FAQ/Why do I not hear the announcment coming out of my PA1 speaker?

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I have the snomPA1 properly connected to the network; it has an extension registered with the PBX; and the speaker is correctly connected. When I call the extension of the PA1 I hear it do a short ring, then I do an announcement but no sound comes out of the speaker. The SIP trace shows the PA1 registered and it shows the INVITE, RINGING, OK, ACK, and the BYE of the call. The green 'Call' LED is on steady until I call the PA1, then it blinks until I end the call. However, if I push the "IP/Reset" button then a voice is heard through the speaker telling what the IP address of the PA1 is.


Try one of the following solutions:

-In the web interface of the PA1 go to the 'Preferences' page, and scroll down to 'Auto Answer' section, and in the drop-down menu associated with 'Type of Answering', make sure it is set to‘Headset’ and not 'Handsfree' or 'Handset'.
-Change the setting Preferences -> Use Headset Device -> RJ Connector
-In the web interface of the PA1 go to the 'Settings' page, and search for the setting "headset_active". This setting should be set to "on". If it is not set to "on", please change its value. This can be achieved either using provisioning or HTTP GET requests. For the HTTP GET request, please enter the following URL in a browser:
(where phoneIP is the IP Address of your PA1)
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