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8.4.6 Bugfix

Added RTCP-XR Report, VQSessionReports, Registration Metrics (SCPP-1596)
New setting stutter_timeout defines the time gap between two stutter key press. (SCPP-1597)
Edit numbers out of call lists fixed on twoline displays. (SCPP-1602)
Preselection fixed after sorting listbox entries (Preferences) on 360. (SCPP-1481)
Messages after 70 seconds of ringing had not been acknowledged (SCPP-1598)
Added failover handling on certain SIP Responses
Added request timeout option;TLS:Allow to add and delete certs even if hidden tags are enabled
Disable TLS Server authentication when resetting the phone
Invalid Policy Chaining implementation. Could cause some send_inform issues as well.
Web client requests may stay open in an authorization scenario (SCPP-1556)
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