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The following BETA firmware version is currently available for D3xx and D7xx phones with USB only

   snom D315:
   snom D345:
   snom D375:
   snom D385:
   snom D715:
   snom D725:
   snom D735:
   snom D745:
   snom D765:
   snom D785:

Please Note: This firmware is in BETA state and hence should only be used in non-productive environments!

This BETA firmware supports the Snom A210 WLAN Dongle.

Release notes

SAP-3006 - FIX: Function key type field "Speed Dial" is not shown on phoneUI function key setting menu
SAP-3004 - FIX: Monochrome devices showed context-sensitive label from idle screen in local directory
SAP-3000 - FIX: Call History displays incorrect call start time for the XSI Server Call Log @BroadSoft
SAP-2989 - FIX: The Function Key "None" was incorrectly showing a label text
SAP-2982 - FIX: Reverse number lookup from Local Directory failed in certain cases
SAP-2975 - FIX: Memory leak when syncing server address book to with local addressbook
SAP-2943 - FIX: 'Contact saved!' message keeps reappearing in minibrowser and phone book
SAP-2942 - UPD: Hardcoded TLS server authentication & check_fqdn_ against_ server_cert=on per default for all models
SAP-2933 - FIX: If garbage / fake traffic was sent to port 443 of phone's web-server, the SIP re-registration was stopped
SAP-2932 - FIX: DNS SRV failover discontinues after processing the highest priority SRV record
SAP-2904 - FIX: Smart label short text mode is not vertically aligned
SAP-2771 - ADD: Trigger a tbook download if an address book entry is created out of the call lists @Metaswitch @BroadSoft
SAP-2747 - ADD: Support for A210 WiFi Dongle Chipset (D735/D335)
SAP-2618 - FIX: Call Screen shows errors when setting ringer_animation=off
SAP-2617 - ADD: Downloaded tbook should be synchronised with Server Call Logs
SAP-2573 - FIX: inactive status message box shown on top of smart label display
SAP-2257 - ADD: Ad-hoc conference is now also supported during a single call on HOLD
SAP-2256 - ADD: Ad-hoc conference is now also supported during a single connected call
SAP-2255 - FIX: Setting pa1_call_timeout was broken, - no call termination after configured number of seconds @PA1
SAP-2251 - ADD: Add busy icon when a call is declined due to busy reason
SAP-2247 - ADD: support for A210 WiFi Dongle @Dx15 @D725 @Dx45 @D765 @Dx85 
SAP-2155 - FIX: Speed Dial is missing Icon and Label when configured on fourth softkey
SAP-2033 - ADD: Phone can detect (analog) headset connected @x35
SAP-1833 - FIX: Call Forwarding status icon is displayed multiple times
SAP-1683 - ADD: Possibility to dial into MyRoom of a contact @BroadSoft
SAP-1630 - FIX: Pressing the Presence softkey (softkey 4) while in status info opens empty list @BroadSoft
SAP-1385 - ADD: Define setting for XSI heartbeat polling
SAP-1173 - FIX: DNS NAPTR provided transport protocol was used, no matter what was specified for outbound proxy, user_outbound (RFC 3263)
SAP-937 - ADD: When using contact list buddy, the phone number list should be seen on the phone web interface @BroadSoft
SAP-935 - UPD: LDAP, RFC 4515 alignment, as e.g. comparison rule did not match the search filter
SAP-777 - FIX: Support for TFTP, tftp:// on setting_server was broken
SAP-717 - ADD: Play Visual Voicemail @BroadSoft
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