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SCPP-4544: no ringing on speaker when a 2nd incoming call is waiting and the 1st call is terminated by going on-hook
SCPP-4514: alphanumeric characters not sent in DTMF keys
SCPP-4512: Pickup indication with function key configured as extension does not work
SCPP-4485: Phone stops sending RTP and MediaDeamon crash is causing the phone to reboot
SCPP-4477: No Audio can be heard when receiving Intercom/Push2talk calls and Type of Intercom Answering is set to "Handsfree" (snom PA1 only)
SCPP-4564: Crash with Teles after < 100 simple calls
SCPP-4431: Inband DTMF for FLASH doesn't work on 7xx Series
SCPP-4415: no audio in a 4-part conference after selecting the first participant and pressing OK (snom 710 only)
SCPP-4364: snom MP crashes when answering the call
SCPP-4345: Dialtone during hold is missing after answering an incoming call from handset
SCPP-4340: DTMF tones not being sent while showing a minibrowser image on the phone display (i.e. images from a Baudisch camera)
SCPP-4335: Starcode-INVITE mistakenly establishes call with audio
SCPP-4281: One-way audio for T-com users because of double codec in SIP header
SCPP-3740: The first DTMF tone on a snom 821 using tone schemes like USA, UK, AUS is missing when the phone is in idle and the speaker is used (handset is not used)
SCPP-3735: phone doesn't play ring tone after a conference call (snom 820 only)
SCPP-3307: Transferring the same phone two times results in one-way b-channel with Teles
SCPP-2830: Multicast Paging: Can't switch between speaker/handset during an active multicast on the destination site
SCPP-1857: audio delay with outgoing calls affecting 821 and 870
SCPP-4342: Phone doesn't ring when receiving second incoming call and auto_redial is enabled
SCPP-3382: Multicast paging not working when assigned to soft key
SCPP-3760: Phone (member of ring group) remains ringing even when another phone picks up the call
SCPP-4598: Phone looses memory when changing volume
SCPP-4591: One way audio after selecting one conference participant and pressing OK in a 4/5-part conference (snom 720/760 only)
SCPP-4306: Audio: Bluetooth Headset on snom 7xx doesn't work properly
SCPP-4181: Audio: Wireless headset doesn't work properly, audio is played via handset instead of headset and call is disconnected just press the headset button twice
SCPP-4579: After many transfers to the same number, each with different unique "Refer-To:" URI, the phone becomes slow
SCPP-4524: snomMP happen to show 'SIP disabled' after SW-update
SCPP-4508: Exention monitoring not working after transfer due to REFER being sent to C instead of A
SCPP-4503: ACD user interface corrections
SCPP-4499: Click To Call failed
SCPP-4498: In header "WWW-Contact" include not a valid URL of the phone
SCPP-4492: setting conferencing doesn't work for phones using joined call-screen
SCPP-4438: When contact URI is set to anonymous@anonymous.invalid the phone does not show the display name on incoming calls (instead "unknown" is displayed)
SCPP-4434: QSC: BargeIn/Notify freeze and ignored CANCEL request
SCPP-4427: filter_registrar can by bypassed with IP call and remote control via CSTA is possible.
SCPP-4425: Action URL will be executed even if the call has been answerd somewhere else
SCPP-4417: on rejection of SIP hold request the call cannot be retrieved/hold/released any more
SCPP-4414: SDP state sendonly/recvonly toggles back to sendrecv on incoming INVITE without SDP
SCPP-4024: Phone sends "486 Busy" after "302 Moved"
SCPP-3731: phone doesn't change the Caller-ID after transfer (from-change --> RFC 4916)
SCPP-4539: Basic Call is immediately put on HOLD when the call is accepted
SCPP-4552: @IP for "Extension Monitoring Call Pickup List URI" is not added automatically in the SUBSCRIBE packet as it was in the past
SCPP-4551: Wrong file name requested when using provisioning with DHCP option 67 (snom[XXX].xml-[MAC] instead of snom[XXX]-[MAC].xml)
SCPP-4521: dialplan change via TR69 must be applied without reboot
SCPP-4494: Uploading license file doesn't work in case of a setting change reboot
SCPP-4420: provisioning of codec_priority_list not working correctly when permission flag is set
SCPP-4237: TR69 param_map cannot be loaded when auto_reboot_on_setting_change is enabled and phone has reboot=true setting
SCPP-3858: provisioning of phone GUI customization can cause the phone to stuck in reboot loop
SCPP-4509: Backlight turns on unexpectedly
SCPP-4500: goto_monitor_state_on_line_activity and goto_virtual_keys_state_on_activity disturbing number input
SCPP-4456: Park+Orbit softkey appears when handset is used (snom 370 only)
SCPP-4451: setting mailbox_active not working
SCPP-4435: display_method has no effect on caller lists
SCPP-4432: XML Idle Screen incompletely or incorrectly loaded on reboot
SCPP-4430: Idle state can't be reached by pressing cancel after unplugging ethernet cable in "Help" state
SCPP-4426: PUI Timezone, Language, Tone Scheme: pressing the "Cancel" key may not function properly
SCPP-4423: No Virtual keys button on transfer screen
SCPP-4354: Caller Picture: snom 760 shows dialed calls as unknown but also with the correct call ID
SCPP-3916: Call LED keeps flashing and the number of missed calls stays in idle screen all the time
SCPP-2966: Park+Orbit key is not glowing/no signal if there is call in orbit
SCPP-4418: Call Deflection: not reaction of push the key Transfer in the state Ringing
SCPP-4412: edit_alpha_mode has no effect on the password in the Logon wizzard
SCPP-4599: cannot enter menus or sub menus after address book resolution of caller
SCPP-4573: Transfer of picked up call not working using key type extension and transfer destination = monitored extension
SCPP-4450: DHCP - 5 years DHCP lease is not accepted and the end result is snom sends a lot of requests.
SCPP-2674: After upgrade VLAN settings get lost (7.3.30 to
SCPP-3798: Retransmitted NOTIFYs are leading to state update of BLF keys
SCPP-4577: Phone resets the TIME-stamp to 0, but don't set the MARKER-bit
SCPP-4541: LDAP: After multiple queries phone does not send searchRequests anymore
SCPP-4530: If country and area codes are set and 0 is called, the phone looks up COUNTRY* in LDAP and stores all the results in one contact entry
SCPP-4505: LDAP: no lookup of number to LDAP contact of incoming call or dialed number
NONE: Wrong number shown when LDAP entry for incoming call has more than one number attribute
SCPP-4407: Cannot dial if the beginning of the dialed number is found in LDAP and then the final number is no longer found
SCPP-4516: Function keys settings aren't stored properly
SCPP-4441: WUI "Play ringer" does not work
SCPP-4399: Error in log by bootup "wrong data CRC in data node" should not appear
SCPP-4128: Core dumps cannot be downloaded reliably using support.htm
SCPP-4487: Keypresses show up in syslog of the phone if US or GB tone scheme is used
SCPP-4439: The settings URL http://<ip>/settings.cfg can not be fetched when the phone is in user mode and the right admin password is used
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