FAQ/Placed my handset on the charger and on the display says the handset is already running the latest version. Is that normal?

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Not all new firmware versions have included a new handset version. That means that a new version is always to be uploaded to the base station providing the right link on the Web User Interface (WUI).

How can you know that you need to update the handsets too?

Under the System Status you see this line e.g:

Version SIP=9.1.70 DCM=GLOBALNETFTCL14N20100611,JUL 01 2009 

Version SIP=9.1.70 is the current version installed on the base. For the handset you see:

DCM=GLOBALNETFTCL14N20100611,JUL 01 2009 

where the number:


represents the handset version included on the current firmware version installed in our example the version 9.1.70.

When you go to Handsets -> System Info - scroll to Handset Version and you can compare the last 4 numbers of the FTCL14N20100611 (here:0611) to the one indicated on the System Status in your WUI.

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