FAQ/Recovery Update on 820 running older firmware is not working.

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Older firmware versions (=< 8.2.35) for snom 820 contain a boot loader which is not capable of recognising more recent firmware files due to increased file size. If the device needs a recovery update and runs a version below or equal 8.2.35, the following steps need to be performed:

  1. download 8.2.35 firmware file and rename the file to snom820-r.bin
  2. follow the TFTP procedure documented here
  3. after the update you need to apply the new snom820 boot loader by pasting the link into the Software Update field or through provisioning
  4. once the boot loader has been replaced you can perform firmware updates to any version that is available

This procedure only has to performed once. The updated boot loader will stay permanently on the phone and will allow to perform any future rescue updates if required.

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