FAQ/How to trigger the phone to synchronize its settings via mass deployment

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NOTE: This page is outdated! See updated page here: https://service.snom.com/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=10652019

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Configure these settings on the phone´s web interface

Support broken Registrar to "on"
Filter Packets from Registrar to "off"
Network identity (port): 5060

Note: In order to have the snom M9 accept check-sync commands, the server type needs to be set to Asterisk, and Allow Check-Sync must be set to 'on'.

The phone can resync the settings with the setting server if it receives a message like this:

NOTIFY sip:<user>@<dsthost> SIP/2.0
To: sip:<user>@<dsthost>
From: sip:sipsak@<srchost>
Call-ID: 1234@<srchost>
Event: check-sync;reboot=false

Note: Please add CRLF at the end of each line and an empty last line:



  • <user> = Valid SIP account (identity)
  • <dsthost> = phone's IP Address / Domain Name
  • <srchost> = Host IP Address / Domain Name

If reboot is set to

The message can be sent using sipsak:

sipsak -vvv -G -s sip:<user>@<dsthost> -H <srchost> -f <file>


  • <user> = Valid SIP account (identity)
  • <srchost> = Host IP Address / Domain Name
  • <file> = ASCII text file with the NOTIFY SIP message
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