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NotifyParsingRules enclose a set of ParsingRules that are to be matched against received notifies.

NotifyParsingRules have these attributes:

  • type: defines what to use the rules for. Its value may be one of the following:
    • applies:
      • when it's parse-result is anything other than an empty string the received notify-xml is identified to be used for this setting (i.e. parsing continues instead of being aborted). Only when this is true will the other NotifyParsingRules be applied to the xml.
      • should occur only once
      • always mandatory
    • state:
      • determines the state.
        • When used for key descriptions the state will be shown in gui whenever showing the text representation of the state of the key (8xx virtual key view and 820 side screen). It also defines the LED associated with the key in conjunction with the led-settings (e.g. stk_led_on);
        • When used for action urls the state may determine which NotifyParsingRules of type variable to use and which ActionUrls to call.
      • should occur only once
      • mandatory in: keys
      • optional in: action urls
    • variable:
      • temporarily creates variable whose name is defined by the attribute "id".
      • may occur multiple times
      • always optional since 8.7.2, before: invalid for: keys
  • id: defines the result name/id. Its value may any alphanumeric string
    • only valid in NotifyParsingRules of type variable
  • state: when set, these NotifyParsingRules will only be used when the state parse result matches the value of this attribute.
    • only valid in NotifyParsingRules of type variable
  • states: exists since 8.7.2 - ontains coma-separated list of states in which this NotifyParsingRules will be used
    • only valid in NotifyParsingRules of type variable
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