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Patch version


This is a patch version which solves some issues which have been reported in version

Unless you encounter one or more of the listed issues below, it is not recommended to perform the update and to wait for the next official firmware release instead.

Broadsoft users please use the latest Certified Firmware Version (, which can be found here.

SCPP-5306: ring tone stops working on incoming calls - visual indication only
SCPP-4791: audio problems in handset and headset mode (Asterisk based PBXs & snom 720 / 760 only)
SCPP-5376: incoming early media packets are not played again after prior time-out
NONE: setting headset_connection_method removed. Headsets will be recognized without additional configuration.
SCPP-5428: Removing busy tone sound in line size state
SCPP-5613: Support for G729A Codec
SCPP-5060: The setting short-form will also remove some informational SIP headers
SCPP-5657: Retransmitted INVITE messages will no longer initiate a second call
SCPP-5948: Unpark calls with a Shared Line fix
SCPP-5263: phone doesn't apply Redirection HOST for provisioning URLs after getting 404 response
NONE: improvement of GUI performance
SCCP-5543:Fixing LDAP Lookup for server Type "PBXnSIP"
SCPP-1076: dimming of backlight not working (snom 870 only)
SCPP-5621: Disabling PC Port will no longer allow IP Traffic to pass-thru
SCPP-5693: Increased network buffer to allow larger UDP datagrams
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