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8.4.24 Bugfix

Fixed: (snom320, snom370) Echo Cancellation isn’t working properly. (SCPP-2167)
Fixed: (snom820) The setting "Send silent RTP packets on mute" (allow_rtp_on_mute) has no effect. (SCPP-2055)
Fixed: (snom821, snom870) DHCP request couldn’t be skipped by pressing CANCEL key.
Changed: (snom360) Don’t clear icons in ringing state if ringing animation is off. (SCPP-2171)
Changed: (snom870) Don’t show speedselect numbering for XML tag SnomIPPhoneText. (SCPP-2192)
Changed: Force repaint of state edit_number after key cancel event. (SCPP-2123)
Fixed: (snom370) Empty title in XML is making greyscale colors much darker on the display. (SCPP-1565)
Fixed: (snom8xx) Display is flickering after pressing keys in special substate of idle named virtual function keys. (SCPP-2106)
Fixed: (snom8xx) Virtual keys: Handle transfer and redirection in case of an incoming call, too. Stop ringing after sucessful forwarding. (SCPP-2105)
Fixed: (snomPA1) Reset button isn’t working.
Fixed: Canceling push2talk isn’t working after key release. (SCPP-2223)
Fixed: Canceling a call while fetching callinfo icons is in progress reboots the phone. (SCPP-2174)
Fixed: Endless loop using minibrowser fetch-tag if fetch returns no XML data. (SCPP-2165)
Fixed: Expansion Module isn’t detecting when huge boot-delay caused by setting max_boot_delay is enabled.
Fixed: Pressing redial after clearing the whole redial list reboots the phone. (SCPP-2183)
Fixed: Setting reboot_after_nr keeps the phone rebooting. (SCPP-2235)
Fixed: State multicast cannot be cancelled by CANCEL key (hard & soft). Configured multicast addresses are listed now. (SCPP-2153)
Fixed: Show LDAP lookup depending on setting number_guessing and prioritise_pbx_number_lookup on outgoing calls. (SCPP-1874)
Fixed: Not all TLV limits are used as written in the standard. Some switches are ignoring those LLDP messages.
Fixed: Each phone is now advertising its correct power consumption in TIA extended power TLV.
Changed: We set an internal limit of 50 characters for the Display name. (SCPP-2170)
Fixed: Caller ID Update via SIP INFO does not work as expected. From and to header out of an INFO message with content-type "message/sipfrag" will be parsed now correctly. (SCPP-635)
Fixed: Expansion Module/BLF makes phone delay, become unresponsive or slow. We added several SIP UDP performance enhancements for subscriptions. (SCPP-2026)
Fixed: Phone doesn’t send unregister before reset settings. Added new setting sip_shutdown_maxtimeout for waiting after SIP shutdown request (sending unregister/unsubscribe) before continuing system shutdown. (SCPP-1585)
Fixed: When the PBX tries to change the Display name, the phone just does not change it. In case of an request we now update the current "from" header with the one of the request message. (SCPP-1407)
Fixed: If certificate has too little elements the phone may get stuck. (SCPP-2091)
Fixed: (snom821/snom870): VLAN port un-/tagging doesn’t work. (SCPP-2231)
Fixed: Video feature not working in some environments. Now waiting for webserver connection close if an HTTP 200 OK contains no Content-Length header. (SCPP-2033)
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