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7.1.33 release

IMPORTANT: We are currently investigating an issue related to the firmware update. Therefore we decided to stop the distribution of this firmware release temporarily until we have completed the investigation process. Users who have successfully updated should continue using this FW Version. On behalf of snom we apologize for the inconvenience.

NOTE: The build numbers for this release are:

Phone User Interface (PUI)

  • make park/pickup key available as soon as possible after operation (the park key was blocked for 3-5 seconds before. Now it is released and ready for any further pickup operation as soon as a successful parking is done)
  • support blind transfer using buttons (using the Buttons programmable key type, single step blind transfer is possible now by just hitting transfer and the appropriate button with action type invite)
  • on check-sync phone isn't hanging anymore in wizard state (the phone seemed to hang after a check-sync even though some keys were still working)
  • apply configuration parameters on check-sync (provisioned configuration parameters triggered by a check-sync were not properly applied before)
  • tuned list element allocation to save memory (list elements were allocated in chunks of 16 before, now it has been tuned for each single list element type respectively which reduces the size of initially allocated memory remarkably)
  • fixed adding new languages on check-sync (reading in a language list triggered by check-sync has caused a memory leak)
  • dual audio and handsfree support on conference (snom370) (+Spkr to add a secondary audio device during conference is available now)
  • improved call control in registrations menu (incoming calls and media even in Reg menu is handled properly now)
  • use status LED for conference and transfer operation (snom370) (the big LED on top of display shows activity in the said states now)
  • check-sync is delayed until all channels are released (instead of making a reboot as soon as check-sync is processed, the phone will now wait until all active channels/calls are released and a harmless reboot can be made)
  • PUBLISH based directory search now supports list of matches (consistent with LDAP directory search results, PUBLISH returned lists are also shown)
  • support DND control through buttons (a DND operation through Buttons programmable key type turns indication on/off on display)
  • append diversion/history-info for incoming call when animation is disabled (snom360) (this additional information was missing on display before)
  • call acceptance is dependent on speaker_receive_call (this new configuration parameter controls if pressing the speaker key can accept a ringing call or not)
  • fixed problem with remote unhold when local side is also holding (the phone was in an indeterministic state when the remote side made an unhold, now it should go to hold because of near side hold before)
  • adjust input when lead digits are appended in rewrite matches for XML Dial Plan (length of final match was being shortened after appending the lead digits before)
  • new configuration parameter global_missed_counter to track missed calls (this new configuration parameter is to allow backward compatibility to old behavior when missed calls on all SIP lines were counted together)
  • fixed speed dial 30 (prevent the phone to identify a dialed 030 as the speed dial 30)
  • fixed speed dial 9 (prevent the phone to identify a dialed 09 as the speed dial 9)
  • About menu is accessible during log-on wizard (to allow easy access to basic telephone information e.g. IP, Mac adr)
  • enabled directory search during a call (to help make a second call e.g. for transfer even during a call)
  • fixed password stutter (snom300/snom320) (editing a password was cutting the last typed digit/character)
  • added 128k memory bin for efficient memory allocation (this memory bin size was missing before so the next bigger bin was used instead which caused unnessesary memory allocation)
  • Call Pickup through buttons linked to calls state (snom360/snom370) (in the Calls window, pickup is now possible as in dialog state through information gathered from Buttons programmable key type feature)
  • remove ringing calls from list of possible transferees (to make transfer operation more user friendly and avoid unintended transfers by mistake)
  • use soft transfer key only for deflection of ringing call (to have a consistent transfer mechanism, soft key appears only for deflection now)
  • ringing calls were not shown in hold state (snom320/snom370) (since phone allows incoming calls in hold state, this information should be there for the user to decide to pickup or ignore the new call)
  • normalized placement of context- sensitive function keys across the various call states (to have an internally consistent presentation of context- sensitive function keys so the user does not press a soft key by mistake)
  • each dialed number replaces the same entry in the list instead of creating a new one (not only the last dialed record is updated but the complete dialed list is scanned and the previous entry for the same number is updated and put on top)
  • showing display name in call monitoring state controlled by configuration parameter show_name_dialog (snom360/snom370) (in call monitoring state it is useful to show names if possible instead of numbers of the calls in progress. The new configuration parameter controls this feature. The naming format is the same as set by display_method configuration parameter)
  • resubscribe for buddy list without search filter after directory search (in order to refresh the original buddy list if search responses were delayed for some reason. The complete buddy list becomes available again after directory search through presence is over)
  • action url connected is requested at right state transition without effecting blind xfer (to keep the phone from posting an unintentional action url for connected)
  • added new configuration parameter naptr_sip_uri to convert SIP URI's of the active_line using RE Dial Plan for call lists (it's meant to rewrite incoming SIP URI's to be properly formatted for potentially following outgoing calls using that URI from the call lists. Default value is off.)
  • clear allocated lines on failed pickup attempts (so the phone does not run out of keys and associated LED’s do not stay on)
  • changed Deny All soft key caption to Block (on text display of context- sensitive function keys on snom360, both ‘Deny’ & ‘Deny All’ appeared as ‘Deny’ because of a lack of space on display. This caused confusion)
  • fixed scroll down on call monitoring state (scrolling down with navi key was not updating the list properly)
  • programmable key Active/Line combination receives a ringing call only on original key (to allow making a new call on another programmable key even if there is an incoming call on the first line)
  • option for backlight to completely turn off, blink or dim (snom370) (some users want to turn off the backlight completely after a call is done. All combinations are now possible on snom370)
  • speed key on About menu was corrupting display
  • CANCEL key would clear desktop message completely (on small display phones, messages created via SIP MESSAGE with header Content-Type: text/plain were not properly cleared on pressing cancel)
  • display of audio icons solely dependent on configuration parameter audio_device_indicator
  • dtmf after action url response was blocking audio
  • soft key cancel in calling state was not working
  • reboot the phone if configuration parameters got provisioned which need a reboot to get applied (like e.g. vlan, dhcp etc.)
  • new configuration parameter auto_reboot_on_setting_change to enable new auto reboot feature but preserve old behaviour if needed; IMPORTANT: this configuration parameter takes effect on the configuration parameters following it in the setting file only, so if you like to have it effect all configuration parameters in the configuration parameter file, put it at the top of the file! If you experience a constanly rebooting phone set the log level to 7 and see (via syslog server) which configuration parameter causes the loop. (the auto reboot functionality has been included initially into 7.1.33 RC2)
  • show HTTP/Admin password warning on display (snom360/snom370)
  • context- sensitive function keys for Mute/Unmute are not hidden when configuration parameter redundant_fkeys is off
  • LDAP/Directory Search list dials selected contact on handset offhook
  • F_LOGON_USER can be used on all phones for Hot Desking (log on/log off user accounts)
  • F_LOGOFF_ALL prompts log on wizard if logon_wizard configuration parameter is on
  • Park was not working with Broadsoft-style shared lines
  • Disabled 5 sec. lock on Shared Line key for Broadsoft/MetaSwitch as this is handled by line seize throttling mechanism

Web User Interface (WUI)

  • added protection against brute force attack to find out the HTTP password (more than three unsuccessfull login attempts will block the Web User Interface (WUI) for 1 minute; further groups of three unsuccessfull logins will double the blocking time respectively)
  • show warning message if Web User Interface (WUI) isn't secured by admin- and HTTP user password (show a warning hint at the upper right hand corner)
  • html encode Web User Interface (WUI) pages to prevent XSS attacks (this prevents injected (java-)script code to be executed)
  • new configuration parameter use_hidden_tags to protect the phone against XSRF attacks (because with each new Web User Interface (WUI) page a new hidden security tag is provided only the authenticated user is able to use the Web User Interface (WUI). Faked HTTP POST requests will not work anymore. With use_hidden_tags enabled you can do a distinct subset of GET requests with parameters only which are needed for the normal usage of the Web User Interface (WUI) (no direct dialing, no remote control is available if enabled. The mentioned functionality only works if the Web User Interface (WUI) is secured via non default admin- and HTTP passwords!)
  • added button to logout an already authenticated session (a missing opportunity has been added to logoff an authenticated user from the Web User Interface (WUI) page; this button will be displayed in the upper right hand corner only if the Web User Interface (WUI) is secured via non default admin- and HTTP passwords!)
  • added initial security advice Web User Interface (WUI) page (a new security advice Web User Interface (WUI) page has been added which will be shown once initially on restart)
  • new warning message and security advice page can be switched off via new configuration parameter ignore_security_warning (this has been added for backward compatibility reasons)
  • identity based configuration parameter user_expiry can be adjusted in seconds now (via Web User Interface (WUI) you can change the value to your needs without using the previous dropdown presets anymore)
  • added new function key type BLF which is a mix of the Extension and Speed Dial. (The LED is controlled by the dialog state like in the Extension mode, while the key is controlled by the Speed Dial nature. In other words, no matter what the LED is doing, pushing that button will always dial the speed dial number. If you set it to something like *7123, then this button will always pick up the call for 123.) See this description for further details on BLF
  • removed audio_device_indicator configuration parameter from Advanced Behaviour page, it is available at page Advanced Audio anyway

Configuration Parameters

  • using new encoding format in XML configuration parameter files, denoted by an additional attribute in the tree name (e="2") (from now on a proper HTML encoding is used; downgrading to older versions will make special chars appear wrongly!)
  • show secret configuration parameter values only as asterisks in log


  • Minibrowser style received/missed call lists entry deletion was crashing the phone
  • show url loading update for redial list (if the list is taking longer than usual, some display update for loading activity shows the phone is processing the list)
  • added pn flag for input, to switch directly to the numeric input mode
  • fixed soft key update problem
  • rework of SnomIPPhoneText, better line breaking and <br/> tag support (it is recommended to use <br/> now instead of <br>, because the softkeys are not working with <br>)
  • added new {index} parameter for SoftKeyItem (The index parameter is the linenumber in a Minibrowser list. e.g. HTTP://{index})
  • allow Minibrowser Action URL called from any Phone User Interface (PUI) state


  • fixed dtmf playback with CMC and Minibrowser (media path was being blocked before disabling dtmf)
  • set transport protocol to RTP/SAVP when SRTP is on (this is required by RFC 4568, but for backward compatibility this behavior is turned off by default; controlled by new configuration parameter user_savp)
  • fixed wrong port number in contact/via header when transport is tcp/tls (the phone was sending the wrong port number in these headers when the transport protocol was TCP or TLS)
  • remote tag omitted when privacy is enabled (the tag provided by the remote side was omitted when privacy was turned on; this caused calls to fail)
  • fixed encoding of display name for special/reserved characters controlled by new configuration parameter encode_display_name (according to the RFC those characters have to be HTML encoded)
  • History-Info display is controlled by new configuration parameter show_history_info (this information is processed by the phone but shown on the display if configuration parameter is turned on)
  • when SRTP is optional, offer both RTP/AVP without crypto and RTP/SAVP with crypto attribute (this is a way to indicate that SRTP is preferred, but not mandatory; controlled by new configuration parameter user_savp)
  • added new option sip_info_only for configuration parameter user_dtmf_info, either as mutually exclusive with ib or oob dtmf or together with either of them (dtmf via INFO can be sent in addition to in/ob dtmf now, IMPORTANT: THE DEFAULT BEHAVIOUR HAS CHANGED!)
  • call completion subscription default expiry value is set down to 60 sec from before 3600 sec
  • hold/retrieve was not working in some scenarios
  • TLS ROC fix (after a couple of minutes one way audio occured)
  • 200 OK without SDP is ok when SDP was received in earlier message


  • added new language Catalan
  • fixed timezone selection for China
  • reviewed Phone User Interface (PUI) text translations (especially the translations for FR, IT, NL, DK, SW, NO, SP have been improved)
  • phone switches to/from DST in time now (phone was switching to/from DST at the right date but not at the right time)
  • added DST for Perth/Australia
  • DST changes for Australia
  • DST changes for New Zealand


  • added different room types (new configuration parameter handsfree_mode) for handsfree mode: quiet, normal, echoic (different DSP coefficient presets for different room types have been added to enhance hands free audio quality in different environments)
  • handsfree double talk improvement (we have enhanced double talk so that a person talking on the handsfree mic does not cut out the other side and is still heard by the other side without producing echo (option echoic). The old speaker phone behaviour is still available by using the room type quiet room, instead of echoic room)


  • start storing empty responses in DNS cache after basic Mass Deployment is done (not working DNS lookups because of blocked switch ports are not configuration parameter non resolvable FQHN anymore on the black list)
  • gracefully restart if DHCP server isn't reachable anymore (according to the RFC we added a new timer T2 which will restart the phone if it has been elapsed to 7/8; thus the phone will begin broadcasting again for a new DHCP server)

Hardware Interface

  • fixed RTCP jitter buffer calculation (fixed problem in the calculation of jitter buffer stat only at the beginning of a call)
  • fixed an RTCP problem with packet loss field (fixed problem with packet loss field in the very first RTCP packet sent out by the phone in certain scenarios only, it was showing some packets lost when none had)
  • added completely turning off of light gradually apart from dim (snom370) (Some people complained that the snom370 light does not completely turn off when the light configuration parameter use backlight: is set to on on Preferences Web User Interface (WUI) page. Now, it slowly fades and turns off competely with the on configuration parameter (default). The previous behaviour has also been preserved where the light fades slowly and remains dimly lit without completely turning off. That configuration parameter option is now called dim.)
  • Spanning Tree Protocol (STP) packets are now forwarded from the LAN to the PC ethernet port (Managable switches supporting STP can now detect network loops.)

7.1.32 (not published)

Phone User Interface (PUI)
  • fixed Idle Screen date and headset device overlap (snom360) (some adjustment on placement of headset icon)
  • fixed potential issue for navigating in menu during language changes (was using the wrong language in that case)
  • fixed audio device switching off by MWI indication during a call (timer driven MWI indication was silencing media for active call)
  • support special characters on Idle Screen (ÀÁÂÃÄÅÈÉÊËÌÍÎÏÒÓÔÕÙÚÛÜ) (snom360)
  • fixed invalid soft key on F4 without CMC (snom360/snom370)
  • improved backlight operation in settings menu for incoming calls (backlight now shows ringing status of the new call)
  • Call Pickup dialog info was not working (snom300/snom320) (Call Pickup through display was not working on phones with small display)
  • support active_user and active_host in action urls (in order to send relevant information during a call)
  • space separated concatenated status line messages (snom360/snom370) (for better readability)
  • fixed ringing call acceptance using fkeys in address book (no need to go out of the phonebook just to accept a call)
  • fixed incoming call under Reg menu (call acceptance in this menu state was indeterministic)
  • make Dial the first option on main list menu (snom300) (no need anymore to browse through the available options to find the most often used function)
  • added support for BroadWorks flash-based services (applicable to Broadworks server only)
  • action url request response does not disturb user operations anymore (display update after the response is received was disturbing the active calls)
  • added support for new tags <fetch>, <Label>, <br> and clearlight attribute for the <SnomIPPhoneDirectory> tag
  • added timezones for Venezuela and New Caledonia
Mass Deployment
  • language file retrieved via Mass Deployment replaces old one on flash (the provisioned language file is now stored on the local flash)
  • phone can handle now missing texts in language files (phone isn't crashing anymore on missing language texts)
Hardware Interface
  • ext.Keypad: removed bug that caused false reporting of 0 keypads

7.1.31 (not published)

Phone User Interface (PUI)
  • line based missed call counter (missed calls can be counted independently for each SIP line on the phone)
  • handle advanced wireless headset scenarios (call making, acceptance, cancellation can be handled by wireless headset)
  • improved number guessing cursor positioning on snom300/snom320 (cursor was not being placed at the right position)
  • Missed-Calls-Message header handled for all server types

7.1.30 release

Phone User Interface (PUI)
  • added Austrian tone scheme
  • fixed inconsistent conference hold behaviour across all snom phones (both calls are on hold now)
  • support wild card * Dial Plan match without any rewrite
  • fixed dtmf playback problem (redial/mwi) (was broken since topic fixed dtmf echo in settings menu when no channel is allocated in 7.1.27)
  • always show date in status line (s360) (messages like 2 Missed calls etc were erasing the date before)
  • suppress tone echo on mini-browser (no DTMF tones on digit key presses during minibrowser usage anymore)
  • volume keys change speaker volume in dual-audio mode
  • do not ask for DHCP server if IP gateway and DNS server are not set (phone may work even if IP gateway and DNS server aren't set, which wasn't the policy before)
  • use request URI when selecting line key (further enhancement of the topic incoming calls were signalled on wrong line key (in case of multiple identities) from previous version)
Web User Interface (WUI)
  • speed dial numbers in programmable keys are not expanded into url's anymore
  • support for more tone schemes (several tone schemes already available via Phone User Interface (PUI) weren't reflected at the web page before)
Download Links

7.1.29 beta

Phone User Interface (PUI)
  • fixed wrong selected redial list (positioning of selected item was wrong by one)
  • fixed bug with secondary dial tone in handsfree mode
  • special characters for snom320 are working again (support for special char display was broken in 7.1.28)
  • fixed button operation (e.g. pickup) in edit mode (function key type BUTTON only)
  • look for exact LDAP match on incoming e164 number (new setting ldap_lookup_ringing)
  • adding missed call number to directory wasn't working for snom360/snom370 (the wrong soft key was used)
  • backward compatibility to v6 Regular Expression Dial Plan (the old Dial Plan is back)
  • fixed quick switch to search mode during dialing
  • restrict further outgoing calls on redial (it's not possible to dial accidentally twice via redial key anymore)
  • incoming calls were signalled on wrong line key (in case of multiple identities)
Configuration Parameters
  • flash plugin works now independent of webserver mode (port for flash plugin was opened together with port for HTTP service, if HTTPS only was used, flash plugin port wasn't opened at all)
  • wasn't sending out dialog subscriptions if broken registrar is on
Hardware Interface
  • watchdog wasn't running each time it should (even watchdog was enabled it did not start if either update_host_f or update_filename)
  • explicitly stop watchdog on restart if it's disabled (before we were not able to stop the watchdog at all)
  • on update make the watchdog timeout much bigger (in case of an update the timeout is 1 hour)

7.1.28 beta

Phone User Interface (PUI)
  • exact match in digitmap and timeout > 0 now handled properly
  • improved transfer handling
  • directory search requests sent only when alphanumeric character input is definite
  • handle key events mapped on fkeys in edit state (e.g. F_DIRECTORY_SEARCH on s300)
  • if there is no alert info for new call, then clean up old links
  • call forward busy wasn't working
  • fixed wireless headset signaling on GN9350 (outgoing calls)
  • fixed recording icon on incoming call
  • no duplication of VMail or SMS indication (s320)
  • display list of matches in response to PUBLISH (number-guessing)
Hardware Interface
  • improved random number generation
Configuration Parameters
  • bytes greater than 127 were not properly converted by the XML settings export
  • changed default value for casing mic to 5
Mass Deployment
  • remove proprietary setting files from setting urls list if a snom file was found before

7.1.27 beta

Phone User Interface (PUI)
  • hard keys for DIRECTORY_SEARCH & PRESENCE work in edit mode
  • new VMail icon for active line (s360)
  • added VMail indication on status line (s300)
  • text message view through MWI state possible now (s300)
  • VMail soft key moved to S4 (s320)
  • Mute switch between S2 & S3 (always on S2, the positioning adjusts according to space: s320)
  • delay automated calls (redial, etc.) until line seize response is received (Broadsoft)
  • improved personal message recording through idle state
  • fixed joined name scrolling problem (s320)
  • reboot once after setting conversion at traversal from v6 to v7 anyway
  • fixed dtmf echo in settings menu when no channel is allocated
  • fixed change volume while dialing
  • added personal message recording while offhook
  • change volume not allowed during free seating
  • remove dangling held call on cancel (server caused call drop)
  • special call acceptance through fkeys for active context (connected to nothing)
  • handle missing ack or cancel forwarded by server during hold
  • fixed certain invalid exact length Dial Plan matches
  • handle longer rewrite than match in Dial Plan
Hardware Interface
  • added on/off option for keepalive NAT
  • switch DHCP off during traversal from v6 to v7
Configuration Parameters
  • new setting rtp_keepalive to switch off RTP keepalive on hold calls
  • presence activities are mapped to activity ids before publishing
  • fixed a conference problem

7.1.26 beta

Phone User Interface (PUI)
  • port 5061 was being dropped from URI
  • auto-dial should not be invoked when line seize fails (Broadsoft)
  • fixed state switching/keypress freeze on s370 when call is put on hold remotely
Hardware Interface
  • added watchdog usage
  • reset eth switch ARP table to prevent not working switch/DHCP on boot up
  • line seize subscriptions need to be throttled (Broadsoft)
  • fixed problem with nested messages

7.1.25 beta

Phone User Interface (PUI)
  • fixed menu selection bug
Web User Interface (WUI)
  • fixed a jitter calculation in RTCP

7.1.24 beta

  • added directory clearlight attribute
  • added <br> tag for SnomIPPhoneText
Phone User Interface (PUI)
  • factory reset wasn't working via Phone User Interface (PUI)
  • enhanced asking for password in case it was typed in wrongly

7.1.23 beta

Phone User Interface (PUI)
  • wireless headset enhancements with dantronic feedback

7.1.22 beta

  • added support for URL with credentials like user:pass@host:port
Phone User Interface (PUI)
  • local conference feature is limited to 3 parties
  • fixed rendering of underscore for s360
  • only show About menu in idle state (fix for inconsistent behavior)
  • added sanity check for auto redial timer
  • fixed edit mode soft key for s360
  • Broadsoft SCA: skip line keys when they appear before Shared Line keys
  • ask up to three times for the right password if typed in wrongly
  • button control through PBX (new function key type button)
  • local_uri was being set wrongly for Call Pickup
  • do not check SDP version if server type is Broadsoft
  • reregister when Broadsoft returns a stale contact header on initial register after power cycle
Hardware Interface
  • added new improved wireless headset controls

7.1.21 beta

Phone User Interface (PUI)
  • voice recorder call release fix
  • fixed user interface menu context
  • play busy/failed signal on call hold if setting release_sound is set
  • show CFwd for all redirection types in status
  • text changes according to documentation
Configuration Parameters
  • reload xml Idle Screen
  • settings flags were not properly reflected if taken from XML setting files
  • new value for vol_speaker_mic gain
  • added NTP timestamp

7.1.20 beta

Configuration Parameters
  • if DHCP opt 66 or settings server were set to IP only, the specific file was retrieved before the general one
Web User Interface (WUI)
  • http port stops working, fixed
  • fixed support for Transfer-Encoding: chunked
Hardware Interface
  • fixed rare continuous dtmf problem in inband dtmf

7.1.19 beta

Phone User Interface (PUI)
  • F_DIRECTORY_SEARCH handles ldap & presence directory lookup
  • scheme 'tel:' was not working well
Hardware Interface
  • fixed extension-keypad-bug (timing @init was still off, thus disabeling exp.KeypadsV2 in 7.1.18)
  • fixed sending first packet with wrong codec
Configuration Parameters
  • old values were not overwritten by the same characters in a different case

7.1.18 beta

Phone User Interface (PUI)
  • support for latin, latin-1, Latin Extended-A, Latin Extended-B, IPA Extensions, Spacing Modifier Letters, Combining Diacritical Marks, Greek and Coptic, Cyrillic glyphs (snom360)
  • support inbuilt snom melodies in Alert-Info (e.g. Alert-Info: <>)
  • failover identity support using setting: user_failover_identity
  • support for 3 extension keypads added
  • fixed audio device left active ater MWI
  • Auto Dial was effected by Dial Plan timeouts
  • naptr expansion was effecting all user inputs
  • fixed Idle Screen xml tree loading at startup
  • added preselect for menus and directories
  • fixed crash on empty ip phone directory listing (snom300/snom320)
Web User Interface (WUI)
  • dialed & received calls control per sip line
  • added support for cascadable sidecars
  • outbound proxy for emergency numbers
  • double talk improvement, fixed dial tone fluctuation in handsfree (when loud)
  • VLAN tagging support for incoming/outgoing packets via phone switch

7.1.17 beta

Phone User Interface (PUI)
  • star code exception handling e.g. *1*2*3*4 not to be confused as an ip address
  • expanded Dial Plan to support *79, [2-9].., etc
  • show generic message when Voicemail Boxdetails are not notified
  • HOLD phone symbol added for (snom300)
  • display version info on start up
  • enhanced unicode support (snom320)
  • fixed crash during reboot
Configuration Parameters

7.1.16 beta

  • fixed wideband problem (with g.722)

7.1.15 beta

Phone User Interface (PUI)
  • support for latin and latin-1 glyphs support (snom360)
  • optimized line wrapping algorithm
  • fixed scrolling and incoming call issues (snom360)
  • capital nordic AE added (snom320)
  • first line of Idle Screen is now utf8 save (snom320)
  • fixed Dial Plan xml with timeout 0 followed by a longer match
  • moved '+' more to the beginning on key 1
Web User Interface (WUI)
  • new action url variable 'active_url' to get the active registration
Configuration Parameters
  • Outbound Proxy setting was sometimes ignored
  • fixed crash related to closing subscriptions on reboot
  • fixed Presence directory search

7.1.14 beta


7.1.13 beta

Hardware Interface
  • fixed reboot problem

7.1.12 beta


7.1.11 beta

Phone User Interface (PUI)
  • message LED wasn't always showing waiting messages properly
  • bootup properly even if update_policy is set to never_update
  • multicast Mass Deployment was not working
  • do not send "held-private" when call is retrieved
  • assume that endpoint is not registered when 200 contains no contact header; this problem caused the reboot to hang
  • DNS addresses are now properly resolved for TFTP requests
Configuration Parameters
  • ethernet ports speed settings are now used even on bootup
  • syslog server setting is now used even on bootup
Hardware Interface
  • increased headset mic gain in new audio settings
Web User Interface (WUI)
  • number was expanded wrongly on function keytype intercom, if assigned identity was not registered

7.1.10 beta

Phone User Interface (PUI)
  • fixed recording indication on snom370
  • fixed stats co-ordinates for snom370 (after refresh acceleration)
  • ask for PIN while locking keyboard
  • added Call Pickup via access code on programmable function keys e.g.|*68
  • enable GRUU for subscriptions
  • changed default presence states
  • new setting "reject_calls_with_603" to reject calls with 603 instead of 486
  • dialog event list subscriptions (BLF) were not being started
  • STUN was broken
  • keep processing challenges after unknown authentication scheme is encountered
Configuration Parameters
  • new setting enable_keyboard_lock to allow keyboard lock feature
  • ethernet ports speed settings are working now on change
  • syslog server setting is working now on change
  • special character handling in directory fixed
Hardware Interface
  • image header for bootloader updates changed (snom300/snom320/snom360); new images are needed now for downgrading to v6

7.1.9 beta

Phone User Interface (PUI)
  • enabled dialing in presence, contacts and call monitoring states (snom360/snom370)
  • setting idle_offhook to control handset offhook and idle state behavior
  • phone now reverts to previous call forwarding mode (after manual overriding)
  • fixed edit mode for transfer
  • no general Dial Plan by default
  • call history was showing first local and then remote list
  • TRANSFER programmable key could not be remapped
  • fixed pnp and startup configuration on dhcp failure
  • multiple REGISTERs over TCP were not all authenticated
  • fixed problem with lost subscriptions
Hardware Interface
  • fixed initial skipping of audio packets problem
Configuration Parameters
  • adjust mic and volume settings during transition from v6 to v7
Web User Interface (WUI)
  • grey out text input fields if read only

7.1.8 beta

Phone User Interface (PUI)
  • added tone schemes for France, Italy, Netherlands, Norway and Spain
  • fixed auto leave from call monitoring state if callpickup_dialoginfo is on (snom360/snom370)
  • fixed flickering on ringing animation (snom360)
  • MENU key is programmable (snom320)
  • consolidation of factory provided menus on Settings key (snom320)
  • support current identity Voicemail Boxdependent on stk_mailbox_active
  • presence state can be changed via REG menu
  • speed up display refresh (snom370)
  • optimized directory search listing
  • presence status can be changed via identity menu (snom300)
  • conference on snom300 without key mapping
  • fixed paging/dual audio problem at startup
  • fixed number guessing with directory search (snom360/snom370)
  • improved call release notification (snom370)
  • logoff line resets detailed user settings
  • added support for NTLM
  • fixed unhold in certain 3-way conference situations
Configuration Parameters
  • added support for new shorter XML settings format (this is not backward compatible to the previous XML format in order you want to downgrade to an older v7 version)
  • changes to admin mode needs no reboot anymore to get applied
  • manually loading settings file is deleting phone book as well
  • user changes to NTP server got lost, fixed
Hardware Interface
  • permission wasn't set correctly
  • fixed loop on "file not found"
  • fixed "file not found" message for big displays
  • lid is using RR scheduling now
  • a multicast rtp (streaming) fix

7.1.7 beta

Phone User Interface (PUI)
  • fixed directory search for small display
Web User Interface (WUI)
  • "adminmode" and admin mode password access to the webserver
  • save and export directory as CSV or XML format
  • fixed bug where CANCEL was suppressed in some transfer scenarios
Configuration Parameters
  • replacing {prov_host} macro works even if setting server is an IP address or host name only
  • the phone isn't hanging on start up anymore on TFTP requests even if DNS isn't working properly
  • no audio in some few cases, fixed.
  • minibrowser available for c and snom320 as well

7.1.6 beta

Phone User Interface (PUI)
  • fixed backlight on new settings structure
  • directory search list for LDAP and presence (snom360/snom370)
  • basic directory search using presence
  • show simple msg if Voice-Message header is not set in NOTIFY
  • handle MWI with same mw account & domain for different identities
Configuration Parameters
  • improved reset settings for function keys
  • max bootup delay takes effect immediately (power failure precaution)
  • http client authentication added; new settings http_client_user, http_client_pass
  • added {prov_host} macro to be inserted into setting file urls to be replaced by current setting server host
  • use {prov_host} makro for default firmware status file retrieval
  • do not add mac address to an URL already containing it
  • flash plugin is off by default (security reasons)


  • the phone isn't hanging on start up anymore on HTTP requests even if DNS isn't working properly
Hardware Interface
  • fixed ptime of audio packets to support 10 and 30 ms as well, so support extends to 10, 20, 30, 40 and 60 ms for most codecs

7.1.5 beta

Hardware Interface
  • added ramdomized bootup delay
  • randomization improved

7.1.4 beta

Phone User Interface (PUI)
  • fixed main led for call monitoring (snom370)
  • fixed check config/splash screen on startup
  • improved log on wizard (controlled by stk_logon_wizard)
  • user interaction states do not interfere with audio
Web User Interface (WUI)
  • added "Registration failed" action url
  • added subscriptions log page
Configuration Parameters
  • new default values for audio devices
  • reset settings deletes firmware setting as well

7.1.3 beta

Hardware Interface
  • audio modifications including sidetone fix for speaker, handset and headset according to headacoustics data

7.1.2 beta

Phone User Interface (PUI)
  • fixed programmable key seize on redial
  • fixed send bye problem with RTCP stats
  • hold does not affect 1xx status display
Configuration Parameters
  • settings export can be done in plain old and new XML format now
  • improved tone scheme accoustic levels
Hardware Interface
  • set "failed" flag on not working update to prevent loops

7.1.1 beta

Phone User Interface (PUI)
  • action url for log on/log off
  • added auto connect for call monitoring
  • new conference layout for snom370
  • fixed edit mode switching on graphical display
  • call monitoring state handles other keys as well
  • wizard asks for language again
  • show call status information (100 Trying/180 Ringing etc)
  • call monitor & presence can become default idle states
Configuration Parameters
  • sip user password may have saved wrongly as "********" to setting file.
  • no restart needed on language changes anymore
  • timezone change doesn't need any reboot anymore
  • critical user settings do not need a reboot anymore
  • no restart required on programmable key changes
  • fixed tone scheme application
Web User Interface (WUI)
  • added tab indexing for html pages with help links
Hardware Interface
  • initial changes for handsfree improvement

7.0.22 beta

Hardware Interface
  • improved/fixed silence suppression (VAD/CNG)

7.0.21 beta

Hardware Interface
  • phone got stuck after "-f" update, fixed.

7.0.20 beta

Phone User Interface (PUI)
Configuration Parameters
  • increased default value for ringing_time to 120 seconds
  • fixed reset settings performed via |style="background-color:#007abe;color:white;font-size:10pt;font-weight:standard;width:100%;"|Phone User Interface (PUI)
Hardware Interface

7.0.19 beta

Phone User Interface (PUI)
Daylight Savings Time (DST)
  • corrections for Spain and Portugal
  • fixed potentially endless loops
Hardware Interface
  • image update "-f" is saving the settings as well now

7.0.17 beta

Phone User Interface (PUI)
  • fixed local line context mapping [broken registrar might be needed on in certain cases e.g. *]
  • fixed clock placement
  • MENU key is programmable
  • fixed updated MWI on message txt reading
  • Option to disable programmed redirection (stk_redirect_ringing: Feature Request for Call Centres)
Web User Interface (WUI)
  • apply settings question was not shown anymore on web interface setting changes
Hardware Interface
  • whole partition update via web interface was destroying jffs2 fs structure
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