Firmware/V7/Release Notes/7.1.34/Bugfix

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  • post Action URL disconnected on Call completed elsewhere
  • don't invoke auto-redial when line seizure times out
  • Audio was not switching to handset when it was lifted after a line key had been pressed
  • do not invoke dial plan when generating URI for call-info subscription
  • hold/retrieve was not working in some scenarios
  • missing password warning was shown on display even if ignore security warning was enabled (snom370), fixed
  • last held call was not presented first during transfer after implicit hold
  • extension key was not working with Broadsoft/MetaSwitch style shared line
  • channel was not being cleared completely after transfer while ringing
  • fixed typo at speed dial page
  • redirection * codes were not working
  • http scheme doesn't need restart to get applied
  • default value of http scheme was wrong, it's off now
  • changed G.726 payload type from 2 to 99
  • modified RTCP so that it also sends SDES CNAME with the RTCP SR
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