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5.5.1 release

  • If your phone is running this FW version please update ONLY via the Update Wizard
  • fixed consultative Xfer with fkeys
Download Link

5.5 release

  • If your phone is running this FW version please update ONLY via the Update Wizard
  • fixed cursor handling (scrolling, backspace) in edit number state
  • put last active call on hold on top in holding/transfer
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5.4 beta

  • added shared line LED blink when holding
  • fixed bug in ENUM lookup
  • fixed port access for keep_alive where it could access a port that didn't exist anymore

5.3.6 beta

  • made sure audio channels are off in idle mode under all scenarios

5.3.5 beta

  • For updating from release 4, please see our Update Instructions at the new wiki
  • added cwi ringer indication
  • fixed unnecessary dialog state switches on shared line offhook
  • status led for missed calls
  • RAck in PRACK was buggy
  • added call pickup for shared lines

5.3.4 beta

  • added +sip.rendering parameter for BLA hold/resume NOTIFYs
  • NOTIFYs with subscription-state: terminated remove the subscription

5.3.3 beta

  • fixed DND
  • fixed bug in displaying old voice mail messages
  • display local LED status for shared lines
  • "+" in settings value isn't anymore replaced by its hex value on settings dump web interface page
  • further enhanced french translation
  • fixed bug with auto-answer

5.3.2 beta

  • setting_server can be set manually via GUI menu
  • ringer device should not switch to speaker if headset is enabled
  • dkeys (e.g. Redial, Retrieve) are working in edit number state, too
  • if setting_server is IP:port only, make a valid URL out of it
  • display local LED status for shared lines

5.3.1 beta

  • Shared Lines can be mapped to LEDs
  • random number generated from random audio data

5.3 beta

  • blind-xfer via programmable keys doesnt require pressing the Enter key
  • incoming call context can be switched with the navigation key
  • fixed freezing during calls on hold
  • added setting cancel_on_hold which, if set to false, makes the phone ignore any cancel key press in holding state
  • fixed DND, wasn't working properly after reboot during DND on
  • enhanced french translation
  • fixed, mute key stops working after 20 seconds if no DNS server is reachable
  • further reduced ringer volumes
  • unsupported p-time values for codecs in responses disconnects the call
  • treat all return codes > 100 and < 180 as 180 Ringing
  • enhanced french translation

5.2 beta

  • made F-key type SpeedDial work even with handset offhook
  • fixed unwanted conference bug in offhook/enter during ringback with an incoming call
  • blind transfer destination can be entered even with multiple calls
  • improved czech language support
  • added czech language support
  • made speaker volume linear
  • improved handsfree adaptation speed to remove voice chopping
  • improved interoperability
  • blind transfer is release ===d on a 180 notification
  • reversed SSRC byte ordering, which is not compatible to previous versions anymore

5.1 beta

  • reinstated old Ringer 2 & 4 as Ringer 9 & 10
  • trigger Action URL disconnected on calling and on cancel
  • reduced ringer volumes
  • fixed DST for southern hemisphere
  • fixed an audio problem (sometimes garbled audio, appeared in 5.0)
  • added DTMF A-D and flash to be sent as outbound dtmfs
  • added keyevent F_AUTO_ANSWER
  • added auto logout for web access

5.0 beta

  • added line dependend ringtone selection to Line menu
  • added keyboard lock feature
  • don't jump to the first addressbook entry if one entry has been removed
  • reply to a wrong password for factory reset by asking the password again
  • fixed wrong status messages for hold during conference
  • allow making calls through programmable keys while ringing
  • clear failed/closed channels on incoming calls to conserve lines/keys
  • allow incoming calls on offhook, hold and ringback states
  • fixed initial list positioning to the top of the list for tone scheme and timezone
  • fixed return to CC from menus
  • fixed cwi on talking to attended transfer with programmable keys
  • added volume level stats display
  • improved key mapping for Destination/dialog states
  • fixed different melodies for multiple ringing calls at the same time
  • fixed wrong status message for hold during conference
  • use of backlight for longer duration
  • added dialplan lookup on number dialing in idle state
  • support Reply-To in call lists if set
  • Ringer volume is independent from Speaker
  • partial number matching looks for complete match at the end
  • fixed duration counter in received records
  • fixed stutter dial tone mixing with dtmf echo
  • small fix of french translation
  • lookup addressbook entry for user if uri match is not found
  • fixed tbook jump index by ignoring deny list items
  • switching of outgoing lines through programmable keys in edit mode
  • lookup number match in uri of call list entry
  • consolidated access to remote number display name
  • fixed return from blind transfer
  • exact match for display name when dialing out
  • fixed missing media stream while changing contrast
  • show pressed digits sent out as dtmf during connected state
  • last active call is shown first in multi party transfer
  • missed call counter is cleared on any key press in idle
  • improved preset ring melodies on the phone
  • added extended ascii characters for font_verdana
  • expanded dialog info call statistics on idle screen display
  • added support for Shared Line Appearance
  • fixed DST beginning date of Australian timezones
  • added timezones for Brazil and Argentina
  • added missing Australien time zones
  • added missing African timezones
  • added timezone for Trinidad & Tobago
  • using line context for fkey subscriptions
  • avoid indefinite loops by not redirecting to same local number
  • added record indication icon
  • record key is sending on/off
  • fixed find fkey for multiple lines on CWI
  • speaker key on speakerphone hangs up the call
  • dont show sip url if remote name/number are set, disabled exact host matching for display method
  • added text only soft keys
  • xml screen on idle display supports status info and soft keys
  • ringer animation can be switched off to save space for incoming number
  • fixed sudden melody restart during ringing
  • logon_wizard setting "off" means no logon wizard at all
  • use address book item assigned outgoing id even if dialing from addressbook via display menu
  • fixed cancelation of password input for factory reset
  • fixed new line on ringing and held calls
  • dont show xfer dest on key_left while browsing for xfer source
  • CANCEL disconnects only if there is one call on hold
  • added overlap dialing
  • added basic LDAP support
  • RTCP added (preliminary)
  • Collect stats and pass them to LCS at end of call
  • Display graphically volumes of tx and rx pkts (mic, spkr) in real time
  • Mute fixed, dtmf's also stop on mute now
  • first keep_alive packet is sent immediatey now
  • stats can be requested at any time from the top
  • different warnings added like high pkt loss, high jitter, high fraction loss etc.
  • added real time packet counter (tx, rx) to the info screen
  • fixed conferencing - audio doesn't stop between the remote parties on change of device now
  • a general fix for G711 (pkt len), also fixed conf. problem on 60 ms
  • added codec info to the info screen
  • addressbook: jump to edit section if edit item was clicked
  • adressbook numbers are stored without spaces only
  • moved symmetrical rtp to rtp tab
  • moved outbound proxy to login tab
  • hash can now properly be dialed via command.htm
  • added upload setting file manually via webpage
  • enhanced outgoing id display for address book and call lists
  • trusted certificate page not anymore visible in user mode
  • fixed timezone naming for USA-Hawaii, -Alaska, -Pacific
  • added Action URL as programmable key choice
  • number guessing is off by default
  • added number guessing minimum length
  • added action URL for missed calls
  • added translation of mic volume texts
  • re-added a STUN timer interval (independend from keepalive)
  • added support for variables (settings, $local/$remote) in Action urls
  • added support for displaying call costs in call lists
  • added auto-answer policy (off, in idle, always)
  • redesigned fkey page
  • added Key Event for programmable keys
  • added logoff all button to SIP line login pages
  • added line logoff button to SIP line login pages
  • added setting for auto logoff all lines on inactivity
  • HANGUP button now really hangs up the call
  • flash plugin redial link was missing the port
  • speaker key dialing is associated with a setting, on by default
  • more programmable keys support with existing dedicated keys
  • added Action URL "On Connected" and "On Disconnected"
  • support call-id variable in Action URLs
  • added more fkeys and fkey types
  • several Session-Timer improvements
  • added Reason header (RFC3326) support for CANCEL
  • fixed replies for MESSAGE within a dialog
  • added support for multiple comma separated ENUM suffixes
  • added support for draft-ietf-sip-outbound-00
  • send NOTIFY on re-subscribe
  • added DTMF signalling via SIP INFO messages
  • detects now broken connections and changed external addresses
  • added missing source address and changed address attributes to bind response (STUN/ICE)
  • added eth switch control
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