FAQ/I can place a call from the Handsets but cannot call them. In the snom logs i find an error 404 not found

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  • You probably see something like this in the logs:
[SIP-Call:4]: URI sip:538@;transport=udp not found on this system 
  • What this means is that the SIP server is not returning the line parameter in the request-uri of the INVITE. At registration, the m9 provides a line parameter to the SIP server and expects the same line parameter in incoming INVITEs. The m9 uses this parameter to locate the correct line for the incoming call. The absence of this parameter results in the m9 being unable to locate the correct line and results in a 404 error. For servers that do not return the parameter, the m9 provides a work around.
Under Identity->SIP, set the Server Type setting to TAHI.
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