FAQ/How do I remote control the I/O pins of the snom PA1?

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You are able to remote control the I/O pins only with the Door Phone Aplication Firmware.



Your snomPA1 need to have a registred extension to use this. Your PBX must be able to support outband DTMF.

Pin On Off
1 1# 1*
2 2# 2*
3 3# 3*
4 4# 4*

Via webbrowser

Change <snomPA1 IP> to your IP and <pin number> to the pin you like to change the state.

Set pin to on

http://<snomPA1 IP>/dummy.htm?pa1_pin<pin number>=on&settings=save

Set pin to off

http://<snomPA1 IP>/dummy.htm?pa1_pin<pin number>=off&settings=save

wget example

wget -q -O /dev/null\&settings=save
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