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Yes, phone book upload has been introduced with firmware version 1.22

  1. To upload a file, open the Directory tab in the web interface. There you can choose either the gateway or a particular handset as destination.
    • Uploading the phone book to the gateway enables access from all connected handsets. (Make sure phone book is set to "common" in the Advanced settings.)
    • If each handset is supposed to use a separate phone book, the respective handsets needs to be selected as destination. (phone book must be set to "private" in the Advanced settings.)
  2. Press the Browse button, locate and select your local file and confirm by clicking "Load". Depending on the file size the upload can take a while.
  • Only csv files using the following format are valid: *
  • Currently just one phone number per entry is supported.
  • Any existing entries will be overwritten by uploading a new file!

Comment for Excel users: Only commas are valid as separator! (Exporting csv files from Excel might result in semicolon separated entries, depending on your regional system settings.)

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