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8.4.21 Bugfixes

Fixed: (snom3xx) We were loosing audio when no RTP was received for a couple of minutes and the phone was muted. (SCPP-1985)
Fixed: (snom3xx) Volume couldn’t decreased enough. (SCPP-1977)
Changed: Now clearing all call lists when an user is logged off. (SCPP-2018)
Changed: (snom821, snom870) Due to ongoing issues with the dual audio button, we disabled the button for the time being. (SCPP-2082)
Fixed: Phone was leaving settings menu when changing outgoing identity. (SCPP-1988)
Fixed: (snom8xx) Phone couldn’t handle huge photos properly. (SCPP-2010)
Fixed: (snom870) Disabling Blind Transfer (setting disable_blind_transfer) had no effect on transfer soft key. (SCPP-2035)
Fixed: Remapped softkeys (settings dkey_fkeyX) were overwriting Minibrowser defined softkeys. Functionality is now effective in idle screen when minibrowser is not active only. (SCPP-2076)
Fixed: (snom870) When dialing a number from the detailed contact view, the call starts using the handset instead of the casing speaker. (SCPP-2081)
Fixed: (snom300) Slovanian characters were not displayed properly.
Fixed: (snomPA1) Pin control wasn’t working.
Fixed: (snomPA1DP) Keyboard wasn’t working.
Changed: The language index value for Slovenian has been changed to SI and Slovencina is SK again.
Fixed: Call had been disconnected if hold request has been rejected. (SCPP-2087)
Fixed: Phone was sometimes not starting the SW Update even when it was in state idle.
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