FAQ/Placed my handset on the charger and on the display says the handset is already running the latest version. Is that normal?

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Not all new firmware versions have included a new handset version. That means that a new version is always to be uploaded to the base station providing a link on the Web User Interface (WUI).

How can you know that you need to update the handsets too?

Under the System Status you see this line e.g:

Version SIP=9.1.70 DCM=GLOBALNETFTCL14N20100611,JUL 01 2009 

Version SIP=9.1.70 is the current version installed on the base. For the handset you see:

DCM=GLOBALNETFTCL14N20100611,JUL 01 2009 

where the number:


represents the handset version included on the current firmware version installed in our example the version 9.1.70.

When you go to Handsets -> System Info - scroll to Handset Version and you can compare the last 4 numbers of the FTCL14N20100611 (here:0611) to the one indicated on the System Status in your WUI.

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