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  • show number of provisioning attempts on the display
  • added Hebrew national language support for (snom370) and (snom320) as well
  • character order of Hebrew XML language files has changed (this means older hebrew texts for the Phone User Interface are not compatible to this version and vice versa, you will experience wrongly ordered Hebrew characters)
  • added additional functionality for fkey type key event; F_TRANSFER:700 would transfer the connected call to destination i.e. 700 (not the incoming call)
  • suppress individual dialog subscriptions when eventlist is on (Broadsoft)
  • change reading direction according to language name (Hebrew reads right to left)
  • supports now Hebrew and special chars like the lock symbol in one image (snom300 with PoE); this means Hebrew support is now part of the usual release and doesn't need an extra image to get displayed properly on (snom300) backlight displays
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