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Important Notice

 * The firmware releases published here are only intended to be installed in Broadsoft environments of the corresponding 3CX version.
 * This firmware is 3CX specific and is not representing a general stable release for Snom desktop phones.
 * The official support is provided for the scope of 3CX certified compatibility and features.
 * Please install and test the firmware in your 3CX environment before mass deployment.
 * Read and follow our security advisories.

3CX Ver. 16


Supported models: D120, D385, D785


Supported models: D310, D315, D345, D712, D715, D735, D745, D785


The following models are officially supported with this firmware:

FW images:

Phone Model File Size SHA256 Checksum File Name
Snom D120 ~ 17MB c7b78c3b685b7d0ae21df3aa64ccdd14d054b271754ddefe8f8cecf53957fe4a snomD120-
Snom D385 ~ 30MB ca4ffc6a4f303fbca5d092e91157b9757c4fab64192796f5b22bf06f80d1ab25 snomD385-
Snom D785 ~ 30MB 31e386dd271e1ff030707867aa41525b917aeb64e49c611f7cbd00a035451bcf snomD785-
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