FAQ/Why does my snom m9 stop making and receiving calls and call legs are still showing active in the "Call" section of the snom m9 Web Interface?

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The snom m9 functions effectively as an endpoint by handling much of the SIP signaling that some other endpoints do not. However, not all environments approved of the snom m9's efficiency.If the snom m9 stops making and receiving calls and acts like the snom m9 has reached its limit of concurrent calls, yet does not have active calls, then the system may have disregarded the snom m9's SIP signalling.

In the event that Call legs are still present in the "Call" section of the snom m9 and does not show a clear Call log, set the Server Type to: NSN IMS

This feature removes the snom m9 independent signalling and lets the system operate without potential conflicts.

  • Photo of a Call log without any active calls on the snom m9:


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