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8.4.11 Bugfix

Fixed: Retry Setting server with HTTP instead of HTTPS.
New setting number_simultaneous_calls sets the limit of maximum number of simultaneous calls. (SCPP-1701)
OCS call forward works now (snom870). (SCPP-1653)
Outgoing id and active line will be set to a valid value if the current value is obsolete. (SCPP-1702)
Softkey handling fixed (snomMP). (SCPP-1637)
XML SnomIPPhoneDirectory will work on 300/320 now. (SCPP-1716)
Fixed phone freeze on invalid button index from LED control. (SCPP-1675)
Copy defaults.xml onto config.xml during factory reset in order to give even the LID access to it. (SCPP-1709)
Added annexb=no for g729 in SDP.
Was not working. (snomMP)
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