3482: FIX - If a software update fails, the firmware status stays untouched and prevents further updates using the same version. Now status message shows failed update hint and allows retry. Removing new status message FirmwareUpdateFailed from settings status_msgs_that_are_important, status_msgs_that_are_essential or status_msgs_that_show_directly avoids showing the new status message. Setting value of firmware_interval can be set to 60 or bigger only to avoid to fast loops if firmware update fails.
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