FAQ/How can I update my phones from V6 to V7 without having access to snom's provisioning server

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(Getting started)
(Getting started)
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  [http://downloads.snom.com/update6to7/snom360-from6to7-7.3.14-bf.bin snom360-from6to7-7.3.14-f.bin]
  [http://downloads.snom.com/update6to7/snom360-from6to7-7.3.14-bf.bin snom360-from6to7-7.3.14-f.bin]
3. You should see the following structure now:
3. You should see the following structure now:
  {{#tree:openlevels=3|root=Web Server Root Directory|
{{#tree:openlevels=3|root=Web Server Root Directory|

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This is possible by setting up the same structure used on snom's provisioning server in your own network environment.


  1. Your phones are running a firmware version 6, if your not sure, please check it first!
  2. You need a DHCP Server in your LAN which automatically provides IP addresses to the phones and additional allows specifying DHCP options 66/67 --> see DHCP Server Installation
  3. You need a Web (HTTP/HTTPS) Server which hosts the firmware update script and necessary firmware image files.
  4. Depending on the quantity of snom phones you need to consider to reboot all of the phones automatically using SIP NOTIFY messages.

Getting started

1. Download the compressed script archive


and unpack the files into the folder "update6to7" of your Web Server:

firmware.php --> this script will be used 
update_once.php --> this script will be used 

2. Download the firmware image files according to the phone types used in your environment and copy them into the folder "update6to7" of your Web Server:

a) snom300:


b) snom320:


c) snom360:


3. You should see the following structure now:

{{#tree:openlevels=3|root=Web Server Root Directory|

  • ...
  • htdocs
    • update6to7
      • firmware.php
      • update.php
      • update_and_back.php
      • update_once.php
      • snom300-6.5.15-SIP-j.bin
      • snom320-6.5.15-SIP-j.bin
      • snom360-6.5.15-SIP-j.bin
      • snom300-3.38-l.bin
      • snom320-3.38-l.bin
      • snom360-3.38-l.bin
      • snom300-from6to7-7.1.30-bf.bin
      • snom320-from6to7-7.1.30-bf.bin
      • snom360-from6to7-7.1.30-bf.bin
  • ...


4. Change the URLs of following php files

firmware.php and update_once.php

according to your own structure. Replace



http://yourservername/ or http://yourserverIP/

5. Configure Option 66 on your DHCP server using the URL of the update_once.php script:


6. Reboot all snom3x0 phones in order to receive the above defined URL via DHCP Option 66.

Troubleshooting: a) Check whether the following configuration parameter on the phone's web user interface "Settings" page contains the above configured URL after reboot:

update_server: http://yourservername/update6to7/update_once.php

If thats not the case reset the phone to factory values!

7. The phones will automatically perform the following steps:

  1. Update to V6.5.15
  2. Update of Linux distribution (internal 3.38)
  3. Update to 7.3.30]
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