FAQ/Can my snom PA1 be used as a loudspeaker ringer?

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In some VoIP environments, such as snom One, we have been able to create one identity in the snom PA1 to work as a 'Paging' extension and configure a second identity to play a 'ringer' over the loudspeaker.

Set the snom PA1 to the following configuration using the Web User Interface:

Under Preferences:

  • Set 'Use Headset Device:' to <RJ Connector>
  • Set 'Ringer Device for Headset:' to <Use Headset>

Under the 'non-paging' Identity:

  • Under the SIP 'tab', turn off 'Auto-Answer'

The snom PA1 is not designed for this purpose, so it is recommended that the Identity not be shared with other endpoints. The 'loudspeaker ringer' identity should be set into a group to represent the extension(s) that require the 'loudspeaker ringer'.

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