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Downgrade Options

The downgrade from V7 to V6 can be performed in two ways:

  1. Automatic Downgrade

Automatic Downgrade

This method automates the downgrade from V7 to V6 FW versions. Use this service as described below.

Setting Server URL

Please be aware that the service will not work if the setting Update Policy is set to Never Update, do not load Settings ! Use the following URL for downgrading large numbers of phones to V6 FW version.

The phones may then be auto provisioned according the required provisioning scheme (e.g. for snom partner):

Automatic Configuration of the Setting (provisioning) URL using DHCP (Option 66/67)

  1. Set up the DHCP Server for automatic transmittal of the Setting (provisoning) URL.
  2. Reboot the phone which will automatically begin to do the necessary updates one after the other, until it has updated to all current parts of the firmware.

Manual Configuration of the Setting Server URL

Set the Setting (provisioning) URL via the Web User Interface:

Please open the Advanced web page of the phone. At the Update tab delete the contents of the field Setting URL and enter the value described in Setting Server URL. Please do not change any other values! Then save the new Setting Server URL by clicking on the Save button at the bottom of the page.

  • Reboot the phone. The automatic process starts and all necessary updates will be consecutively downloaded and installed.

Download our Scripts

If you want to set up similar mechanisms in your own environment, download the PHP scripts performing the above described Automatic Downgrade Service:

Manual Downgrade

PLEASE NOTE: Read this article before downgrading newly delivered phones from V7 to V6.

General Hints

During this downgrade process all required firmware parts will be stored on the phone's flash, i.e. the phone is fully operational after the downgrade and no additional manual update via TFTP is needed anymore. WARNING: Be aware that all previous setting changes will be lost.

IMPORTANT ADVICE: It is of utmost importance to execute step 1 of the following description before continuing with step 2!!! Otherwise it may result in a defective phone!

Downgrade Process

  1. Update the FW using the following images:
  2. Downgrade your phone to V6.5.13 via manual HTTP Update using the following images:
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