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8.2.16 beta


8.2.16 Features

  • Phones with grafical display may now enter special characters via numpad (snom360, snom370, snom820, snomMP): äáâàçëéêèïíîìöóôòñßüúûù - in edit mode "abc" or "ABC" just press repeatedly the key associated with the base-letter (eg. "1-abc" for ä, á, â, à and ç). (SCPP-528)
  • XML idle screen can now define the statusbar position even for snom370 (just like 360 and 820).
  • OCS: Added support for OCS-presence-only (no voice) identities (Broadsoft/OCS integration) (new settings: user_presence_identity, user_presence_only, user_default_contact_uri).
  • Discard "call monitoring" screen on Cancel key. (SCPP-941)
  • Menu entries are now hideable. Just put a comma separated list in two new settings menu_hidden_user and menu_hidden_admin for user and admin mode respectively.
  • Internal directory can now be synchronized with certain xcap-servers. (SCPP-1047)
  • Master entries in internal directory may now define a nick-name.
  • Left menu in the snom web UI is now configurable. Just put a comma separated list in two new settings leftnav_hidden_user and leftnav_hidden_admin for user and admin mode respectively.
  • Added runtime variable $phone_ip to be used with the webclient like triggering action URLs etc.

8.2.16 Bugfix

  • Add DSCP/TOS on RTP streams (snomMP). (SCPP-1092)
  • Fixed conference (one way audio in one leg) when one party was on GSM and the other on G.711u on asterisk (snom3x0). (SCPP-1113)
  • Volume down key interfered with a 1633 Hz DTMF tone.
  • Fixed duplicate pickup information in call pickup screen. (SCPP-1102)
  • Go offhook with wireless headset will dial number out of internal or LDAP directory. (SCPP-1072)
  • Added new setting cancel_conference to allow pressing Cancel key to disconnect all conference members. (SCPP-1069)
  • OCS: Contact list groups can not be switched (snomMP). (SCPP-1035)
  • Picking up a second call with speaker button wasn’t working.
  • Text scrolling wasn’t working properly (snom370). (SCPP-1060)
  • The edit button did not work, when creating a new entry in the directory.
  • MWI LED has to blink in all states.
  • OCS: Remove "Reboot warning" when setting up OCS account. (SCPP-1014)
  • OCS: Removed G.723 codec from default initialization in OCS edition (snom820).
  • OCS: Phone should not attempt to reregister as long as password prompt is active. (SCPP-1009)
  • Answering a call was failing and log said: "Failed to allocate any local SIP port!". (SCPP-1042)
  • Resubcriptions sometimes had an non-empty body.
  • Reregister asap if TCP/TLS register connection goes down. (SCPP-1109)
  • The webclient re-initiates a handshake when handling a challenge. It will never try to use an existing connection anymore.
  • Firmware update wasn’t using HTTP proxy when specified.
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