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PLEASE NOTE: If you downgrade the firmware version after snom3X0-from6to7-bf.bin has been installed, which is shown as Firmware-Version: snom3x0-SIP 7.x.y on the System Information web interface page, only the old boot loader, linux and rootfs flash partitions will be available at the flash. In this state the phone is not operational as a phone, therefore the application partition has to be put on the flash manually via TFTP Update. Proceed as follows:

  1. Downgrading is possible only after updating the firmware to snom3X0-from7to6-bf.bin. This can be done via HTTP only! After a successful update, the phone’s display will show “TFTP – Update” and a 3 - 2 – 1 countdown; press any key before the countdown reaches “1”. If you did not press a key in time, do a hard reboot by pulling and reconnecting the power plug and try again.
  2. Follow the instructions in TFTP Update to update to any v6 application firmware version snom3X0-6.x.y-SIP-j.bin.
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