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8.4.9 Bugfix

Out of Band DTMF mechanism was improved for better detection of DTMF in remote IVR systems.
Abort (long pressed CANCEL) possible if phone asks for DHCP or IP-address. (SCPP-1586)
Call lists setup will be done with correct parameters. (SCPP-1612)
XML decoding for display names. (SCPP-1555)
Show contact details for the selected item. (SCPP-1635)
While sending feature codes (DND), calls got stuck. (SCPP-1573)
OPTIONS are accepted in a call now as well. (SCPP-1624)
(OCS) Disable ICE when no MRAS is configured.
(OCS) Ignore incoming ICE candidates when ICE is disabled.;TLS:Trust secure localhost connections by default.
Fixed some more issues regarding Policy Chaining.
Added setting rtcp_xr to Advanced SIP WUI page.
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