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Flags are defined as "permission flags" in the string "perm" within XML tags. Valid values are:

  • perm="!": The configuration parameter can be changed by the user and will not be overwritten by mass provisioning.
NOTE: If administrators want to be able to overwrite user parameter definitions, they need to use perm="$". With perm="!", the settings can be changed by mass provisioning only if the end user has not made changes to the configuration on the phone itself or on its web interface.
  • perm="&" or perm="R" or perm=" ": The configuration parameters are Read Only and cannot be changed by the end user.
  • perm="$" or perm="RW" or perm="" The configuration parameters can be changed by the end user but will be overwritten by mass provisioning.

NOTE: The snom m9 only supports R and RW values for the settings permissions.

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