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8.4.24 Bugfix

Added: (snom8xx) Led control out of minibrowser LED-tag is available now as well. (SCPP-2027)
Added: (snom300) New function key handling in minibrowser. (SCPP-2150)
Added: New identity setting conferencing is added which contains a sip-uri for a conference room. Used by pressing conference keys. (SCPP-1773)
Added: Wireless headset timing is now configurable via new setting headset_cmd_pause.
Added: Accept also guest-voice, softphone-voice, vlan near voice and vlan network policy.
Added: Log Messages of Port ID Subtype and Port Description to have information about on which switchport the phone is plugged in (loglevel 6)!
Added: New setting lldp_asset_id, default value is phone type.
Added: A new setting sip_max_challenges is added to allow multiple challenges to a single phone request. (SCPP-2026)
Added: Certificate Authority Deutsche Telekom AG.
Added: Two new parameters line status and line call state are added. (VOFO-95)
Added: Two new settings http_client_save_credentials and http_proxy_save_credentials are added to be able to save credentials after challenge request. (SCPP-1728)
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