FAQ/How to install the "snom OCS edition" on a phone?

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The “snom OCS edition” is compatible with the snom300, snom320, snom360, snom370, snom820 and snom870.To install it you need to make sure that the phone is on Firmware Version 7.x (press the “?” key on the phone, with a snom300, press DOWN, UP, RIGHT, RIGHT and OK. If your firmware is either 7.1.X or 7.3.X you can continue by putting a link (from a http server) to the “snom OCS edition” at “Software Update” and clicking load. After the initial installation perform a factory Reset of the phone. When the “snom OCS edition” is installed and the reset has been performed follow the instructions in this article

Note: If your firmware Version is lower than 7 please go to: automatic update

when the Update to Version 7 succeeded please continue with the installation of the “snom OCS edition”.

Note: If you install the “snom OCS edition” the first time on a phone, make sure to perform a factory reset of the settings (Go to “Advanced ‐> Update ‐> Reset ‐> Yes”). If you don’t perform a factory reset you will have trouble registering the phone to Microsoft Office Communication Server.

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