Firmware/V7/Release Notes/7.1.29/Bugfix

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  • fixed wrong selected redial list (positioning of selected item was wrong by one)
  • fixed bug with secondary dial tone in handsfree mode
  • special characters for (snom320) are working again (support for special char display was broken in 7.1.28)
  • fixed button operation (e.g. pickup) in edit mode (function key type BUTTON only)
  • adding missed call number to directory wasn't working for snom360/snom370 (the wrong soft key was used)
  • fixed quick switch to search mode during dialing
  • incoming calls were signalled on wrong line key (in case of multiple identities)
  • wasn't sending out dialog subscriptions if broken registrar is on
  • watchdog wasn't running each time it should (even watchdog was enabled it did not start if either update host f or update filename)
  • explicitly stop watchdog on restart if it's disabled (before we were not able to stop the watchdog at all)
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