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6.5.18 release

  • Updating is only possible from v5 or newer releases, please see our Update Instructions at the wiki
Phone User Interface
  • handle slow detection of preset extension pads
  • fixed speed dial key 30
  • for speed dial dialed 09 is not the same as 9
  • remove ringing calls from list of possible transferees
  • use soft transfer key only for deflection of ringing call
  • ringing calls were not shown in hold state (320 and 370)
  • normalized placement of soft keys across the various call states
  • added 128k memory bin for efficient memory allocation
  • changed "Deny All" soft key caption to "Block"
  • phone switches to/from DST in time now
  • Added DST for Perth/Australia
  • DST changes for Australia
  • DST changes for New Zealand
  • added timezones for Venezuela and New Caledonia
  • Fix regarding skipping of the initial audio packets in some asterisk environments
  • reporting detection of expansion Modules right after lcs starts. Cannot get any faster. This should fix exp-keypad recognition and assoziated subscribtion sending once and for all. (FINALLY!)
  • timer range enhanced
  • Spanning Tree Protocol (STP) packets are now forwarded from the LAN to the PC ethernet port (Managable switches supporting STP can now detect network loops.)
  • write the DHCP hostname only if there is enough space
  • gracefully restart if DHCP server isn't reachable anymore
  • disable flash plugin by default
  • close flash plugin port dependent on setting 'with_flash'
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